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'Sons of Anarchy' finale hits ratings high, scores Season 3 renewal

More than 4.3 million viewers tuned in to Tuesday’s season finale of FX’s "Sons of Anarchy," making it the most-watched episode in the series' history.

The 10 p.m. event also topped rankings among men 18 to 49 and men 18 to 34. On Wednesday afternoon the network announced it had ordered a third season.

“The success of 'Sons of Anarchy' is very gratifying, and the show has become a bona-fide hit,” said FX President-General Manager John Landgraf said.

Production on the next 13 episodes will begin in September 2010, and all series regulars are set to return. Kurt Sutter executive-produces the drama about an outlaw motorcycle gang. Katey Sagal, Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman star.

In its second season, "Sons" averaged 3.7 million total viewers (up 66% from last season) and 2.6 million adults 18 to 49 (up 75%).

-- Denise Martin

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this is the best show i ever watched, its like the sopranos on harleys, but better except for the commercials, and its on cable witch makes it even more amazing that its that good.

This show is the absolute BEST. My entire office watches it.
I love it and hope it runs for many seasons.

The finale was amazing--setting up so many issues to be dealt with next season. Katey Sagal needs an Emmy. But to hear production won't start for nearly a year?? Plenty of time to memorize the intricate plot on DVD.

The second season is fantastic and runs at a better pace than the first season. I watch each episode at least three times. The acting and action is top notch in this show. I can't wait to see season three. Thanks for some great intertainment.

Sons always has me on the edge of my seat waiting in anticipation for next week. This is the best show ever and would just die if it was removed from the airwaves. Sons has to return next season to make sure Jax gets his son back and to see agent Stal gets whats coming to her. Please keep the show in rotation for the fans that have come to love the outlaw.

A fan in Colorado(MW)

Thanks to all those that jumped on the Sons Of Anarchy band wagon for the last show....it made the difference between only 2 seasons and 3.....THIS IS THE BEST SHOW TO RUN ON FX IN ALL THE TIME I HAVING BEEN WATCHING.....keep the series rolling. Andrew use the DVR and blast past the commercials.

This is the greatest news to read. This is the absolute best show on tv, and I'm so glad to see its not the stupid csi's that are getting picked up season after season and the same thing happening every show.

This is sooo great! Ms. Sagel does deserve an Emmy!

The entire cast is just fabulous. I love "Elvis"! He is the epitome of duplicity!

My husband got me hooked in Season 1 to Sons and it has been the BEST TV entertainment since I can remember...I am soooo excited to read that it is coming back I just hate we have to wait so long and the season seems so short...I can't wait to see what Season 3 holds if it's anything like Season 2 we all better BUCKLE UP!!!!!

Love the show ...Its a bad mistake to wait till next September for the new season though ...( if I read that right ) WTF ??? People will loose interest by then .

S.O.A rules… I wasn’t going to watch this show when it took over for the shield. I was avid shield fan and hated to see Vic go out. But a friend of mine had the DVD’s for season 1 of S.O.A a few weeks ago and after I decided to check it out…I got friggin addicted to another show. Well I then Hulu’d the first half of season 2 to catch up and then watched live the second half. D@mn you FX, for producing such great hits. But one thing I will say that’s negative is that FX pisses me off making me wait for almost a year for a show to return. I have a hard time waiting a week for the next episode let alone a year. Well they did that crap with the shield and now S.O.A. I guess they do it the same with all their shows, but it still sucks.
As for the show it kind of has the feel of the Sopranos and the shield combined. By the way I loved the sopranos also. But also another show I could have done without having to wait for the next season. So where does everyone see the show going next season. Will the rivalry between Jax and Clay heat back up. Oh and what was up with the deal between Tig and Lem (shield reference) in the second to last episode when Lem asked Tig if he was cool with this? (seemed like a little animosity there don’t you think) As for Jax I pretty sure he is going to do what the rest of us would if it was our kid. As for the agent Stahl I hope she gets what’s coming to her just like Forrest Whittaker did in the shield. I guess we’ll just have to WAIT and see

September 2010???


The show is amazing but September 2010 is too much.


They better bring the show back. I wanna see what the heck happens with his son's kidnapping. That was crazier than Donna getting killed accidentally (i cried during both, lol). i cant wait to see the new season.

Starting production in September 2010. That's just ridiculous and cruel.

Hmmm great season 2 hope half sack is alive in the next season at least let the man get his patch and be a full member instead of a prospect

Dude, this season was so much better than the first one by far, cant wait for number 3.

I watch The View @ when they had Kathy Segal on they stated that sons of anarchy had one of the highest rating of female viewer's more than men. Thanks for bringing back one of the best shows ever. They already took off (The Unit). Everyone watches cable channels because the regular channels take off all the good shows. Like (Without A TRACE), (CANE), (THE CLEANER),(THE DEEP END),(DARK BLUE),(EASTWICK),(UGLY BETTY),(TRAUMA). It's why everyone goin cable leave on the shows we want to see and (TIVO)

I agree we are tried of waiting. This should be a all year show like the soap operas. Maybe a 2month off for rest. If ratings are as good as they say why not do like the saop's. As for agent Stahl,they need to let Jenna whip the mess out of her. Frame her like she does everyone else then send her to the women's prison @ let them know she's an agent.

i love sons of anarchy! i cant wait till september. im already going through withdrawals. i am soo in love with jax teller. best season yet.

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