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'Brothers & Sisters': When life hands you lemons

A lying boyfriend and a sixth-grade science project? Not exactly riveting, but after last week's emotional "Brothers & Sisters" episode, the Walkers deserved a break from the intensity. I was expecting the next few episodes to be transitional anyway, because a couple of things need to be resolved.

First, Nora's and Simon's relationship begged to be addressed. He had been MIA since ditching her on the day of Justin's and Rebecca's wedding, but last night, we learned his cockamamie excuse for his six-week absence. Apparently, bone break fever from a Guatemalan mosquito bite was to blame. Riiight. Nora's loneliness prompted her to believe him for a second, but the good graces of Google finally convinced her that Simon was a liar and opportunist. She channeled her inner James Bond to brilliantly trap him, but at the end, the last laugh seemed to be on Nora. She had yet another failed relationship under her belt and the weariness from all the disappointment is beginning to show.

Another character that's on the brink of throwing in the towel was Holly. I actually felt sympathy toward her when Saul requested that the company let Ryan off the hook. It was quite the pickle -- the guy deliberately sabotaged the business and cost her and Ojai lots of money, yet he had given Kitty a second life by donating his bone marrow. What was Holly supposed to do? She was seething with rage, but ultimately, the effort was pointless. Business was always going to be personal with the Walkers, and she was tired of fighting to get her way. Although I understand Holly's desire to wipe her hands clean of Walker family drama, I don't believe selling her shares to William Walker's nemesis, Dennis York, is the right move for her either. Another Ojai secret is brewing, I know it!

The rest of the episode was dedicated to the issues unearthed by Paige's science project. The issues weren't too groundbreaking -- Kevin's insatiable thirst for victory at all costs was certainly no secret, and the possibility of Justin having a learning disability could be seen from a mile away. But the symbolism around the use of lemons as the source of electricity for Paige's project was meaningful. When life hands the Walkers a pile of lemons, they often make a mess, but somehow they're able to discover its restorative powers.

Time for your thoughts, readers. What did you think of the episode? Any favorite moments? Do you think Holly should give up on Ojai Foods?

-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: Kerris Dorsey as Paige Whedon and Matthew Rhys as Kevin Walker on "Brothers & Sisters." Credit: ABC


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I think seling ojai to the enemy is exactly what the walkers deserve! SHe has the right to screw them over, since she obtained those shares fair and square.
I hope she uses the money she earnes selling to start her own company that will give the Walkers something to be concerned about!

Does anybody else wish that Kevin would get hit by a bus, fall off a ladder, jump out a window, get hit by a fruit cart? He is the most insufferable character on this show. He used to be cute, but even that's worn off—about two seasons ago.

No, Kevin is my favorite character. I find most of them insufferable, but MOST of all Kitty. I've never been able to stand her but she just gets worse. I used to love this show but think it's gone severely downhill in the past 2 seasons. Same old story line over and over, and way, way too dramatic. Even the acting has gotten disingenuous and forced...I'm wondering how much longer it will even be on the air...

Holly's flirtation with dumping Ojai is just that. She's not going to let that go. Furthermore it would leave her character with a tenuous position at best in the overall series/story. It wouldn't be enough for her link to be merely Rebecca. What's really interesting is that the character of Holly actually has the most potential for dynamic storylines. It's always been the case ever since the character was introduced mysteriously appearing at William's office with a furtive glance between her and Justin.

The Walkers themselves have become boring, dull, etc., etc. I say shove them to side and explore some of these other side characters more fully.

And, hopefully, in the exploration, the truth of Ryan and Dennis's connection will be uncovered and they'll both go down.


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