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Fox News confirms Sarah Palin is joining as a contributor [Updated]

Sarah Palin might not be taking on Oprah, but the one-time GOP vice presidential candidate has made good on predictions that she has a future in television.

The former Alaska governor is joining Fox News as a contributor, an executive at the cable news network said today, confirming news first reported by the New York Times. Palin will appear as a commentator on programs across the network, joining a lineup of pundits that includes fellow conservatives Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee. She will also help host a recurring series that profiles everyday Americans.

With her hiring, Fox News is bringing on a high-profile figure whose controversial pronouncements on issues such as healthcare reform have helped drive sharp partisan debate. The move is likely to boost speculation that Palin, who left office before the end of her first term as governor, wants a platform to remain in the public eye in order to make a bid for the presidency in 2012.

[Updated at 12:19 p.m.: “Gov. Palin has captivated everyone on both sides of the political spectrum, and we are excited to add her dynamic voice to the Fox News lineup,” Bill Shine, the network’s executive vice president of programming, said in a statement.

“I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News,” Palin said. “It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.”]

[Updated at 12:32 p.m.: Palin will make her first appearance as a contributor Tuesday night on "The O'Reilly Factor," The Times has learned.]

-- Matea Gold

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I look forward to hearing Sarah spout her deep wisdom....well-earned at the 5 colleges and 6 years it took for her to get her undergrad degree in journalism. You betcha...wink...wink!!!!

Boycott Fox News (there is a website). It works!!!

Wow, as if Fox News's credibility isn't already low enough...they hire this utter moron. I guess Fox is really in the business of preaching to the choir anyway, so another mushbrained bigmouth may be just what they need.

Wow, great move, Fox. Yes, her political views are congruent with yours, but, she really can't talk (or think) on her feet. How effective can she be as an interviewer?

I didn't know Fox News produced comedy shows. Can't wait to watch.

Another in a long line of Racist that join Fox news or are on their daily talking. Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Sean hannidy, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Immus, ...Wow.. now this. This does not surprise me.

Fox's credibility continues to reach new lows with this hire. Anybody see the piece on Sixty Minutes on Palin last night? Republicans like this are good for the Democratic party.

Oh Gosh, I'm shocked :). This, my friends, concludes the Dittoheads Fixed News Network lineup. Now the Tea Baggers Party can rest assure that the entire Murdoch network is fully atuned to combat "the maxist/leninist/facist african witch doctor Obama/democrats" so that the republiclan party would be able to bankrupt the country again.

So they are hiring someone who can't even remember what newspapers she reads? As a *source* of news?? Yeah, that's a brilliant, Fox News. Really speaks to your quality standards.

Fox News is now positioning itself as the breeding ground for the GOP. Ms. Palin has no official office, so to maintain facetime in the press for future office consideration, Fox is providing a platform for her to build an image with the likelihood of her "giving up" the pundit position to run for president in time for the 2012 elections. I am disturbed that Fox is effectively becoming a significant mouthpiece to determine who will run and who will not run. We should have never allowed single networks and newspapers to command such a huge presence in our reporting.

First SHE QUITS as a governor FOR MONEY!! Now she works at the LIARS Entertainment News FOR MORE MONEY so that she can run for the highest office. WHAT kind of megalomaniac is she? The female ANTI-CHRIST?

This lowers the IQ level of both Fox News and Sarah Palin.

Whew! Now I can stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and get on with things. Anyone who had any doubt Palin would show up on Fox "news" hasn't paid attention to the nature of either it or her.

In other news, the word "contributor" sinks to a new all-time low.

I wonder how long it will be before Fox realizes they need to keep her mic turned off, or on 20 second delay?

Just wondering what does she have to contribute. My guess is Nada, zip, zero.

Everybody has been saying Fox News has been getting even worse. Maybe Sarah Palin's contribution will push it into a new realm> tabloid trash. Fox News is getting more like the National Enquirer everyday.

This is a perfect example of how FOX news is so skewed and out of touch with the educated population of this country, to give someone who has no clue as to geography, world leaders and such...a huge contract to go on tv and rally "soccer moms" and TIRED old conservatives that want to bang the "family values" Drum......just shows what a dismal network they really are.

This is someone who is leading the fight to strip (no pun intended) the parental rights of the father of her grandchild away. So much for family values....forget about what's best for the child...its all about what's best for Palin in '12.

Fox needs as many nut jobs as it can get to feed more fear into its bottom feeder pond

I realize that there will be plenty of poison spewing about this move, aimed both at Fox and Palin. I, for one, am looking forward to her contributions.

I personally like Sara Palin. It amazes me how much the Liberals hate her and how her name puts them on the war path. I am personally an Independent and would not vote for Mrs. Palinto be President, but, I still enjoy listening to her.

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