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CBS' David Letterman to NBC: Where's my money?

David-letterman-032709l Jay Leno may have chosen a more serious road tonight, but his main rival, CBS'  David Letterman, continued to revel in NBC's chaotic late-night talk-show-host shuffle.

The Golden Globe for "best series, TV series, went to a show called ‘Mad Men,’ " Letterman quipped during his monologue.  " Did you ever watch the ‘Mad Men’ show?  It’s a show about NBC executives.”

"Speaking of television shows … the big CBS show here -- anybody seen the ‘Medium’?  It’s about a woman who can communicate with the dead.  A woman who can communicate with the dead -- as a matter of fact, this Sunday, this week, Johnny Carson calls up the ‘Medium’ and he asks her, ‘What the hell is going on with ‘The Tonight Show’?

“You know Conan O’Brien, they’re saying that he may be getting, as severance pay, $30 million to leave NBC. Thirty million dollars to leave NBC -- I mean, that’s like getting a bonus to leave the Titanic.

“A bonus of $30 million not to host ‘The Tonight Show’ -- wow, I mean -- I mean, wow.  Thirty million dollars not to host ‘The Tonight Show,’ and I was thinking to myself and I said, ‘Now, wait a minute -- I’ve not been hosting ‘The Tonight Show’ for 18 years.  Where the hell’s my money?  Where’s my bonus?’”

-- Meg James

Photo: David Letterman. Credit: CBS


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What if Exeutives at NBC Trade places ??? Like Eddie Murphy ? Have Execs host tonight show and Conan & Leno run the network ? How bad can it be ?

Henry Valdez

Dave can actually be funny at times (this is a good example). Most of the time he's boring. To bad, he's got the ability. He's just a bitter old guy.

Did Dave actually host the Tonight Show for any period of time? Guess host doesn't count.

Dave should have been the host after Carson retired. He's much funnier that Leno.

Leno reminds me of a back stabbing little weasel.


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