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'Brothers & Sisters': Happy heartbreak

B&S_Luc There was cause for celebration and for sadness on Sunday night's Valentine-themed "Brothers & Sisters." The first reason to cheer: Luc's back! Sarah's sexy French artist returned, and we finally got to see one of his pieces, an abstract painting that helped him earn his way back into Sarah's heart. Luc didn't get too much screen time in the episode, but we'll definitely see more of him -- Gilles Marini is on the show until the end of the season (and hopefully next).

Luc's return meant the end of Sarah and Roy, which was doomed from the start. They had few interests in common and little chemistry, but at least Sarah got a break from the drama. Ending a relationship isn't the ideal way to spend Valentine's Day, but the breakup was adult and relatively pain-free.

Cheryl Hines provided more reasons for glee. As Kitty's cunning and cynical friend and new campaign manager, Buffy, she injected the right amount of sass into the story line. Perhaps it was the Southern drawl or the fearlessness behind that well-coiffed hairdo, but Buffy charmed me despite her rocky start. She's the bulldog Kitty needs in her corner, but her brutal honesty certainly can lead to ruthlessness. Her "thoroughness" at vetting any kind of controversy prompted Robert to revisit Kitty's emotional affair with Alec and hinted at Buffy's tactics. However, I'm hoping that with Kitty's strong sense of self and Buffy's quirky brand of control-freak, the relationship between the two will be more comedic than dramatic.

Funny moments will be necessary because it's about to get more intense between Justin and Rebecca after her miscarriage. Nothing ever seems to go right for this poor couple. Their courtship, engagement and wedding were fraught with difficulties; when will it end (or at least become humorous)? At the same time, I've been waiting for the moment in which Justin and Rebecca show their mettle. They've done well with displaying their angst and frustration, but I have yet to see that standout performance from either. Justin's plea for Rebecca to open up to him was a heartbreaking good start and telling of the struggles they'll have to face in order to deal with their loss.

Meanwhile, the tragic moment brought Holly and Nora together. With Holly on the brink of selling her shares to the slimy Dennis York, she decided to back out of the deal after Nora declared her part of the family. Judging from Nora's reaction when Holly mentioned Dennis' name, it seemed she's very aware of his intentions and involvement with Ojai. It'll be interesting to see how she and Holly team up to unveil his scheme.

What are your favorite (or not so favorite) moments in the episode? Do you think Buffy and Kitty are a good match? Comment away!

-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: Gilles Marini as Luc Laurent in "Brothers & Sisters." Credit: ABC

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Proudly I proclaim,I gave up on this program 3 weeks ago,and not even your clever writing can make this show sound interesting!

I loved how the painting magically reunited Sarah and Luc. It was great to see them together at the end.

My heart definitely broke when Rebecca had her miscarriage. That's something that should never happen to anyone. Justin was surprisingly adult about the situation and I thought his moment with Rebecca and asking her to let him in was genuine.

I can't stand that Buffy lady. I don't know if it's because I don't think her nickname suits her or if it's her Southern drawl that sounds fake, don't get me wrong I love the Southern drawl,but from her it's annoying. I do think, however, that she will be a good campaign manager for Kitty and I'm looking forward to her political race.

Once Nora told Holly that she was family, I was hoping that Holly would cancel the sale. I'm very glad she did and I can't wait to find out what Nora knows about Dennis York.

Cheryl Hines' Southern accent was terrible.

The show, as a whole, made my night on Sunday! Such superb writing! I love the way the phenomenal cast makes me "feel" their emotions! Absolutely loved Sarah and Luc's ending reunion scene! Gilles put such feeling into the performance! I loved the expression in his eyes when he talked about the line in the painting "trying to find its way home." I love that they wrote Luc as an artist -- makes the character even more romantic than he already is.

They made the right decision bringing Gilles/Luc back! They need to renew the show, regardless of who is leaving -- because the man who just arrived will carry the show and draw in the viewers just fine!

Way to go Gilles!

Lori Melton

The most moving part of the entire show was the last scene with Luc Laurent and Sarah, it was so touching it brought me to tears. Yeah for having Luc (Gilles Marini) back on Brothers & Sisters.

Really enjoyed the show last night, so much happened in one hour. My favorite was when Luc & Sarah were reunited, that kiss was sizzling. Bring it on Luc & Sarah, you rock!!!

Loves Gilles in the role of Luc; that end scene last night was so passionate it made us all believe that love conquers all! Cannot wait to see how their love blossoms :)

Gilles is absolutely PERFECT as Luc! He brings so much emotion to the role. I cried at the end of last night's episode. ABC definitely needs to add him permanently to the show's cast.

Great show this week. Love to see a mature romantic story such as Luc and Sarah. Hope it never ends

This article got it so right.! yeah ! finally,someone gets whats been going on and what really needs to happen!!.. the more upbeat themes ? gosh its about time...and of course, whats not to love about Gilles Marini..and as his story unfolds ..the potential is awesome !!


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