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TCA press tour: Unlocking the tales of 'Prison Wives'

Latoya There are Stepford Wives. Trophy Wives. How about Prison Wives?

Investigation Discovery’s “Prison Wives” is a 13-part docu-series -- premiering Feb. 14 -- that gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of women (and a man) who have found love with people in prison. Each episode chronicles the daily life of the spouse living outside of prison and explores the dynamics the couple face in trying to maintain their relationship.

And each couple’s story is different: from Latoya Marion, married to Cornelius Marion, who is two decades into serving a life sentence without parole for armed robbery and grand theft auto, to Tim McDonald, a retired airline captain married to Deion Harris, who is serving a life sentence without parole for felony murder.

So why, given the circumstances, would they risk being judged by television viewers across the country?

“We are judged,” McDonald said. “Of course we are judged. We are judged as clearly as our spouses were judged, and we go through it every day. … We accept that. “

Networks under the Discovery umbrella aren’t new to documenting the unusual and extraordinary lives of people — just look at TLC on any given night.  But president and general manager of Investigation Discovery Henry Schleiff was quick to point out that the series isn’t trying to chronicle the bizarre for the sake of viewership.

“They’re not car accidents,” Schleiff said. “These are stories of people truly struggling under very difficult circumstances to maintain a relationship. … I think that interesting; I think that’s an aspect worth exploring. I think it’s a valuable part of exposing our audience to the justice system.”

--Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Latoya Marion does research at the Law Library to learn about how she can fight her husband's case. Credit: Investigation Discovery.


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The question of why we would do this, put our lives on tv, is personal to each one of us. In our case, Juli and Ric, we wanted to expose how broken the judicial system is when Ric ended up with a 71 year sentence for a non violent first time drug offense and his codefendant walks after 10 months without testifying against him. We hope and pray this will help get our voices heard and bring him home.

The wives and our token husband have put together a website with our stories at

I do not understand women, or men, who would marry a convicted murderer, rapist or anyone of even a lesser crime in the real world, but WHY marry someone who is in a prison?! That aside, I have a somewhat technical question. I love the song they play during the commercial, and I have written to Investigation Discovery concerning the name or artist, but they won't give me the time of day.
Does anyone know the song? I have looked everywhere for it!


What I don't like is that none of these people - spouses or the prisoner - ever mentions how their VICTIMS feel. I'm thrilled to death that they've found love or whatever they want to call it, but the fact is that some of these murder victims will never have that type of love. I'm watching Tim & Deion now. It doesn't matter if it the shooting was an accident or not - they had carjacked that boy, and they were all equally guilty. She had AMPLE opportunity to get away, or call the police. She's in prison. Yeah, it stinks. Guess what? It's supposed to. If she cared so much about her kids, she wouldn't have been involved in anything that would have seperated her from them.


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