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Diane Sawyer confirms this is her last week on "GMA"

In her first public comments about her departure from “Good Morning America,” Diane Sawyer confirmed today that she will end her run on the ABC News morning show on Friday, a decade after joining the anchor desk for what was supposed to be a temporary assignment.

"I've calculated -- 2,881 shows," Sawyer said. "Roughly.”

Not that she’s counting. But there’s no question that Sawyer has long sought the ultimate post in broadcast news: to serve as evening news anchor and the face of the network. She finally will attain that post on Dec. 21, when she takes over “World News” from the retiring Charles Gibson.

“You really are giving up your day job,” said co-anchor Robin Roberts.

For the rest of this week, “Good Morning America” plans to recap highlights of Sawyer’s two decades at ABC. Roberts, who called Sawyer “my Thelma,” said “it is so difficult” to see her leave the program.

Left unsaid was who was expected to be Sawyer’s replacement in the morning. ABC executives are currently  in negotiations with “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos to take the job. “GMA” news anchor Chris Cuomo, who also was considered for the post, said today that Sawyer’s work on the show “makes us all proud.”

“It is amazing what we’ve seen you be able to do,” he said.

He then joked that the famously driven broadcaster was “not a perfect person.”

“Something as simple as driving,” Cumo said, introducing a video of Sawyer driving her “GMA” co-anchors, who cringed as she sped through a yellow light. “Take a look at the great Sawyer. ... She has no respect for traffic laws.”

-- Matea Gold

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I'll miss Diane a Lot more than I'll miss Oprah. Thanks, Diane, for all your hard work.

She may be good on what is basically an entertainment program, but as a news journalist she has much to learn. It's really ashame that news programs have really gone down hill over the past few years. Their chairs are now filled with empty suits or dresses such as Katie Couric on CBS who have really nothing to say or contribute.

Diane Sawyer's last days on GMA. Who cares!?

Maybe I'll start watching next week! ;-)

Just say "NO" George!!!! I consider you going to GMA as a step down...you're a serious correspondent, not an entertainment show personality. You're better than that George!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to George Stephanopoulos - so rigid!

George took a long time be able to do political commentary and I can not imagine him as the morning show dude.

Too stiff mucho stiff!!!!!!!!

Diane, you will missed! I have enjoyed watching you for years and will continue. A great Southern woman that could be a friend to all. Good Luck with your new post.

Over the years, Diane Sawyer has been on many news showes and I expect that she will do a wonderful job on the nightly news program. she is smart, attractive and knows how to ask a question. I've always enjoyed her commentary and look forward to watching every night. She will be missed in the morning though, she was the primary reason I watched Good Morning America. Good luck!

Come on now, Cuomo is thrilled she's leaving. Mr. Phony might get promoted. Stephanopoulos may take it. He's losing his edge in the politico arena. It gets boring after a while with all the nonsense going on with the old dogs with comb overs. Diane Sawyer is classy, confident, not silly, articulate and her approach is always straight forward. Hopefully, someone will pick up Robin Roberts who's talents are being wasted on the GMA silly nonsense. It used to be an edgy interesting show and now they just showcase talent or interview some actor, who can't articulate clear thinking about anything, and ask them about political issues or another stupid movie. Duh?! And the goofy weather guy? Terrifying! The two guys think they're so adorable and funny and they're just working so hard at it. Boring! They gals are smooth, classy, smart and funny. Good for Diane. She knows when to move on. Don't bow down to anyone Diane. Don't try too hard. Be interesting, concise and enjoy the moments.

I am so sad to see Diane Sawyer leaving GMA. She has been he light of my morning since I was a little girl. I wish her luck on World News.


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