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'Dollhouse': Alpha, Alan Tudyk if you like, on the show's end

While at Sundance, covered ably on our sister blog 24 Frames, I ran across a movie called "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil," co-starring none other than Wash himself, Alpha himself, actor Alan Tudyk. He was gracious enough to stay, after a midnight showing, and talk to me about the movie -- then awesome enough to give me his quick impression on what happened to "Dollhouse" and where he thought the show could've gone. I know, why do we keep punishing ourselves with this 'coulda' stuff? Because we care.

-- Jevon Phillips

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I think that's Alpha's plan, sure. Everything he's done has been to get Echo. Whenever you see Alpha, he's screwing with the Dollhouse and it's always around Echo. Now he has her; he gets to fulfill his plan now. Which is to make her like him.


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