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TCA Press Tour: Mel B dances her way to hosting gig

After her stint on "Dancing with the Stars," former Spice Girl Mel B can dance with the best of them. She's foxtrotted. Done the samba. The tango? That too. 

Now she's taking part in a different dance competition. This time as host of the second season of Oxygen's "Dance Your Ass Off."  

'I'm just so excited to be a part of it," she said.  "Dance has always been a big part of my life. ... [It] helped me lose my baby weight."

The songstress -- who replaces another "Stars' alum Marissa Jaret Winokour as host -- revealed that she shed 90 pounds while competing on "Dancing with the Stars." Now she'll watch as a bevy of full-figured contestants get light on their toes in the dance/weight-loss competition. 

"We wanted to find a host that really, really connected with our audience," said executive producer Dan Cutforth. 

The second season will air this summer.

-- Yvonne Villarreal

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Mel B lost 90 pounds while on DWTS? Is that correct? Is that even possible?

dance is the most beautyfull way to expression, MEL B its great dancer

I believe the comment on losing 90lbs on DWTS did not come from Mel B. and wasn't placed very well within this article/blog. Melissa, who was also on DWTS, did the same everyone else does, at least most, and goes on the Nutrisystem diet once all parties agree she would be on the show. The original cast, barring no injuries before it is even televised, have 5 weeks, roughly to prepare their first dance. She was also the lead in Hair Spray on Broadway, one of the many stars cast in that role, and you have to keep your weight up for that job. So while she was dancing her rear-end off on DWTS, she gained confidence and lost weight with the help of the Nutri-diet. Also she had a little more incentive as her baby was on the way, through a surrogate mother. So even when she wasn't dancing, with all the activity and dieting she was continually losing weight. It is very evident as you watch the whole season. Even watching Kelly Osbourne this past season, WOW what a transformation....beautiful. But with Melissa, she was still okay being roughly 5 ft'ish and still being what mainstream calls FAT. I just wonder why she is being replaced by Mel, who has great energy and is definitely, a smart spice. I'm hoping it's because Melissa has a new job back on Broadway or film and enjoying her new son.
I don't think they should have another woman on DWTS co-hosting. While I like Sam, she always looked lovely, but it became redundant with "In no particular order" between her and Tom, and the back stage banter was getting stale, same comments, blah blah blah. It was like Idol, how they started with two hosts, the first one hated the way the kids were treated and quit for the 2nd season. But things eventually changed, I hope, for the better for the kids. I would like to see Drew back in a great way, he did very well, and you don't have to have Tom and Sam or Tom and Drew or whomever side by side for everything but the backstage banter. Do some "on field" up dates where Tom throws it to Drew or ??, Tom taking his place there beside the dancers in front of the judges after they finish. It's like watching 1/2 of Abbott and Costello, but you never know which Abbott your going to get with the judges, but Tom is standing strong as Costello and keeps us laughing.
Just a thought about how to deal with DWTS and no Sam.

I also do not believe that Paula would take the job, it wouldn't highlight any of her talent, just standing and speaking about dancing, if she wasn't out there doing it too. Not judging and not dancing, sorry, but will make for a dull Paula. If it were up to me, it should just be Tom!
He can pull anything off!!!

On a note not related to DWTS, I think he should eventually replace Regis, and also think he should be doing New Years Eve with Dick Clark. Both cut from the same cloth and great wit. Ryan can be the man on the floor. Unless all his millions means he thinks he is to big for that. Just don't use Mario...I can't take the over the top he projects on his TV-Entertainment show, it's not journalistic at all, but more like gossiping he over sells it...keep him hosting those MTV things.....He still needs to mature a little more.

I'm afraid anyway they do it, it won't be what the audience will want anyway. It never is.

So much from the peanut gallery!


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