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'Glee': We'll miss it


As much as Gleeks might have dreaded the fall finale, everyone knew the day would come, and it was well worth the wait.

All season we were teased with a number of what ifs, and no matter how preposterous they might have been (Terri’s fake pregnancy, Ken's and Emma’s engagement) fans kept faith that the story lines would play out and unravel before the four-month hibernation of the show. And boy, did it play out.

There were so many unanswered questions that were answered. Pressing ones included:

Would Finn find out he’s not the father of Quinn’s baby? Of course, and Puck has a few fist prints in his face to show for his betrayal.

Would Ken and Emma actually get hitched? Come on, did we really think that would happen. I was so busy dabbing my eyes at the incredible performances I didn’t notice if he was even in the episode or not, not that I cared. I prefer Ken desperate and single.

And more important, with a leaked set-list, would the kids be able to take sectionals? This show is about underdogs. Of course they’d take the title, and with the kids bringing down the house multiple times, my hands ached from the thunderous applause that filled my living room.

The finale offered a good enough taste of what’s to come for spring. No overbearing cliffhangers, no stupid "to be continued" sequences, no gimmicks. Just fine television. Fine television I’m sure fans of the show will faithfully return back to in April.

Thank God for DVR, I just can’t begin to imagine my life without it. Sure, I’d go online and catch the show, but on my television, curled up on my couch is so much better. Here are my highlights from the finale:

Mercedes’ solo audition: Regardless of how this might come across, “And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going,” although a powerhouse, stand-up-and throw-your-hands-to-the-sky ballad, is a song that remains a staple in the big and beautiful black girl repertoire for a specific reason. Mercedes gets a rare chance to shine -- although her voice is stunning, her character is criminally underutilized, and like Effie in “Dreamgirls” before her, she needed to remind them that you “and you, and you, you're gonna love me!”

Rachel’s solo at sectionals: I’m the first to admit I give the girl a hard time -- it’s fun and someone has to do it -- but she blew my socks off. Walking through the audience was the moment when you realize that this moment, right here, right now is what this girl has dreamed of her entire life.

Schuester on the phone with Emma: Having to hear the kids over the phone didn’t cheapen the moment,  and watching his tearful reaction was too much for my little heart to handle.

The kiss: Will running toward Emma, him taking her box and hushing her. I died. I died. Umm, sorry Terri?

Wait ... did Brittany out herself and Santana? I knew it.

As the kids showed Schue in the final number, my life will suck without you, "Glee."

If you missed my recap of highlights from the season, check it out here.

-- Gerrick Kennedy (Follow me on Twitter @GerrickKennedy)

Phot: "Glee" cast members. Credit: Fox


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Great episode! Glad everything was revealed -- Quinn's baby issue, Mr. Shue and Emma! Yes! I can't wait for them to date.

Fantastic episode, the best of the season! Really great musical pieces, excellent story line, and a worthy finale that does justice to the show's fans and leaves us with a great memory until the April return. Thank you Glee!

O. M. G. Glee never stops. The fall finale brought tears to me and my sister's eyes. I loved watching Will's reaction to the competition. I was so sad for Finn, who did not deserve this betrayel. I just want to know if he and Rachel will hook up; Finn is just totally awesome. Will better divorce Terry and go for Emma, because, seriously, I could never ever forgive Terry for betraying such an amazing man (especially because they only exist on TV). Same goes for Finn.

How great was it that the kids did all the dances of the season in their "My Life Would Suck Without You" number?! It was like a live musical montage! This was truly an amazing episode, and I think I need to go watch it again (for the third time) right now!

You have been a fantastic ShowTracker this season, and I can't wait for April for more of you and more of GLEE!

I have loved being embraced when I came in towards the end. What I've loved the most are the continuous comments that come in. Trust us, at ShowTracker we listen!

I want them to release DVDs of the seasons NOW. Don't wait for the entire year to pass. I want to watch the shows w/o commercials and sit there for hours drinking in episode after episode like a fabulous, long, epic movie. Bravo Glee!

"Just fine television."

Are you sure you were watching the same show?
Bad acting, bad dialog, bad delivery, bad setups?
I choked on better Afterschool Specials in the 1970s.

Glee DVD -- first episodes, through last night, come out on Dec. 29. Already ordered on Amazon!

a wonderful midseason finale...i definitely shed a few tears at the end, so sweet without being cheezy! this show has such a great balance between drama and comedy.

Honestly, I loved the show, music was strong and all was resolved. And as much as I pulled for Will and Emma ALL SEASON, I really felt for Terri. I think the show is good (in addition to everything else) because they have those characters you love to hate, a.k.a. Terri, Ken. It seems too easy, I can honestly say, I want more with that storyline. Otherwise, awesome mini season. Can't wait for more.

I loved former Miss Ohio's critique of the school for the deaf's performance. So wrong, but so funny...

omg! i love the glee mid-season finale! it was absolutely wonderful! Mercedes singing "and i'm not telling you i'm not going?" was FANTASTIC!!! and Rachel's "don't rain on my parade" gave me chills! I love love love Glee!

who ever tries to say its like HSM is wrong! Glee shows what kids go through everyday. Sexuality, Sex, Pregnancy, outcast, crazy teachers...
some of my life is reflected from glee

anyway can't wait until April! stupid American Idol why does it have to take over the best show Fox has?

I agree, this is the best show I've seen in a long time and I can't believe I have to wait until April to see more! I'd much rather watch Glee than done-to-death American Idol.


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