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It's the end of the Mode: ABC's 'Ugly Betty' will wrap its run in April

Uglybetty "Ugly Betty" has gone out of fashion.

ABC has decided not to continue the show beyond its current fourth season, Variety reports. The cast and crew were informed of the bad news this morning. The series finale will air in April.

With four episodes still left to produce, executive producer Silvio Horta said they will be able to send "Ugly Betty" off in style.

"We’ve mutually come to the difficult decision to make this Ugly Betty’s final season, and are announcing now as we want to allow the show ample time to write a satisfying conclusion," Horta and ABC Entertainment Group chairman Steve McPherson said in a joint statement. "We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series, and felt it was important to give the fans a proper farewell.”

The news is hardly shocking: After ratings began to cool during the show's third season, ABC moved "Ugly Betty" to Fridays last fall, where viewership plummeted. At the beginning of the year, the network gave the show a final chance to perform, sticking it on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. The last-ditch effort didn't help. This season, “Betty” has averaged 5.3 million viewers, a big drop from the third season's 8.1 million viewers.

In its later years, "Ugly Betty" had toned down the outrageous storylines that had been its signature. When it premiered, the show was the surprise success of ABC's 2006-07 fall lineup, creating buzz by scaling new melodramatic heights week after week. The series even won an Emmy for star America Ferrera. But the upkeep of the multiple super-soapy storylines soon became overwhelming, and Horta and ABC executives felt as though "Ugly Betty's" original conceit -- a Queens, N.Y., girl with journalism dreams works her way up from the bottom at cutthroat fashion-mag Mode -- had been lost in all the intrigue.

-- Denise Martin

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"Ugly Betty's" Identity Crisis

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I am very sad to see this show end. I love watching Ugly Betty and I have watched the show since episode 1, Its been an amazing show. America F. and the rest of the cast have truly kept me interested in the characters and the show throughout the four seasons. I will miss how you have made me laugh and cry over the years.
I wish the best for all the cast and crew.

Darn shame. This show has some of the sharpest writing on tv. When Wilhimena and Claire go at each other I about cry from laughter. I have watched since day 1 and will watch until the bitter end. Even though you have been cancelled please please do not "jump the shark" and put Daniel and Betty together! I dont think I'm the only one that cringes at the thought. Ugly Betty and crew you will be sorely missed.

"the network gave the show a final chance to perform" Really? It wouldn't have needed a "final chance" if ABC didn't screw it all up! The third season was terrible... and ABC is to blame for that. Season 4 tanked on Fridays... and ABC is to blame for that. No one is watching at 10 on Wednesdays cause it's not a 10:00 kind of show... and ABC is to blame for THAT!

Not that I'm Los Angeles-centric, but the show lost its appeal after production moved to New York. Instead of cogent story-line, the show seemed (to me at least)chock with exterior scenes that yelled "look folks, we're in New York!" rather than scenes that moved the thin story forward. Story-lines became more preposterous with Betty always landing a guy that, in reality, wouldn't have acknowledged her existence in New York or anywhere else on the planet.

This is a damn shame, the show is intelligent, smart and just damn good entertainment. The sharpest and brilliant writters that keep it's fan's coming back for more. They should consider betterment of the fans that watch and are entertained by these shows, as opposed to these reality t.v. shows that are just cheap crap to produce. The show is a victim to greed not poor ratings. I would rather watch Claire and Willimeanie go at each other than watch some club footed has been who will never be again try to revitalize their pathetic careers (i.e. Dancing with the pathetic! is just an example) Steve

I'm sorry to see it go, but the truth is that the quality of the show really did decline since the first season. It lacked focus and veered off too far from the original soap that inspired it. That's show business!

Well that means ABC only has one good show left. Desperate Housewives. There is nothing else on ABC worth watching. All there new half hour comedies are the worst pile of garbage I've ever seen. It's a waste of talent. I will miss Ugly Betty. I think it still had life to it since Rebecca Romane left. That was the point when Ugly Betty went into a funk, but then it got good again and it still is. It's just like these retarded executives to take anything good off the air and leave nothing but dumb television.

I am sad for the fact that the show is cancelled. I do not think ABC gave the show a chance to perform well. What we will do without Betty?

ugly betty is the best show on your network..... it will be a mistake for you guys to cut it....dont do it . look what is going on with the tonight show. big bobo.... they made at the OTHER network... please think about it.. i dont like watching infermerchels at Prime time..... ther is no more tv stations.!!!!! you were the only chanel that me and all my Friends would WATCH....i am begging you to PLEASE THINK ABOUT NOT CUTTING UGLY BETTY...... i am sending you this note on behalf of all my friends & myself ...i am a very good PSYCHIC AND FEEL THE CUTTING THIS SHOW WOULD NOT BE GOOD FOR THE NETWORK...thank you....

ABC - you ruined denny & izzie... you ruined mark & lexie... you ruined vienna & jake... you ruined betty & daniel... I hate you. I'm going to fox and i'm done with you (and nbc for that matter).

Team Ugly Betty. Team CONAN!!!!

What a disaster! I had just found out this show existed and now they're canning it... Shameful :(

ABC you are my number one station always .Ugly Betty had some of the best writters in the buisness.I considered the show uo there with Friends and Will and Grace.It was so smart and today.I'm truely gonna miss it.I feel the only down fall was the time slot,I was concerned when it was put on so late.Just my opinion.Keep up with the great shows.Modern Family rocks great job there.Al Bundy back to work.

I was so sad when it was canceled and I knew that I was going to miss America Ferrera but thankfully the show is available to view online at DISHonline.com. There is more than 20 episodes online and it's free! I don't need to sign in and it's ready to view at any time! I work and subscribe to DISH Network and whenever I'm in an "Ugly Betty" mood, I make sure to go to the site. I love it and I'm always recommending that people check out DISH Network and experience a value that no other company can provide!



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