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'Real Housewives of Orange County': Where's the pulp?

December 4, 2009 |  8:43 am

Alexis With outspoken Jeana out of the picture, there's a lot less pulp in Orange County. Just one episode since her departure and the life has been sucked out of the show. Luckily Vicki is still in the mix to make things a bit interesting -- or, as was the case of Thursday's episode, a bit awkward.

Leave it to Vicki to fly a dude (Chris) out to Orange County for what turned out to be a three-day-long blind date with her daughter, Brianna. The intention was good, though a bit excessive; are there really no guys in the surrounding area? But what's done is done. And the chemistry between Brianna and Chris couldn't be helped. Is that really a surprise? When you have to entertain a guy you just met for three -- THREE! -- days straight, things are bound to get boring. Not even a trip to those exciting yogurt bars is going to help. Let's hope that's the end of Vicki's matchmaking ways.

And with Gretchen off in Michigan to visit Jeff's children, there was no quarreling to be had between her and Tamra. So Simon and Ryan provided the tension. Thrilling. As expected, the two are at odds again. And Simon will only be satisfied when Ryan apologizes ... via Facebook? I continually question Simon's maturity level with each new episode. The social network mea culpa might be difficult with Ryan announcing he'll be spending five days in jail. Maybe he can update his status so Simon's aware of the delay? 

And new gal Alexis failed to bring substance to the show. We learned she knows how to mix horseradish into sauce "better" than restaurant staff and that she likes to -- surprise -- workout. This whole mentality that her husband is her "king" is mildly disturbing. So it wasn't all that surprising that a husband-free Alexis let loose at Tamra's party -- I'm still confused by the rules of whatever game they were playing. 

What did you think of Thursday's episode, Show Trackers? Will you continue to watch with Jeana gone? 

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Alexis and Jim Bellino. Credit: Bravo