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'Real Housewives of Orange County': Mad men

Real-housewives-oc_l What was supposed to be an all-girls weekend full of Wa-hoos! and martinis turned into a couples retreat. 

It seemed to start as planned. Gretchen, a heavily medicated Lynne, and Tamra met Vicki at the Florida hotel, ready to sip on some cocktails and unwind. Oh, but wait … there was Simon. Oh, and wait. Here comes Slade! A visibly irritated Vicki, who had organized the trip as a female bonding excursion, could do nothing but roll her eyes as she watched the men invade her trip. And can you blame her? Hello, it was always planned as an all-girls vacation! I get the whole we-never-spend-time-apart. It seems cute and romantic, at first. But, really, it’s just sad. Whatever happened to “absence makes the heart grow fonder”?

But the dudes did keep at bay, at times.

The gals took a helicopter ride to the Everglades and, with the help of Bubba (who Vicki was eyeing for her daughter, of course), a tour through an animal reservation. There were plenty of annoying shrieks (mainly from Gretchen) and laughter. And, for the millionth time, Gretchen and Tamra reminded us about their feud and how they’re willing to bury the hatchet in social situations. OK. OK. We get it. 

Alexis and Jim eventually arrive in Florida, adding fuel to the fire. The gals go out for dinner but feeling like a third wheel, Vicki decided not to join the ladies and their men for drinks afterward. And so the Vicki bashing began.  Simon, his ego firmly in place, insists Vicki is jealous of his and Tamra’s relationship. Riiiight. And Jim thinks her problem is that she doesn’t like not being in control. Um, talk about being delusional.

The female-bonding trip continued its tailspin when the men tagged along for the sunset cruise. Vicki, upset by their presence, again decided to stay back -- leaving Lynne with the uncomfortable task of toughing it out with three couples. But those meds helped her out and it wasn’t long before she was talking to her imaginary husband.

Meanwhile, Simon and Tamra (is it me or did it look like they were re-creating a scene from Titanic by standing at the head of the boat?) discussed Vicki. Tamra feels guilty Vicki is sad. Simon doesn't really care.

And from the looks of previews for next week’s episode, things between Simon and Tamra aren’t quite as dandy as he would have you believe.

So Show Trackers, what are your thoughts on the men crashing the trip? An attempt to get their own spin-off, possibly? Who do you side with, Vicki or the men?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Lynne, Alexis, Vicki, Gretchen and Tamra. Credit: Bravo

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I definitely side with Vicki. I mean, she was the one who organized it! I felt so bad for her... even if she did over-react a little.

I think it's crazy that those two couples don't ever spend a day apart from one another. That doesn't make them a better couple (as they seem to think). All that says to me is that 1) there is little trust in their relationships and 2) they are way too co-dependent. Maybe I'm just too much of a realist, but you should never be THAT dependent on anyone. I mean, doesn't everyone enjoy some time to themselves? I know I do.

Also, Alexis and Jim really irritate me. She constantly talks about how she has to keep herself looking good for her husband (I don't think the opposite is true) in order to keep him happy. I'm all for feeling and looking good, but if he's going to leave you the moment you get a few wrinkles, then that's not a very healthy relationship.

I agree with Vicki, I mean what's the point of an "all girls" trip if the guys show up. Eventually, the brunette started to feel like odd man out understandably so. I do believe that Vicki is going through some mid life crisis and very emotional.

I don't think Vicki overreacted in fact I think she under reacted.

I am amazed with the mens behavior, it was Embarrassing...it was a girls weekend and it should have stayed that way.

*This new couple is crazy...she wears a see through white bikini at the pool and then he is concerned with her dress on the boat....talk about an insecurity issue....have some consistancy in your life...if you watch the show you know what I mean in reference to this couple. She wants the attention or she would not dress the way she does...deal with it, you married it.

I would not want my wife to invite herself or crash my guys weekend. We go to Vegas once to twice a year, she goes to spend time with her friends once a quarter...it allows us to have some breathing room and reminds us of how much we enjoy each other when we get back.

If as a couple you agree to spend some time away from each other then you should go, if not dont. Don't mess it up for your friends...saying "no" is ok. Its not rocket science.

Simon and that new husband are just 50's style controlling men, they are so insecure, it's pathetic. What a joke when that new couple talks about how they are so concerned about their Christian morals.

Vicki had every right to be annoyed, especially when that Jackhole Slade showed up, he is such a loser, he doesn't even care about his son who has cancer and doesn't support him financially.

If I planned a trip with the gals and the husbands insited on going, I would seriously question my taste in friendship. Alexis and her husband are not a welcome addition to ths show. One marvels at her constant crying how "Christian" and "Godly" her husband is, yet she dresses like she is a hooker. Her boobs are exposed in every frame. Does she realize for a moment how silly and plastic she comes across. What a role model for the young women tuning in. Vicki is self-absorbed, but she certainly is real. I think she is the winner of the show

Vicki knew ahead of time that the husbands were going to be there, so her "I'm shocked, shocked," reaction was just fake, fake.

But the fact that these women can't go anywhere without their husbands is pretty darn sad...Simon can't seem to believe that Tamra dares to make a decision on her own and Jim expects Alexis to be seen and not heard.

The worst part is that the women think it's ok. When their husbands end up finding new trophy wives, they'll wonder what went wrong.

And where did Slade get the money to fly to Florida? He looks more homeless-like each episode.

I TOTALLY AGREE with all the comments below. This was a GIRLS ONLY weekend and for those 3 to bring their husbands/boyfriend along was absurb and disappointing.
1. The new couple alexis and mr. macho man can go back where they came from.. they don't belong on this show whats so ever..all they talk about is themselves, talk about self absorb..I think this show will go down hill because of them. I was truly a fan, up until now, when jenna left and all the others before her, I was sicken and disappointed.
Vicky is the only true OC housewive.
2. Grethen needs to crawl back under a rock w/alexis.
3. Tamra.. i like tamra she is down to earth w/o her husband.
Finally these women need to stand on their own.


Vicki isn't my favorite housewife, but if I were in her shoes, I'd be totally pissed off, too. After watching the couples make out on the sunset cruise, a single gal would have felt totally left out. Simon & Jim seem totally controlling, so they really shouldn't be throwing stones. Can't believe these women can't live without their husbands and have a simple girls' weekend - ridiculous. I would have ordered room service, too.

Vicki went to a lot of trouble to arrange this weekend & if the women couldn't hack a "girls only" weekend, they should have been more up-front about it. Next time, Vicki will have to schedule some men-only activities to get rid of the guys.

Vicki did say she knew that Simon and the new husband were coming and decided to just try to make the best of it, but I'm pretty sure Slade was a surprise, and he's the one that she really can't stand to be around.

I agree with Vicki. It was a girls weekend. If the girls could not go without their husbands, then they should not have went.

I appreciated your funny recap. Vicki was kinda right, so sign me up for being on Vicki's side. Plus, the couples-thing made the trip BOR-RING. Simon and Alexis's husband (Jim?) are just big babies. Slade, on the other hand, is simply just a fame whore.

Vickyi was right to be upset. Where is Jeanna when you need her? The others better wake up, their husbands are toooooo controlling. I bet Tamra is not going to put up with that for to long.

It is hard to tell how much the cameras affect the show. When my wife has an all girls trip, it is made clear men are not wanted with them and only a fool would try to join them. The women are weak and the husbands here do not trust them because they are beautiful and very sexy. It reminds me of RW of NY, the couple who could not do a single thing apart. Very pathetic.

I don't get any of these people.
Vicki IS a control freak and can't stand if she's not the center of attention.
Those husbands are pathetic. The only thing more pathetic are their wives. Especially that horrid plastic "Christian" woman, although I think she's just really, really dumb. She started botox at 29, fergodsakes. WTF? And can somebody please tell me what her husband does for a living? He spends like a Wall Street Executive but looks like a druglord. And while we're discussing looks, why does his wife have to stay "gorgeous" for that shlub who has clearly never entered a gym for any other reason than to drool at the babes?
And don't even get me started on Lynn and her shallow, awful child having mommie daughter surgery when they can't even afford to pay their rent.
2000 years from now some archaeologist will dig up this footage (along with CSAN footage of our government in "action") and understand exactly why our civilization fell.

I think Vicki ought to re-evaluate her "friendships" with Tamra and Alexis. Gretchen didn't know Slade was coming, but shame on the other 2. I would be very hurt and angry too. Especially the way the husbands talk about her. How sad that these 2 couples actually believe they have great marraiges, when all I see is 2 insecure women who bow down to controlling spouses. It is boarderline abusive. The men are just worried their wives might have an opportunity to meet some other sugar daddys who might actually appreciate the efforts these women make to look good, and just maybe treat them with a little respect and kindness. I mean Simon is now broke and Alexis's hubby is just plain fat, nasty and egotistical. Of course they aren't going to let them out of their sight! If you ever want a true girls weekend Vicki..next time pick some real friends.

I think that the girls blew a great thing by having the men come. Vicky planned and girls trip so what part of that didn't the others understand? I thought that trust was a part of a great relationship so I'm thinking that they don't have a relationship built on trust. I think Vicky needs to find new friends and leave the fake ones behind. I love Vicky, have from day one. Vicky said she is trying to be nicer this year, well girlfriend being nice didn't pay off with that bunch of people. I think Vicky handled it way better than I would of and I felt so bad for her. So Vicky next time you wanna have a girls weekend call me and I promise there will not be a husband in site.....

I side with Vicki; if the girls knew that their husbands wouldn't allow them to attend a "girls weekend" unchaperoned then they should have declined the invitation. The whole dinner cruise idea with the husband's attending seemed so contrived and juvenile, I can't imagine what a nightmare it would have been to have been stuck on a boat without my spouse, surrounded by these insecure couples trying to one up each other in the PDA department. Kudos to Lynn for not throwing herself overboard!

I find the husband of the new couple to be very off putting, he seems like someone who has serious control issues and gives the impression that he might actually at some point become abusive.... he makes the show very uncomfortable to watch when he's on.... Maybe the producers should look for a couple where the husband is less threatening, or have him work with a body language coach, his demeanor is really obnoxious! Don't know if I'll keep watching the show if he continues to be a part of it!!

Really will miss Jenna, she added a very important dimension to the show, it just seems a bit vapid without her!!!

I so sided with Vicki on this show. I would not have even opened the door when Tamara knocked. I might not have even gone on the swamp trip so kudos to Vicki for that!! It seems to me that the men were way too insecure about their wives having a girls little trip. I mean come on being glued at the hip. I find Vicki's and Don's relationship to be way more healthy...during the good and bad times, they are still together. It also makes me wonder about a guy that is so worried about a little girls trip away from home. Slade I like you and thought you smarter than to show up. My feelings would have been totally hurt in the same way that Vicki's were. Just because people seem hard on the outside, they can be very sensitive and people who really care and understand recognize that.

iM NOT BIG ON COMMENTING ON THESE THINGS but I had too with this topic...REALLY? Did the guys REALLY need to go on a girls only trip that VICKI organized? Im not a big vicki fan by any means but she was totally in the right with this one. Tamera and Simon like to act like going somewhere overnight without your husband is bad but look who appears to me having marital problems? Maybe time away from eachother would do the heart some good. What is so bad? He obvioulsy does not trust her alone and she obviously acts different when he is not around. She's way louder and bostrious when Simon is not around telling her to "lower her voice or watch what she's saying"....you know, like a dad would........As far as the new chick goes...she has a banging body...I mean lets give credit where credit is due but her relationship seems a little on the controling side as well. I just dont understand why they cant go anywhere without thier men unless they do not trust thier wives...I mean there is a camera crew with them recording thier every move and they STILL cant go alone. come on!!! Now on to Gretchen....she seems to have made a few mistakes in life but clearly is the most authentic one physically and emotionally and I wish her well. Clearly her and Jeff had a different kind of relationship but it worked for them so who is anyone else to say how she should be...although I do think she shoudl be careful of Joe's man....he has had a personality change since day 1 when he was with Joe to now. He never seems to be with his children and he always seems pre-occupied with fame....I feel like he's a fame whore who as some kind of addiction problem...I mean why would he be broke with no house ect if there was not more to the situation? and why on earth did that other one get a face lift? She looks exactly th same.

Are you kidding me? So, Vicki declares the trip a "girls weekend" therefore everyone must do what Vicki says? Vicki and her family should be embarrassed by her behavior. She is an uber-control freak. She wanted what she wanted on that trip and as soon as everyone didn't play by her rules she started pouting and refused to socialize with anyone. I have rarely witnessed such immaturity in a grown women. "I'm the odd man out. I'm the third wheel" was such a thinly-veiled lame excuse. She wasn't the third wheel. Lynne was there alone as well. She purposely ditched Lynne and assigned her as the third wheel by refusing to participate. We all have the right to invite our friends for trips and events but we do not have the right to expect them to do what we say. Some married couples go away together, some do not and some find a middle ground by vacationing seperately sometimes. It isn't for Vicki or anyone else to declare what is appropriate or comfortable for other people. My husband and I have no issue going away without one another sometimes, but if my girlfriends are uncomfortable with it than I respect that. That is their choice, not mine. Vicki has made no secret that she is in a crappy marriage. Because she is lonely in her marriage, she expects everyone around her to abandon their marriages so that she can feel normal. That isn't how life works Vicki. Grow up, suck it up and if you are unhappy in your life, address it. Instead of changing her situation, Vicki is trying to drag her friends down into the same sad state that she is in.

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