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Rain doesn't stop 'I'm With Coco' rally at Universal


Don't ever say Los Angeles is an apathetic place.

The rain did not, could not, would not stop the "I'm With Coco" rally today at Universal Studios. An estimated (if you can believe what you read on Twitter) 300 to 400 people gathered at the lot where "The Tonight Show" is taped to protest NBC's imminent firing of Conan O'Brien.

According to LAist.com the crowd withstood morning downpours to chant "Jay Leno sucks!" as someone dressed as Leno ran around.

Then, their hero arrived, the skies turned blue, and "The Tonight Show" passed out pizza from Miceli's, as "Coco" made his way to the roof to wave to his fans.

"The whole time, people were just screaming their heads off," the post said. "Celebrity chaos at its best."

Similar rallies were held in New York City and Chicago, even though everyone, including Conan O'Brien, is waiting for the official announcement that NBC will pay him millions of dollars to leave his gig, after only seven months.

NBC, it seems, is not with Coco.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez (follow me on Twitter @writerchica)

Photo: Rain didn't dampen the rally in support of Conan O'Brien at Universal Studios. Credit: Zach Behrens, editor, LAist.com


Conan O'Brien agrees to exit 'The Tonight Show'

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There's easily almost 200 people in your photo (the crowd looks to be about 17 deep x 13 wide within the frame)...

And that's one section of one point from an hours-long rally, right?

I was watching the stream on TMZ and it looked like over 1000 people were there. I was impressed that people showed up in that weather and were all going crazy for most of the day.

Actually, Conan was never fired. He gave the Tonight Show up in his ridiculous "People of Earth" letter. Also, none of this is Jay Leno's fault. Just show how ignorant these "CoCo" fans are. NBC is at fault. They had Conan on TV 15 years longer than he should ever have been. And to show how even more immature Conan is; he kept putting Leno down in his unfunny jokes, while Leno NEVER cracked jokes about Conan. He always went against NBC, NOT Conan!!
Good riddance, unfunny guy!!

I'm with Coco!

leno chose to take back the 11:35 slot, and he didn't take shots at conan because he knew he was in the wrong and he knew conan was right

tl;dr leno is a washed up hag

Let me get this straight: Conan only managed to get 300 to 400 to show up in LA for this rally? And Conan wonders why his ratings sucked...

This is Leno's fault. Don't forget his mendacity in getting the job in the first place. Check out his comments from 2004 ("The Tonight Show is like a dynasty; you take your turn then you hand it to the next guy....I don't want to see all the fighting and all the who's better and nasty things back and forth in the press so right now, here it is, Conan it's yours. See you in five years, buddy." I'm glad to hand this to Conan"). Compare those to his actions in 2009. Note how his ratings had dropped 15% in the year before he handed the Tonight Show to Conan. Note the deplorable lead-in he gave Conan. Recall that for the first time ever, a Tonight Show host had to compete with his lead in for guests and audience. Remember that it took Leno two years to build his audience (despite way less late night competition--internal and exteranl-- than Conan faced). Finally, just look how everyone in Hollywood--except for a few of Leno's old standup friends and the NBC trolls who are trying to spread their lies--are ALL taking Conan's side. Because they know.

Don't believe the NBC hacks.

BTW...TMZ showed hundreds of people on both sides of the street and more tucked into every alcove. Easily 1,000 people. In a monsoon.

You might not like Conan but he's not a liar. Why don't you take a look at the 2004 clip wherein Leno said he'd be stepping down from the show in 2009 and handing it over to Conan. He agreed to it, even going so far as to say that he SHOULD leave before he turned 60. So what happened? Was he lying? Why is he trying to get the time slot back when he said he was going to give it up willingly?

At least this battle has been entertaining. :)

Gee, Shelly, it sure is awful that Conan, a comedian, is cracking jokes about someone else. How mean! In any case, you're now getting your way. Simple-minded comedy dumbed down for you simple folk out in Middle America. Headlines! Oh, that Leno is so witty!

If Conan's show were any good, we would not be having this issue going on. I do not find O'Brien funny or even entertaining.

He can go to FOX and maybe be successful when that network tells him what to say.

Fans are hoping that NBC will still do the right thing.
Jay sucks! I'm with team Coco.

Jay of course is in so tight with NBC what can you expect.
They address different audiences for the most part. This is meant to be for Conan's sake.
He will prevail bigtime.
Just so typical of Burbank is all I have to say. You gotta be in with the people who run this place.
They're not about to let an outsider in for long.
It's no surprise to me that they found away around that contract to get Jay back in. God knows with as sheisty as executives are they'll be able to wittle down the settlement to Conan. It's okay CoCo, you are hilarious and your fans will majorly support your new show. Take some time off and be glad you don't have to live in this God forsaken land of LA if you do not wish to do so any longer.
And Jay and his buddies from NBC can go back to meeting at the hobby shops.

Who the hell came up with Coco for crying out loud. Conan doesn't even like it. It's not Jay's fault, don't blame him. If you had a job you loved and it was taken away from you and you had the chance to get back wouldn't you?

"Conan Saved Me From Scientology"
That's a great sign.


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