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'Real Housewives of Orange County': flirting, tantrums ... and Tupperware?

Alexis_bellino First things first: Does Alexis really think that chick was hitting on her husband?

If you happened to miss the prissy showdown, here’s a brief overview: Gretchen decided to host a Tupperware party -- the pastime of every domestic diva. At said plastic-container extravaganza, Alexis unleashed her perfectly manicured claws after spotting another female “flirting” with her husband Jim (aka the dude rockin’ the purple shirt with insanely oversized cuffs). Footage of the actual “flirtation” was suspiciously absent, leaving it up to viewers to decide whether such an outrageous action was possible. And this viewer has decided: I find it hard to believe because, as Gretchen’s unnamed friend so brilliantly said: “He is not attractive. No one is hitting on her husband.” And sure, looks isn’t everything. But his personality -- from what is seen on television -- is hardly fetching. And maybe that’s why he was so pleased by the attention. That smirk. His coyness about the situation: “I’m pretty naive when a girl is hitting on me. I don’t really get it.”

I agree. It’s beyond comprehension.

Maybe it’s his wisdom? Consider his take on the disagreements. Tamra and Gretchen -- despite the peaceful facade at social functions -- continue to be at odds. Who still cares? Alexis, apparently. The newest housewife, who is friends with the bickering gals, is caught in the middle. But before she could articulate her opinion on the matter while at the horse races with Gretchen and Slade, Jim talked over her to put a stop her opinion-sharing: “Our rule [read: MY rule] is this: We go by our experience with a person.” I felt a glimmer of hope that Alexis wouldn’t back down; that she would actually voice what she was thinking when she said “I have a right to say my point of view, honey.” But he spoke over her again. And I eased back into my chair when she l uttered: “You’re so right.” He won again.

In other “duh” news, newly surgically enhanced Lynne and her hubby Frank remain dumbfounded by daughter Alexa’s teenage angst. She’s vague about her whereabouts. Comes home past curfew. Texts while they talk. And they just don’t understand why she acts so freely. But Alexa? She gets it. “It’s been a free ride ... they should have stepped up earlier.” I hear Lynne and Frank say there needs to be boundaries, but when Alexa arrives past curfew, there were no consequences (even given the fact that she was told she couldn’t go out that night). Lynne seemed more relieved with the fact that Alexa loved them. But I don’t doubt their concern. I mean, do you know many parents that hire a “youthologist” in an attempt to understand their children?

So what do you think, Show Trackers? Was Alexis overreacting when she confronted the woman at the Tupperware party? Were you hoping there’d be more Vicki in this episode? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

--Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Alexis Bellino. Credit: Bravo

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No more Vicki, she's been center stage too often in the last couple shows.

Jim must have a lot of money, he's an overbearing bore!!!!

The most shocking thing about this story is that someone working for the L.A. Times does not know their grammar. "And sure, looks isn’t everything." Shame on you.

About the show... I think Lynne and her husband are horrible parents, they should stop trying to be friends with their kids and behave as responsible adults for once. Also, Alexis overreacted, her husband is ugly.

It takes a village to raise a child! Doesn't Lynn know this?
She should have listened to Gretchen...
Gretchen knows t-r-o-u-b-l-e! LOL

Too much Lynne & family. How stoned does Lynne and her hubby look these days?

and Yes, Alexis overreacted. Don't like her husband. At all.

and, I have to admit that i got a good chuckle when the woman Alexis was attacking asked her is she wanted to go outside. haha. :)

Ditto on the grammar. Or was the writer talking "street"? the Alexis jealous thing a set-up for dramatic interest. And what the h were men doing at a Tupperware party? So contrived, as are most of the bits the last few seasons.

Alexis's husband? Okay, I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Hope Alexis can maintain her skeletal bod with the volleyball implants, because that dude is slimy and she's an idiot. The losers in this one are those kids (who place 3rd in the whole "Christian" family dynamic).

Alexis is very sad to watch, don't you know jealousy is the first sign of immaturity! You need to grow up. Don't take your brat of kids and take them to a salon- For the sake of other people who go tho these place for the relaxation of peace and quite you should of been slapped for that one- and get a nose job!!!!!

Gretchen I love you and so does America. Tamara is just really Jealous of you, and should be, you have everything going for you and she has nothing- not even a husband who treats her with kindness. Tamara try to be a better friend

He is not not not attractive - hard to believe anyone would be hitting on him.

Alexis, get real...no one and I mean no one wants your drippy husband...
I bet you wouldn't want him either if he had no $$$$$$$...and his is really


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