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'The Office': A walk down memory lane

Theoffice It’s been weeks since "Secret Santa," but “The Office” finally threw us a bone in the form of a “new” episode. “The Banker” finds Michael and the gang on their best behavior as they try to impress a potential buyer who visits the Scranton branch. (The fake Stanley? Priceless.)  And in between the banker’s evaluation questions, viewers were treated to a glimpse down memory lane as moments from episodes past made a return appearance.

The funny office bits included:

  • Dwight trapping a bat inside a garage bag … along with Meredith’s head, of course.
  • Michael hitting Meredith with his car, which—if you remember—would eventually result in the Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run For The Cure; I wonder if Andy’s nipples ever recovered from all the chafing.
  • Oh, and then there was the time Meredith took the term “casual” to a whole new level when she wore a skimpy outfit to work on “Casual Day.” Tugged down to show less skin, revealed boobage. Lifted up to conceal her chest revealed her, um, shall we say, underwear-free lower half? 
  • Pam walking in on a different underwear-free co-worker:  Michael, as he changed in his office.
  • Then there was the conference room meeting to discuss medical conditions in an attempt to pick a medical insurance provider for the company. Inverted penis? Anal fissures?  Hot dog fingers? A classic.
  • Can’t forget about the Jim-Dwight rivalry.  From the office supplies in Jello to the spot-on impersonation (Fact: bears eat beets), Jim’s pranks on moon-faced Dwight have (almost) always been unique and hysterical.
  • And what would “The Office” be without “That’s what she said.” The phrase that, when tagged on at the end of a sentence, can make just about anything sound dirty. For Michael, it never gets old. For this viewer, it never gets old. 

And so, the episode ends with Dunder Mifflin’s fate unknown. But Michael isn’t worried:

“I think our future is very bright. We’ve only just begun.”

Do you agree, Show Trackers?  It's highly likely that our friends at Dunder Mifflin will be saved ... but will they return to their funny ways, or was this best-of package a reminder of what used to be? Share some of your favorite memories of Michael and the gang in the comments section.

--Yvonne Villarreal

Photo credit: NBC

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Yeah, I felt ripped off at first - but then I really started to enjoy the flashback clips! Everyone seems so angry about the clip episode today, but it seemed kind of fun to me. I enjoyed it and certainly don't feel that the show is required to give me much more than that: enjoyment!

It was great to see Kevin drop the chili again, and to realize that The Office might be starting to figure out what a gift they have in Creed with his own little segment of clips!

I just hope their flashbacks made them realize that it's the ensemble cast that makes this show good - and not the whole Jim/Pam arc, which as usual got annoying - why did they need to put that at the climax?!. The Office would do well to tap into that ensemble talent more if they want to stay good!

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when one upstairs worker, who shall remain nameless took the ladder from underneath me and said.........How's it hangin Darell?

there's no way pam could've gotten employee of the month. well i did double my sales this month. from what 2 to 4.

It seemed to me like they made a pretty obvious statement that they're not going anywhere with Mike's sign off. A show with this kind of popularity usually lasts a decade. I am very curious as to whether or not the show style will change. New corporate rules? I certainly hope not.

Isn't the whole idea of a flashback show somewhat archaic in this YouTube era? All of these clips have been scene by fans of the show after the initial air date, either on YouTube, through purchasing the DVDs, or through less official means of obtaining the episodes. So there was no need to remind fans of the funny points of past episodes; it came across as lazy and awkward.

I think the office will return to normal but for a few weeks there will be someone in the office like when charles miner appeared.

I honestly think the office is going to be over at 15o or 175 episodes. I love the show but just going into the future i dont see anymore things of value (like pam and jim getting together or the andy, dwight, and angela thing)

But i really did love this flash back episode and when the office ends i hope they have an episode like this (not as the finale but as a little thank you to fans)

this episode was extremely disappointing. they have 6 weeks off and when they come back, they show an episode of old clips that i can watch on youtube. ive seen them all before, now i have to wait another week for a new episode. this episode could not have taken more than a day or two to produce. hopefully well get a real new episode next week.


The episode this week was probaly not the most creative, but the most, i belive, cherishing. We get to take a step back and look at what happened,and what makes this show so special.From the classic stapler in jello from Jim, the hilarous quote "Thats what she said",and to the adorable romance with Jim and Pam."The Office" is truly spectacular.

I love the show most weeks -- it's one of the funniest things going. The episodes in 2009 in particular have been first-rate. This one though seemed more like a collection of punchlines without much of a set-up. A real honest to God stinker. A three-minute compendium of flash-backs might have worked OK -- but not an entire episode.

I was afraid it was the last episode. With Pam and Jim married, Holly out of the script, Jan a virtual no show anymore, what is happening? Its been on for 7 years, about average for todays highly-rated sitcoms. However, the show remains funny and highly-rated, so I'd say it will probably last another season or two.

Don't get me wrong, i love me some Office, but why does everyone (okay...not everyone) keep posting that it's so highly-rated? (psssst...it's NOT.)

Has anyone who makes these ratings claims actually ever looked at a ratings report. Maybe you should try it! Just saying.

I have a feeling they may be hinting at the show being canceled...Michael made a comment about pulling the plug on Computron, possibly a little foreshadowing...?

For those who believe they have a new show to look forward to on Thursday - check out the description. It's a replay of Michael's limo ride to the board meeting.

Too bad. This isn't the way I saw it ending.

The show's not canceled, NBC is just saving the "real" new episodes for February sweeps as most networks do. On the Feb. 4 episode Dunder Mifflin gets bought by a company run by Kathy Bates, so you can't really ask for better guest star talent.

the show can't end until micheal and holly get back together,and the funniest moment from the entire show is when jim goes to stamford "ohhh god jim i miss him sooo much i cry my self to sleep at night...FALSE"

This could be a blunt hint that this will be the last season. After all, Seinfeld had one flashback episode - the finale. While The Office continues to have good material, it's not as good as it was a couple of seasons ago, and it might not be a bad idea to end before it crashes and burns.


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