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CNN taps Candy Crowley to lead reconfigured Sunday show

CanDY Veteran political correspondent Candy Crowley will replace John King on CNN’s Sunday morning program “State of the Union,” the network announced today. The hand-off will happen Feb. 7, when King will step down and prepare to launch his new 4 p.m. PST show, replacing Lou Dobbs.

“Candy’s rare combination of shrewd insight and healthy irreverence for the games politicians play has made her one of the most honored political journalists and a cult figure among CNN viewers,” said CNN/U.S. President Jonathan Klein in a statement released this morning. “Every Sunday, she’ll translate Washington-speak into plain English that every American can understand, as she has been doing better than any reporter on the beat for decades.”

With the anchor change, the network is reconfiguring the four-hour Sunday program into four separate shows: “State of the Union,” which Crowley will anchor at 6 a.m. PST, followed by “Fareed Zakaria GPS” at 7 a.m., “Reliable Sources” at 8 a.m. and an updated edition of “State of the Union” at 9 a.m.

“To me, Sunday morning is a sweet spot — a weekly meeting place to bring the hopes, worries and questions of everyday Americans I talk with along the campaign trail to the people I talk with in the Corridors of Power,” Crowley said in a statement. “Add to those conversations interviews with A-team experts and international heavyweights making sense of global issues, and what you have is interesting, relevant information. I can’t wait.”

She has extensive experience to draw on, having covered the presidential campaigns of Pat Buchanan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Howard Dean, Bob Dole, Jesse Jackson, Edward Kennedy, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, among others.  Since 1976, she has covered all but one of the national political conventions.

-- Matea Gold

Photo: Candy Crowley. Credit: CNN

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Too bad. I despise this women. I met her on the campaign trail during the democratic primaries. She was rude, arrogant and dismissive. The only reason she has her own show is because she sees/makes up controversy and conflict everywhere she goes.

I don,t understand this choice.King did an oustanding job,week after week,and I never felt his own political believes in his questions or comments.Candy has guested on several shows ,not as a reporter but as a comentater and she has almost no objectivity.She is left,always supports the President and and always without fail finds an excuse for the behavior of the Democrats.She makes David Gregory seem like a moderate.And as a side note,men will not watch,she has not taken very good care of herself over the years and it shows.

I 'spect that this show will be coming off my "Sunday Watch" list. Crowley was brutally pro-Dems and terribly biased in her coverage of the election. I'll watch initially but my guess is that she's better suited to MSNBC anytime after 9am daily.

This will do it for me. Fire Collins. Give a barely literate Sanchez another hour. Give egocentric Ali a top spot. Now move an outstanding host from Sunday and replace him with a grating, field reporter. Bye bye CNN. You have had an amazing fall from the grit, professionalism, and grace that you had during the presidential campaign in 2008.

Very interesting comments from people obviously more observant than I because I've always felt she was smart and objective. I'll be watching to make up for those who won't. And what the hell do her looks have to do with anything? Do men only watch women because they're good looking? Do men only watch men because they're good looking? Please.

Love her. She's irreverant, incisive and always spot-on. CNN is a welcome home for me inbetween the crazies on the left (MSNBC) and right (Faux News).

Your kidding me, right?

This woman will have her own show? I just can't believe it.

Replace her with Leno!

Candy in the Morning is bad for your health.

Way too full of herself and too image conscious. Not as if it matters. CNN stopped being relevant about the time all their real talent started jumping ship. Larry King is a husk, and Sunday morning round tables stopped being watchable when Brinkley retired.

excellent choice. i think she has worked very hard to get this spot on cnn. so she's not another pretty face. she looks more like me and my male and female friends. you know that she has had to work twice as hard as some of the cute twits "reporting" the news. at least she has some experience under her belt and has a perspective that the younger ones don't. thanks, cnn, i'll be watching.

I've enjoyed watching Candy's stories in the past.

Really? We're into the second decade of the 21st Century and there's still such sexist superficiality (as well as bad grammar and spelling)?

"I don,t understand this choice."
Try an apostrophe, not a comma.

"And as a side note,men will not watch,she has not taken very good care of herself over the years and it shows."
Note: put a space after each comma.

"Too bad. I despise this women."
Uh, that's "woman."

"during the bush years she was hard right....she is a political whore. i will watch to see what she does but i really don't care for her.
Sentences start with capital letters, as well proper names such as "Bush" and the singular pronoun "I."

You may not like what Candy Crowley writes, but at least she does it in proper English.

Good riddance to John King on Sunday mornings. His interview with Dick Cheney was a disgrace to journalism. He allowed Cheney to foist his revisionist spin on eight years of desecrating the Constitution without Cheney ever being challenged on the facts. King is everything that's wrong with lazy beltway pundits who crave access over the truth.

I rarely comment but Crowley is one of my favorite journalists and deserves the best. We are going through tough times and she can be trusted to deliver the truth in a new era that needs credible news anchors telling it like it is. My only hope is that CNN will stick with this professional no matter how hard the "info-lite" people will attack her. My other favorite is Fareed and to watch them back to back is appointment TV.

Just heard this great news about Candy Crowley hosting a revised State of the Union on Sunday morning. She is objective and fair rather than biased and prejudiced. I will actually switch my Sunday AM viewing to CNN but I'll have to record it to not interfere with Sunday church services. Thanks CNN. The new 7:00 pm slot I will not watch because of too much bias.

John King is so transparent in his disdain for the Obama Administration. Good Riddance!! CNN goes back on the list of must watch Sunday morning shows!

Candy Crowley is the most objective, fairest of them all.
Go, Candy!

Dan McQuade

Candy Crowley is the most objective, fairest of them all.
Go Candy!

Dan McQuade

Just a suggestion: If a guest make comments about their opinion and analysis, Ms. Crowley should send the ball back to the guest, "can you give us an example or what is the basis of your comment? So many times a Government official make their own opinion based on their party's platform but it is more campaigning and criticizing. Question like " Do you have any proof to back your claim?


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