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'Bachelor' couple Jason & Molly to wed on ABC

Af9b1_jason-and-molly-the-bachelor One of the most-talked-about "Bachelor" couples ever will be getting married in a two-hour ABC special March 8.  That's right, Jason Mesnick is marrying Molly Malaney.  Malaney was originally the second runner-up on Jason's season, but he changed his mind in the "After the Final Rose" post-finale special, where he broke up with fiancee Melissa Rycroft and asked Molly to give him another shot.

The special will feature wedding preparations and dress fittings, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, and of course, the wedding ceremony and reception.  Though past "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants will be on the guest list, we doubt that Rycroft, who recently married Dallas insurance agent Tye Strickland, will be on the list.

The last televised wedding in the franchise, between "Bachelorette" Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, drew over 17 million viewers. Will you tune in for this one?

-- Carina MacKenzie (follow me on Twitter @cadlymack)

Photo credit: ABC

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you. gotta. be. kidding. me!

I will definitely tune in to this show, along with the rest of my family. This is TV GOLD! I wish this couple as much happiness that I have in my 10-year marriage so far. And lots and lots of kids. Maybe they can do a follow-up reality show when Melissa gets pregnant and gives birth. God Bless.

Hey Kathy- get a clue. He's marrying MOLLY, not Melissa. That's why everyone is mad at this guy and noone wants to see their backwards wedding...duh.

Absolutely, cant wait to watch. I knew Melisa was wrong for Jason all along.

Will I watch? NO! Has nothing to do with Jason & Molly. Wish them the best. But the Bachelor franchise has become so tainted with their boguss maneuvers, and Chris Harrison's bold-faced, outright lies that its a shame Jason and Molly's special day has to be associated with such boguss program that has now proven themselves to abuse women - - repeatedly! Good luck to Jason and Molly. Hope ABC does us all a favor and cancels The Bachelor!

the fact that they are allowing ABC to televise their wedding has me suspicious already. i guess they're cashing in while they can...MAGIC 8-BALL says OUTLOOK NOT GOOD. :(

i think jason's a loser. and seriously molly, walk away while you can! a definite must-NOT-see!

Jason and Molly are the most hated couple in Bachelor history and deservingly so! Is the network insane? Who is the featherbrained fool who decided to do this? I will not watch.

No, I will not watch Jason & Molly’s wedding. I wish them well but it’s sad that their special day has to be associated with The Bachelor, a show that is now tainted, admittedly bogus, and has proved itself to repeatedly abuse women for the sake of ratings. Chris Harrison lies continuously in defense of the show even after he has been proven wrong. Jason and Molly have endured a lot and one can only hope that has made them stronger. To Jason and Molly congratulations and best of luck. To ABC, please do us all a favor and cancel the bogus, abusive Bachelor.

I love "The Bachelor", ABC, don't cancel the show. Although, I do think it would hard for someone to fall in love in 6 weeks time with cameras following your every move and conversation. I think that is why I love how it ended for Jason and Molly. Jason picked Melissa, which I was shocked, she didn't appear to be right for him and I liked MOlly with him. I think their time apart is how love works, absence makes the heart grow fonder and they found their way back to each other and fell in love the right way. Those that hate them for that are jealous. And the show doesn't abuse women. These women are adults that chose to go on the show willingly I think for their 15 minutes of fame mostly. However, the odds are not in their favor, it is not a secret all but one of them WILL be dumped publicly. Get over it or don't sign up for the show.


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