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Jerry Seinfeld's wife made the call on 'The Marriage Ref'

Jerry Seinfeld is giving the credit for his return to network television to his wife, Jessica.

The comedian said his wife came up with the idea for "The Marriage Ref," a comedic look at the battles between married couples. The show will premiere on NBC Feb. 28 after the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.

The concept came up during an argument Seinfeld and his wife were having while out at dinner with a friend. When the friend became uncomfortable and tried to leave, the couple persuaded the friend to listen to both sides of the dispute and decide who was right. They agreed to abide by the decision.

"Sports simplicity is what's missing in marriage," Seinfeld said.

Each show will feature three to five couples who will air their disagreement during a filmed segment at their home. A panel of celebrities in a studio will then debate the issues before handing the matter over to comedian Tom Papa -- the Marriage Ref -- who will make the final judgment.

Panelists already signed to appear include Tina Fey, Charles Barkley, Alec Baldwin and Larry David. Seinfeld is expected to appear during the premiere and a few other episodes. 

When asked why his show did not have a panel of experts to guide the couples, Seinfeld quipped, "Experts are helpful. That's not our thing."

-- Greg Braxton 

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Just what TV needs, more celebrity based reality shows. How about the Jerry Seinfeld Personal Workout Hour where a panel of celebrities do home workouts and we can all follow along. His wife can also be Executive Producer on that one and Jerry can make occasional cameo appearances and make
"impromptu" humorous remarks. That would be just too funny.
I'm sorry, The Marriage Ref sounds a lot like the bad TV that Jerry used to spoof. It won't make it to the Fall.

Oh goody. Now, in addition to constantly peddling his wife's lame "cookbook," Jerry is promoting a television show that she "conceived." This woman is desperate for media attention -- has she ever accomplished anything on her own two feet without relying on Jerry's name/position/money? Jerry, please stop promoting every cockamamie idea she has - you are only hurting your own comedy and brand in the process!

Who are you to judge how the show is going to turn out? You may want to watch the show before you sit here and trash talk it. I personally know a couple who is very close to me who is going to be fetured on this show. They are very excited to have this opportunity. Then all of you sit here and read one article and think you can run your mouth and try and take away this opportunity from them?! I garuntee you that if you had this opportuity you would not be sitting here trash talking it, you would be praising this show and beyond excited. So watch and think about what you say! Don't just run your mouth on what you think something will be like, actually give it a chance.

I cant wait to watch the show. If im right it premiers on the 4th of march. I mean with the king of comedy leading it I have no doubt its going to be a hit!

I am unable to watch the Marriage Ref, 30 Rock and for the first time since I was probably 12 years old, the Academy Awards.

Alec Baldwin's abusive behavior of his daughter Ireland when she was 12, and now again when she is 14 is something we can not support.

The entertainment industry must stop rewarding their talent that abuses children.

OK Nobody I watched the show and it's a stinker - it doesn't deserve to be on primetime, daytime or anytime. Maybe you should have watched it before you formed your opinions.


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