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'Real Housewives of Orange County': Where's the pulp?

Alexis With outspoken Jeana out of the picture, there's a lot less pulp in Orange County. Just one episode since her departure and the life has been sucked out of the show. Luckily Vicki is still in the mix to make things a bit interesting -- or, as was the case of Thursday's episode, a bit awkward.

Leave it to Vicki to fly a dude (Chris) out to Orange County for what turned out to be a three-day-long blind date with her daughter, Brianna. The intention was good, though a bit excessive; are there really no guys in the surrounding area? But what's done is done. And the chemistry between Brianna and Chris couldn't be helped. Is that really a surprise? When you have to entertain a guy you just met for three -- THREE! -- days straight, things are bound to get boring. Not even a trip to those exciting yogurt bars is going to help. Let's hope that's the end of Vicki's matchmaking ways.

And with Gretchen off in Michigan to visit Jeff's children, there was no quarreling to be had between her and Tamra. So Simon and Ryan provided the tension. Thrilling. As expected, the two are at odds again. And Simon will only be satisfied when Ryan apologizes ... via Facebook? I continually question Simon's maturity level with each new episode. The social network mea culpa might be difficult with Ryan announcing he'll be spending five days in jail. Maybe he can update his status so Simon's aware of the delay? 

And new gal Alexis failed to bring substance to the show. We learned she knows how to mix horseradish into sauce "better" than restaurant staff and that she likes to -- surprise -- workout. This whole mentality that her husband is her "king" is mildly disturbing. So it wasn't all that surprising that a husband-free Alexis let loose at Tamra's party -- I'm still confused by the rules of whatever game they were playing. 

What did you think of Thursday's episode, Show Trackers? Will you continue to watch with Jeana gone? 

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Alexis and Jim Bellino. Credit: Bravo

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I have just about given up on the OCC wives. With Jeanna gone, it's true....the show is all about mean girls and the back stabbing, poor me mentality that has become quite boring. I truly enjoyed her from day one. I never heard her EVER say the contentious things the other wives do on a weekly basis. I think she's finding that there is so much more in life than an address and also that good friends are hard to find. I think the only lady on the show who was true to her was Gretchen.
Tamra and Simon are classless...I hope they end up in a trailer park where they belong.
Vickie is a back stabbing snob who has obviously got a control problem where her children are concerned. Her success in the business world totally boggles my mind. I don't see how it's possible given the way she acts. I sincerely question her IQ.
Lynn is a mess...she's going nowhere fast as are her two bratty daughters. We're taking bets at work as to which trailer park she and Tamra will end up in.
And Gretchen....she's the biggest draw right now...at least she is what she is. I like her.
Alexis and the King? Please........their supposed affluent status will be short lived. He's pompous and she needs to eat a cheeseburger!
The show is boring. No substance, only high school bickering.

I'm really glad you asked, Yvonne. I thought the show became more and more embarrassing last night and I turned it off when they got to the beer bongs and the baby in the pool. Vicki cannot carry the show all by herself, and none of the other housewives are as interesting as even the least interesting housewives of New York or New Jersey.

It's jumped the shark already.

Vicki is not bad...she is a control freak but I have to give her credit for starting a successful business from scratch. Tamra has a bad attitude and is headed for a trailer park. Alexis is a beautiful lady but no real substance. Her husband is a real phony and I wonder where all that money came from. Gretchen is a caring person and I wish her all the luck. She can do better than this Slade guy. I think the money issues have taken these women to task and it will cause some marriage failures.

Jeana is sorely missed, and the other housewives are just typical bland Orange County wanna-be's.

Vicki's need for control is scary, but her daughter seems to have her number. Why she agreed to a three-day date with a guy she hardly knew is beyond me.

Alexis is truly frightening. Her husband is plug-ugly and doesn't have a bit of charisma, yet he completely dominates her. I guess she's really in it for the money. Good luck to her.

Someone should lock Simon and Ryan in a room and let them pound on each other. They deserve it.

It's obvious that Jeana was the glue that kept this group together. Without her, they're really just spoiled aging women.

I know that shows do a lot of editing but Alexis and her husband have a really weird relationship. Her husband is creepy, controlling, and arrogant. Alexis feeds into this relationship of being stuck playing the tradition role of a woman which we should be straying away from. Meaning Talcott Parson a sociologist had created a theory for women to stay home to take care of the home and not have her own ambitions like getting an college degree and career.

When Alexis mentioned that her husband never changes number two diapers what is the point of being in a marriage if both spouses aren't contributing to a relationship? He seems like a creepy controlling husband. There are big signs of an unhealthy relationship. He has the signs of really abusing her. CREEPY HUSBAND!!!! Money isn't worth getting abused!!

Jeana was my favorite. She worked hard. She defended the underdog. She has great kids. She takes care of everyone. She's 'normal' sized.

The other women are surface and jealous. They aren't the type of women I aspire to be or want my daughter to be. I don't want to see women destroying each other. The world is in bad enough shape already. Where are the happy, fun women? These women all seem to be defined by the men in their life or money - not who they are inside.

Jeanna and Vicki were the backbone of the show. Vicki can't carry it all by herself. Tamra may be able to help at least she's got spunk. Gretchen is a "money-fame vampire" and she really lowers the standrds of the show. She makes me sick to watch her.....get rid of her. As the saying goes, Lynn's shoe size is greater than her IQ. Her daughters are spoiled brats and will probably end up in the court system if someone doesn't step in. The new gal, Alexis, and her husband are just plain weird (think X-files)! She's another money grabing lowlife. Why else would she kowtow to that ape-husband she kisses up to?

I love how Tamara just hopes her son will succeed at something while watching him do shots of Patron with a beer chaser right in front of her as he explains his choice to go to jail rather than do community service. Poor thing! She is just refusing to deal with reality. If I were Tamara I would cut him off completely and take charge like he was a little kid. He has a horrible obvious drinking problem and she seems to not even SEE that. He so needs Dr. DREW!!!!!!

Now that Jeana is gone, there is no need to watch. Tired of the cat fighting between Tamara & Gretchen, gets old! Can't stand Lynn and her bratty daughters. Vicki needs a reality check. Without Jeana this show has no substance and should be renamed "Dumb & Dumber!"

Lynn is famous for what - tacky jewelry? And her husband makes money how - construction? And her IQ is lower than the rocks in her leased yard. She has that "where am I", "do I respond now", "did someone just speak to me", "my 16 year old drinks alcohol???" stupid face all the time. And I'm sorry, no body fat is NOT attractive - look what it's done to your face. Gretchen is a money seeking, camera grabbing, drunken whore. Does she do ANYTHING else for money besides find rich boyfriends? Vicki is to enmeshed with her children but she at least works hard for everything she has.

the show isn't as good without jeanna. she was my favorite. the new woman is as boring as she can be. tamra's son has alcohol issues. last week they spent so much time with lynn and her boring daughters i just muted the show. vickie talks about loyalty, but she is loyal to no one but the dollar. i love slade, now broke, being with gretchen. i can think of 1.7 million reasons why he is with her. i think this is it for the housewives of orange county

This show is embarassing to all women. Do these women have no pride. Why would women allow their husband to give them permission to go some place without them. The husbands are all idiots, Donn is the only husband worth anything. He is smart enough to not be scared by a stronge women. He's right, the men were not invited! What's wrong with that?

I see this is a biased site. You don't post perfectly good comments. VERY LAME! Loser!

how did slade become broke?? i thought he had the big fancy smancy hummer and the mansion on the hill. what happened???

@missspider: Slade's job was in the mortgage/real estate industry which was sinking fast in the OC. he probably bought his fancy things mostly on credit and when the income dried up, lost his house and basically had nothing left. he went down with the whole sub-prime mortgage industry, and now he's just a Grade-A hanger-on-er fame whore! actually, i think he & Gretchen deserve each other!


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