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'Jersey Shore' finale breaks ratings records for MTV


The finale of MTV's "Jersey Shore" was, as Snooki might say, big like a gorilla juicehead.

Thursday's season-ending episode -- during which Mike and Snooki finally get together (but not quite) in that hot tub -- delivered 4.8 million viewers. That's almost triple the audience who watched the series premiere on Dec. 3.

It's a fairytale turnaround for the show that debuted mired in controversy for its use of the term "Guido" and stereotypical portrayal of young Italian-Americans.

The reunion special that followed the finale drew another 4 million viewers.

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. / Credit: MTV


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Jersey Shore is over, but the mammaries live on…
Check out “Jersey Shore (A Love/Hate Song)” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNq7LyJ5dAc

Mike is the "bomb". Vinnie is tasteless, who said cooking and cleaning is being "like a woman". Women love men who do. It's extremely manly to do so. If snooki can dish out critism, she should be able to take it. Mike telling her she has rolls is absolutely true and by the way Snooki..."learn to keep your mouth shut sometimes". Poor Ronnie can't get any girls but one "5", who thinks she's a "10". JWOW should have been arrested and kicked off the show long time ago. Ronnie should be in jail. Sammi is two faced, telling JWOW to hit Mike and telling Vinnie was Mike did but again what do expect of her. Pauly is cute.

HII my name is karla and i'm a really big fan of jersey shore an all the time that comes out on t.v i don't forget to watch it because i love this t.v. show.And i really want to meet SNOOKIE,MIKE,VINNY.SAMMI,JENNI,PAULY D,RONNIE. yeah if i could maybe not because i don't have enough money go see you. love youu so much love. KARLA

hi i think that pauly d,mike,and vinny are so hotttt!!! i think ronni is hotttt to but he already has a girlfriend and her name is sammi and she is so nice and sweet!!.

Mike is the "bomb". Vinnie is "HOT"

hey all you casts of the jersey shore, you all did great on th show. lol i love when you guys went out and partied, except for when snookers got hit in the face lol that wasnt even funny. i love her to death and she is my role model because i do my hair just like her and im an italian so you best beleive that i am tan lol lol i love the show and i hope you guys make a new one. lol it was great and fantastic job to all of you lol lol i love you all, especially Pauley D lol he is definatly the bomb lol no lie yuore the guy of my dreams. lol honestly. bye 4now love Falicia.

4 million viewers? Amazing comment on our society.
The show is abysmal, but you just can't turn away.

Hilarious parody on the cast wanting more money?
Ru kiddin me...

4 million viewers for the finale shows just how many Americans need to escape from their normal, "boring", everyday lives. I like this show because it shows a world where there are no rules or consequences and everyday is an adventure!

Those ratings just represent the sad state of many Americans who actually are silly and dumb enough to find reality tv remotely interesting. Knowing that MTV can do better, for example, Daria, it is such a shame to see them do nothing but superficial shows about rich people no one should ever even care about.

I want this fad to be over with already so we can get back to some proper entertainment. Reality tv is sooo yesterday.


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