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Alec Baldwin examined at hospital following 'misunderstanding,' according to rep

“30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin was briefly examined at a New York City hospital early Thursday after his daughter called 911 saying she feared he was going to take pills following an argument they had, according to reports.

Matthew Hiltzik, a spokesman for the actor, told The Times that Baldwin was at the hospital for less than an hour and called the incident “a misunderstanding on one person's part.”

“Alec was quickly released from the hospital, he's completely fine and is at work today,” Hiltzik said. “If there was any real issue or concern, he wouldn't have been released from the hospital so quickly.”

The Associated Press reported that Baldwin’s 14-year-old daughter with actress Kim Basinger called 911 early Thursday morning from his Central Park West apartment, citing a law enforcement official who declined to be identified.

The actor has had a fractious relationship with Basinger since their divorce, a situation he has said created tension with his daughter, Ireland. Two years ago, an angry voice mail he left her decrying her as a “rude, thoughtless little pig” was leaked to the media. He later apologized.

Baldwin is co-hosting the Academy Awards ceremony March 7 with actor Steve Martin.

-- Matea Gold

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Wow...didn't learn from the first leak? Good god, there are definately some issues there, no matter how they try to sugar coat it!

The daughter that called 911... She's the same one that Baldwin called a selfish little pig?

Anybody in Hollywood who has come across Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger at some time know that these two are, basically, nuts. That poor daughter is going to have some major emotional issues in later years. All of you that want fame and fortune, just take a close look at some of these Hollywood players. It's not so glam.

Is this the same daughter he called a "rude, selfish pig"?

Clearly, Mr. Baldwin is not a quick learner. What a shame that his daughter seems to be far more mature than he. I pity the years she has ahead of her.

A complete jerk and whack job.

Let's not forget Mr Baldwin was the same guy double parked in NYC a week befor 911 and cops told him to move. Like the jerk he is he attempted to humilate the cops in front of bystanders by claiming he spends mor a chewing gum in a year than the cops make in income.

One of those cops perished a week later in 911.

Baldwin is a complete jerk and should off himself.

It's too bad all this family drama has to play out in the news. Who called the news outlets?

Before we start judging Mr. Baldwin, shouldn't we hear both sides of the story? Kids can play one parent against the other in these messy divorces and who knows, maybe daughter knows how to push HIS buttons too...... just a thought.....

Wow...that's pretty harsh! Those of us who have gone thru a divorce with children involved know how tense things get.Mom, Dad and daughter wear their hearts on their sleeves 24/7. What is best for the children I always say.

Maybe she's upset because her parents named her Ireland! Enough of these stupid, pretentious Hollywood kids' names! Narcissistic morons!

Interesting timing: Alec Baldwin is scheduled to co-host the Academy Awards in exactly 3 weeks. Conspiracy theory is, of course, ridiculously over-stretching things.. but. Just Sayin'. Break A Leg, Mr Baldwin! (Can't help wondering why a healthy, non-addict (as far as my limited knowledge goes) merits a 911 call for not answering a phone call.)


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