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'Melrose Place': Unwanted attention

December 2, 2009 |  6:34 am

Finally, a Michael-Amanda reunion. If for only a few minutes, first-generation "MP" fans got a taste of the good life. But much like early '90s fashion, some characters seem tailor-made for this generation, and others whom we might have had high hopes for seem to be fading with age. But alas, this rekindled friendship is short-lived, and the two are too busy prying into everyone else's lives for even a few moments spent catching up at a coffee shop.

In the Amanda story line, there are amateur sleuths Ella and IT-guy-for-a-day Jonah, who really thought they could dig through the WPK e-mail archives and Amanda wouldn't find out. Of course she's going to have an alert set up to notify her when someone's searching the system. If Ella really wants to become the second version of this advertising-cum-publicist vixen, she's got to stop worshiping at Amanda's stilettos and start thinking on her feet. I mean, please. Would Amanda really keep the good stuff she has on Ella in a place so traceable as her work e-mail?

But, hey, major points to Jonah for having the moxie to read Ella's paper trail and learn that she sold him up the river to further her own career and let someone else take credit for his Boomkat video -- something she strangely wouldn't do when in a similar predicament with Riley. Huh. Maybe Ella likes girls more then we thought.

MP110b_D0440b.r Amanda seems to be one step ahead of these whippersnappers, but the once-maniacally-great Michael Mancini walks into a trap his preschooler Noah could have predicted. First he starts paying a bit too much attention to Lauren's patient paperwork and gets her angry enough to jeopardize her career by aligning with David and instigating a setup. The trap? Michael gets caught breaking into  David's house to steal back the necklace David stole from him ... which in turn Michael (or somebody else?) stole from Sydney the night she died. It's hard to believe Mancini of all people couldn't see this one coming, especially from his own spawn.

This episode also teaches us that Violet has a specific type when she's on the hunt for a man: a recovering abuser who's good with his hands and has a bit of a temper. Although Auggie's a no-show this week, Violet is greeted by a former paramour/adopted brother/ew-gross/meth abuser who alternates between wanting to have sex with her or getting the cash she owes him or both.

Instead, he just breaks into Riley and Jonah's house, threatens Riley and -- although it seems like she had plenty of time to stop him -- breaks Jonah's camera. Was that an intentional move by Riley? "Sure, break the camera. I'll take the blame and finally be done with this relationship"? And now that they're both unemployed, will they take Violet up on her offer to Lauren and Ella and invite her in as a third roommate? Because that's a sitcom I'd love to see.

But, seriously, why is Amanda coming back anyway? What is she after, or as Michael put it, "What could possibly have sentimental value to Amanda Woodward?" Share your guesses in the comments section.

-- Whitney Friedlander

Top photo: Amanda's all "Did you really think you could best me?" Credit: Scott Humbert / The CW. Bottom photo: Michael and David square off. Credit: Michael Desmond / The CW