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No surprise, Fox gives 'Glee' an early renewal

Glee_15-group-stage_2018_lyv1 In news sure to make Gleeks around the world shriek in delight, Fox announced the hit show has been officially picked up for a second season.

The network made the "Glee" renewal announcement this morning as part of its Television Critics Assn. media tour presentation.

"We've loved 'Glee' ever since it was a pilot script, so it's been an incredible thrill to watch the show take root and see audiences embrace these characters in such a huge way this season," Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said in a statement. "The show is a true and rare gem in television. We couldn't be more proud of what Ryan Murphy and the 'Glee' team have created so far and can't wait to see what they come up with for Season Two."
"Glee" was a hot hit this year and recently picked up four Golden Globe nominations for its first season, including best television series, musical or comedy. The show also just took home a People's Choice Award and earned a spot on the American Film Institute's list of the top 10 TV programs of the year.

This is like Christmas when you get the present you’ve been asking for all year, shake the package the night before and still have enough excitement to show for Mom and Dad.

But it gets better. The show is about to go all “American Idol” on us in February, when a search is launched for actors to fill three new roles. Auditions will be open to amateurs as well as professionals between the ages of 16 to 26.

The casting search and process will be chronicled in a multi-part special that will air leading up to the premiere of the series’ second season this fall, when the new cast members will be revealed.

New episodes return on April 13, when the show moves to Tuesdays. Time to brush off these rusty pipes and prepare an audition. “Somebody to Love,” or a mash-up of “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Bad Romance”?

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy


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Who is running things over there sub-morons. I feel sick now and want to vomit. Why would anyone think that drivel is what we want to see. Get with it FOX. What are you doing? Why, Why, Why.

Re: AbsoluteTruth
Sorry, I know you'd like to think that Fox is strictly a right-wing station but in fact it's open and diverse. Why are you posting drivel on this news article, Why, Why, Why?

"Well unfortuantely Lois, there's just no more room on the schedule. We just gotta accept the fact that FOX has to make room for terrific shows like Dark Angel, Titus, Undeclared, Action, That 80's Show, Wonder Falls, Fast Lane, Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Skin, Girl's Club, Cracking Up, The Pitts, Firefly, Get Real, Freaky Links, Wanda At Large, Costello, The Lone Gunman, A Minute with Stan Hooper, Normal Ohio, Pasadena, Harsh Realm, Keen Eddy, The Street, American Embassy, Cedric The Entertainer, The Tick, Louie, And Greg The Bunny...."

Glee is actually quite entertaining and I think "we" have already spoken about what "we" want to see with the show's ratings and award nominations.

Umm....because the numbers don't lie! Glee is a hit....plain and simple. And so is American Idol! People are going to watch!

Open and diverse??? Heard the producers fired all the hetrosexual stand-ins on the show and replaced them with homosexual ones, just like Ryan Murphy and the rest of the producers. Doesn't sound too open and diverse to me. Sounds like reverse discrimination.

Jeff...why lie? Something like that is so easily checked...get a clue.
Go Glee!!!

Yes! I can't wait for season 2. And I can't wait seeing Quinn Fabray again. :D Good Luck Glee!

Yes Cynthia, please do check it. You'll find it to be true. Just because a show is lollipops and unicorns on the outside, it sometimes masks a truly ugly inner core.


@AbsoluteTruth then go vomit/gag. have fun with that. Drivel?? Obviously you've never seen it or aren't aware of how massively popular it is. Even if its not your cup of tea, you can't deny that its going to be a huge moneymaker for FOX.

@Jeff care to post some links to proof?


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