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'Brothers & Sisters': Gilles Marini to become a series regular?

"Brothers & Sisters" fans take note—your favorite Frenchman may be here to stay! Zap2it reportsthat Gilles Marini is in negotiations with ABC to become a show regular next season. Marini himself couldn't offer additional details, but it looks as though his character, Luc Laurent, will be romancing Sarah beyond his return on Feb.21. "I'm not in liberty [sic] to say anything. I'm pretty much doing the rest of the season," Marini wrote in a text message. "I am in such a beautiful place in my life. I'm so happy and honored to be part of this fantastic cast." With Rob Lowe's impending departure, Marini could definitely fill the void in the eye-candy department, so I (along with probably most of the show's female viewers) am keeping my fingers crossed. 

— Enid Portuguez

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Can he save this boring show?...I think not.

I think Gilles as a regular will do fine in this show. Erica if you think the show is boring then why are you watching it and commenting on it?

Love Luc! This is great news for all Gilles Marini fans. I am excited to see how the show dynamic will change with Luc more involved with the Walker clan.

Also, I read that Rob Lowe is leaving because he will be a co-star on a Criminal Minds spin off.

Finally a brilliant decision by a television network! Gilles is Fabulous!

ABC is making a great decision. Luc is just what the show needs!

I hate the fact that Rob Lowe is leaving. The show remains intact with the original cast. But boy! Speaking of Gilles Marini, he is for sure a great addition to this show. He sets my Sunday nights on fire. Ooh la la! I miss seeing him on TV. I hope he has a show of his own daily.

As a matter of fact,I do not watch the show anymore,I just read this blog.

Gilles Marini should PERMANENTLY be on Brothers and Sisters. The chemistry between him and Rachel is so intense. He can definitely fill the void for Rob Low and then some! He adds new dimension and depth to an already wonderful show. Great writing for the show -- but, Luc gives the writers EVEN MORE of a direction to go in!

Keep Luc/Gilles on, and renew Brothers and Sisters!! It is my favorite show and Gilles is my favorite actor -- he is so genuine and real and has such a big heart -- he deserves huge success -- he is definitely a rising star!

Lori Melton

Hooray for the return of Gilles!!!! He definitely ups the Sexy hunk quotient and will be a welcome addition as he has such sparkle compared to Rob Lowe. How do we get ABC to renew the series and bring him on as a regular?


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