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'The Bachelor': The Road Rules elimination round

I have been getting tired of all the scenic helicopter rides, and it looks like Jake has too! When Monday night's "The Bachelor" kicked off, Chris Harrison surprised the bachelorettes with two giant RV buses.  Time to hit the highway. Get ready for "Road Rules: Wine Country."

Once they reach their destination, it's time for Jake's date card, and this time, it goes to Gia.  They frolic around in the vineyard for a while -- Jake spends a lot of time carrying Gia around like a giant toddler. Perhaps her stiletto heels were not the best idea?  I think it's cute that after Gia confesses that her first kiss was a spin-the-bottle disaster, she and Jake hurry through their first bottle of wine and then gave it a whirl.  I don't know how suspenseful a two-person game of spin the bottle can possibly be, but Gia and Jake really seem to be connecting.  I'm not surprised when he untangles himself from their little cocoon under the stars to give her the episode's first rose.

The next day, Corrie, Vienna, Ashleigh, Jessie, Tenley and Ali (whom I am tempted to start referring to as Regina George) are asked to join Jake for a group date.  This leaves Ella and Kathryn back at the RV, fretting over their upcoming 2-on-1 date, where one of them will get a rose and the other will get sent home immediately.

Jake presents the rest of the women with some huge dune buggies at Pismo Beach.  Of course, they can't all ride shotgun, so Ali locks her arms around his waist early on to claim her spot.  "I'm going to marry him," Vienna says with confidence. "So have your thirty minutes on a dune buggy."  Try as I might, I can't help but like Vienna.  She's unpolished and badly in need of a makeover (I'm pretty sure that shade of blond doesn't occur in nature), but she hasn't let being the subject of mass scorn slow her down.

After the dune buggies get sand in everyone's "every crevice," they all head to the Madonna Inn to get cleaned up.  Jake asks each of them to take a few minutes with him one on one. Ashleigh is first. Has her wine gone to her head? They're sitting on the couch and she's rubbing herself all over him like a cat in heat, while he looks like he'd like the earth to open up and swallow him whole.  Sometimes I have difficulty feeling like Jake is genuine -- but then there are moments like these when he's completely unable to hide his distaste.  He might as well have "I am not your jungle gym, spider monkey!" written all over his face.  This is absolutely mortifying to watch.

Once he untangles himself from Ashleigh, Jake asks Vienna for some solo time. I think he needs to cleanse himself with a girl he actually likes after being molested. Unfortunately, Vienna's not having it: She curtly says that she wants the last moments with him.  OK, then. It's starting to become a little more obvious why she's rubbing the other women the wrong way.

When Vienna's turn finally does roll around, Jake admits to the camera that he's been "pumping the brakes" with her.  It looks like having everyone on the planet warn him about her evil, wily ways is starting to give him pause.

The next night arrives: the dreaded two-on-one date duel to the death.  Jake only has one rose, and whoever doesn't receive that rose gets sent packing immediately.  Kathryn and Ella join him in a little cabin for a quiet dinner.  Yikes ... talk about awkward.  Kathryn has made absolutely zero impression on me so far, and the only thing I know about Ella is that she's got a cute kid. When Jake, looking miserable as ever, asks Ella to join him on the porch, it is obvious from the get-go that she is going home.  But what is less obvious is that when Jake goes back in to sit with Kathryn and she starts consoling him, he isn't done with his kiss-offs.  His heart isn't in that one, either.

Across the grounds, the other girls watch in horror as both women's bags are retrieved.  They're not so much sad about Kathryn and Ella leaving as they are furious that, yes, Vienna is still here.  Meanwhile, Jake throws the unused rose into the fire melodramatically.

Finally, it's time for the pre-rose-ceremony cocktail party.  Jake takes a quiet moment outside with Jessie, who would've looked nice if her dress had been an inch longer and if she'd used one less pint of bright green eyeshadow.  I just do not understand why these women continue to spend their one-on-one dates trashing Vienna.  Do they think it's attractive to Jake to see how desperately they want to tear her down? Vienna has obviously established herself as the biggest threat in the house. If they were all soooo convinced that she's not the one for Jake, wouldn't they want her to stick around? Less competition for them in the end!118339_0970_pre

At the rose ceremony, Jake gives a rose to Ali and one to Corrie.  While Ashleigh, Vienna and Jessie wait anxiously, he twirls the third rose like a baton for a while and then asks to talk to Chris. Production assistants scurry about frantically. This is not in the script!  Stuttering and stumbling, Jake asks Chris if he can throw yet another rose away.  There are two women standing up there whom he's not going to marry, period, and he doesn't want to keep them hanging around

It makes for good TV, so Chris gives the OK.  The final rose goes to Vienna (shocker!) and everyone is stunned.  Ali seems particularly distraught, pacing around, tearing her hair out over his decision.

If he keeps sending extra women home in every episode, this season of "The Bachelor" is either going to be over really quickly, or we're going to get a couple of episodes where nobody leaves the mansion.  Jake is certainly throwing a wrench into the game.  The best thing about it is these aren't "twists" cooked up by production, they're just based on Jake being picky and having the courage of his convictions. I'll give him this much: It makes for great TV.

Take it to the comments, Showtrackers!  Were you shocked by Jake's decisions tonight? Are you as mad as Ali is that Vienna seems unsinkable? Who are your favorite and least favorite bachelorettes?  Let's discuss it below, and don't forget to come back next week for more drama!

-- Carina MacKenzie (chat with me on Twitter @cadlymack)

Photos: Top, from the dune buggy, Ali watches Jake adjust his helmet. Bottom, Ashleigh, Ali, Tenley, Corrie, and Vienna wait uncomfortably. Credit: ABC

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I'm not shocked that Jake continues to keep Vienna around. First, guys are clueless about how some girls get when they are around other girls. If he really wanted to learn something, he should have traveled with the girls on the busses. Second, he probably would be acting the same way to any of the girls if they had been the one to go bungee jumping with him (except Michelle of course). He was a complete wreck before the jump and that makes for a far more powerful and lasting bonding experience than drinking champagne by the pool or going to a comedy club. Ali started out as my favorite, but she is starting to crack. I'll bet that is she lasts for 1 or 2 more episodes and then signs on to be the next Bachelorette. My money is on Tenley. She seems very sweet and very Christian - two of Jake's favorite qualities.

I love Vienna....she is a stand up kind of gal that wants what she wants...and that is Jake. All the other shallow girls there are pathetic. Ali goes on and on about Vienna, yet she was the first one to call shotgun last night, and hug Jake in front of all the other girls...PLEASE! Personally if I were Jake I would have just cut to the chase last night and chosen Vienna and sent the rest of them home! This is turning into how many friends can the girls in the house make, as opposed to who is the most compatible with Jake.~ I'm sure The Bachelor producers have cut out a lot of footage of the connection that has been made between Jake and Vienna, and this is why he is keeping her around, against the wishes of the other fake blonde wanna be's........GO VIENNA GO!

i also kinda like vienna and am sick of everyones negativity. i despie ali, she is reallly annoying

Vienna is an absolute cow. She's two faced, she's a trouble maker and a schemer. No wonder everybody hates her. I hope Jakes comes to his senses very soon.

Yes, I am over Ali. Liked her on their first date, now ALL she seems to do is trash Vienna. Guess Vienna is just a threat to Ali. I do like Tenley but think she can be a little toooo bubbly! As far as all the girls, girls will be girls and most of them are just GREEN with jeolousy! I would not spend my time trashing other girls - but would spend time getting to know Jake.

great synopsis...can't wait to see what happens next - I certainly think it's time to get Vienna out of there. While we wait for next week's, check out this hysterical article from tonic.com recounting some awesome one-liners:


I think that if these women who don't receive a rose and are let go from the show and feel so strong about Vienna need to remember what Jake did last season ... He showed back up ...

If Vienna is really such a bad person, Jake will see it for himself. The other girls shouldn't waste their alone time with him to bash Vienna or anybody else. Any man would get rid of a girl who gossips about other women all the time, instead of focusing on their relationship. I'm sure it was planned, but omg one girl left because she had "relations with a worker, and didn't I hear that one girl admitted she was pregnant? Even if it is a publicity stunt(and it's working for me) why would anyone reveal that part of them on national t.v. and think they have a chance with this guy?

Group dates and group eliminations - you go Jake. It is going to be Gia, Tenley, and Corrie in the final!

Ali is a biatch.

This show is hilarious!

I think someone could make money creating "Why Vienna!?!" tee-shirts.

Author, get that fish hook out of your mouth!!! You think last night was unscripted??? I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

Vienna was clearly kept around for drama. With only nice girls left, who would watch? This show has consistently manipulated the audience shamelessly.

Vienna is the UGLIEST girl I think I've ever seen on the show. Her eyes are crossed, she has trashy ultra bleached hair, poor people skills, exhibits zero intelligence... The Bachelor must be viewed as no more than a guilty pleasure, not a "real" reality show. This is as scripted as any sitcom on TV.

I really liked Ali in the beginning, but she needs to start focusing her attention on Jake and not Vienna. It's getting old. Being so angry about another girl is only going to get her sent home. I wouldn't be surprised if she goes home before Vienna! Too bad, I really like her and all those yellow dresses.

First I must say. . .wasn't thrilled with the total group of women this season.I would have to believe there are many more intelligent, beautiful women. . .opps, that may be the answer! Women. Jake is starting to look like a control FREAK, and enjoys all the IDOL WORSHIP. Competition or not, He isn't trying to BUILD relationships for us to see. Love Ali, Tenley still is a ???,(both are attractive & have shown some depth) Vienna is young, looking for air-time(Not a beauty inside or out)Honestly, most of the others the viewers barely can give their names. I don't think Jake wants a WOMAN, his wants someone to mold and direct! like he is doing with the show. Let the game continue.

I think Vienna is nothing but a spoiled daddy's girl who is used to always getting what she wants. Jake should talk to some married men and figure out that no man wants to be married to that. Ali is so threatened by Vienna that she can't just focus on herself building a relationship with Jake, but only Vienna not being there. In the beginnning I thought she was great, but what guy wants to be with someone so jealous and unsure of themselves. He should have let them both go. That would have been the ulitmate laugh! I say Tenley and Gia are the final two.

Love this season! Jake is so real and has integrity..finally one who does! I don't think any one of them is worth it...maybe Tenley? But I think he picks....NO ONE!

I agree that Jake's "connection" to Vienna is the bungee jump - that makes sense. But c'mon, she is incredibly shallow.
Possible spoiler alert - I live near Newberg, OR (home of Tenley) and town gossip is that Jake and the whole film crew were at the swankiest resort hotel in town over the holidays! Soooo, we know she makes it to the hometown date, and maybe to the end?!

He needs to cut to the chase and pick Tenley and be done with it. She is the creme of the crop! Corrie is my second favorite. I would have liked to see more of Jessie and for her to have gotten a one on one. She might have lasted a little longer.

I do realize though I adore his values and him considering the girls feelings and not want to waste the girls time or lead them on if he's not into them, he's taking away valuable time to get to know the other women because the season is going to be shortened due to wasted roses. So he's going to have to choose quicker if "she's the one".

I can't imagine having 25 guys to choose from, unless there was a lot of pre-planned compatability matching going on behind the scenes, it's such a big deal to find "the one" out of that - I do think he's an awesome catch and deserves to be happy no matter anyone else's opinions.

The attraction to Vienna is definitely due to the bungee jump. In Psychology, there is what we call the Misattribution of Arousal and this is a perfect demonstration of just that. Personally, I think that most of this show is scripted and the drama that we see isn't anything other than the Producers prodding people along. I do however, like Jake; although, I sense insecurity. He has let go of most of the strong, beautiful women in the house. Either way, it makes for great t.v. Keep it coming!

I've read everyone's post.....I still favor Ali. Yes, she obviously needs to forget about Vienna and concentrate on Jake; she's wasting valuable time worrying over someone who is so not worth it!! Vienna, well that kind come a dime a dozen, And not even worth still being on the show!! Ali and Jake had the very BEST one on one talk before the rose ceremony....very real, I thought!! And in saying all that, Jake is WAY to insecure with himself, not a very attractive trait for a well-established individual or marriage material.
My hope......Ali, Tenley and Corrie get the home visits!!

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