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'Dexter': 'Hello, Dexter Morgan'

Dexter_411_0548 Last week, I said that I hoped the season didn't end with a traditional Dexter (Michael C. Hall) hunt-kill, and I certainly seem to have gotten what I wanted.

It was one of those rare episodes that ran on all cylinders, tense from the start with a police interrogation of Christine Hill (Courtney Ford), the Trinity Killer's daughter.  I've loved the pairing of Deb Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) and Hill, and I liked the show's little indicators of the women's parallel lives, including, tonight, their similar hairstyles and shirt colors. Poor Christina, though: First she discovered her father's a killer, then she tried to impress him by following in his footsteps, only to be rewarded with the comforting thoughts, "You're a stupid girl! Always getting in the way. You've ruined everything.  I'm sorry you were ever born!" and then, "Do not call me again ever."  These words ringing in her ears and with Deb's understandable refusal to forgive her for shooting her and Lundy (Keith Carradine), Christine took her own life. I would rather have seen her try to take down dear old Dad, myself.

I wonder if Dexter's insistence on killing Trinity himself will hurt him at any point, with the police so close to getting the actual murderer. I don't recall him working so hard to throw the detectives off the scent for another kill -- his tampering with evidence and misleading the investigation seem almost more dangerous than tangling with Arthur Mitchell (John Lithgow) himself.  I loved how Dexter threatened to expose Arthur as a pedophile and Arthur's offense at being called that.  A serial killer, yes, but a pedophile? Never!

Even the relationship of Batista (David Zayas) and Laguerta (Lauren Vélez) popped, with their spontaneous, defiant marriage in order to finally cut through the red tape of their professional relationship. I still think one of them will end up dead by the end of the season though.  Or both?

While Dexter was exasperated by Batista's urgent call to have him come in to work only to serve as a witness to their marriage, Dexter and Rita's (Julie Benz) marriage nicely bookended the lovebirds'. Rita confessed to Dexter that the neighbor kissed her, and Dexter obviously wanted to move on, partially because he had other things on his mind, also because jealousy was not one of his main M.O.'s.  It seemed to me that Dexter punched Elliot (Rick Peters) simply because it seemed to be the thing that was expected of him, not so much because he really wanted to, but it also happened to show Rita that he cared. 

But between Dexter and Arthur, the episode turned into "who's chasing whom?"  Dexter wanted to catch Arthur, Arthur wanted to murder "Kyle Butler" and did, and Dexter tried to catch him in the act.  Eventually, Arthur tracked Dexter down at the police department, confidently cruising through the halls, until they spotted each other through the windows and came face to face, only to have Arthur say, "Hey, you're wearing purple too!" Or something along those lines.

So how do we think the Arthur-Dexter showdown will end? 

-- Claire Zulkey

Photo: David Zayas as Angel Batista, Lauren Vélez as Lt. Maria Laguerta, and Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan. Credit: Randy Tepper / Showtime

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Sick episode. John Lithgow is really a great addition to the show. Trinity is such a masterful serial killer, and so confident, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if he killed Dexter, lol. I think he might turn out to be Dexter's biological father or something, since Family has been the theme of the season. Can't wait for the final episode.

While I enjoyed the storyline with Dexter hitting Elliot - just to see him act out some of his own feelings and be surprised by them (I actually think he did want to hit him and didn't just do it because he thought he was supposed to) - I didn't like how easily Rita got off the hook. It's not that I wanted to see her squirm or anything like that. It just seemed like she's one of the characters - more than any other - who gets used to describe Dexter's emotions and emotional transitions, but doesn't get much plot for her own development. I thought this lusty neighbour storyline was going to fix that problem, but it wrapped up too easily and made Rita boring again...it totally stripped away any moral agency or accountability she might have!


I disagree about Dexter's confronting Elliot. He told himself that he should leave it alone, indicating that this was not his first impulse. He decides to confront Elliot, despite what he thinks is his best judgment, and ends up as surprised as anyone that he cared enough to become violent.

This season has been devoted to the implications of identity. Way back in the beginning, Dexter told us that he does not have or understand emotion in the way that most humans do. Increasingly, he has been evolving into a much more mundane human that actually does feel. An undercurrent that has been not so quietly making its way to the surface this year is that Dexter is actually becoming the husband, brother, and father that he has pretended to be for the sake of camouflage. Hitting Elliot was a spontaneous act that feels false, to us, because it was such normal response.

I think devoting a large part of the season to Trinity was a mistake, in so far as it slowed down an otherwise fast-paced, action-filled show. Dexter is one of the finest series to have ever appeared on cable, and I applaud the show's creators for developing an outstanding show with an equally outstanding cast. I just wish they wouldn't bog themselves down with action-killing story lines that drag on slowly, screaming boredom from the rooftops.

Why would you think Batista or Laguerta will die at the end of the season? I really enjoyed this episode, can't wait for the finale!

Trinity is the best thing to happen to Dexter since...Dexter. No joke. Brilliant episode...The whole Batista and LeGuerta thing is lame, though. Of everyone on the show, I care about them the least. Was not a Christine fan personally and was happy she offed herself. I think they need more Masuka too. He's such a weird little underdeveloped character lol

It seems like making Dexter much more vulnerable with more responsibilities has allowed the writers more freedom to do whatever.The plotholes can be explained easily, referencing the multiple parts of his life Dexter has to contend with. Dexter is no longer control of everything, and I'm hoping the writers will find a better balance next season.

Batista/LaGueta and Rita continue to drag the show down, and I would prefer not to see them as much. Review of the episode on my blog.


A dark show like Dexter needs a Batista and LaGuerta love story line. Plus it keeps the show from becomng some old vanilla madness about vanilla people. If you've noticed everyone's love life was impacted this year except for the aforementioned underutilized Masuka. He could use some more something. Now as for Dexter's wife? She should be invisible like the teacher in Peanuts. I can't wait to see how the writer's work out this situation of 2 private serial killer's face to face in the worst place for either of them to be. OOOHWEEE! Can't wait until Sunday!

i ceratinly agree

Best part..."I dated the Ice Truck Killer, remember?"...I hope no one expected Hill to stay til the end of the season....she's just seasonal talent, much like Trinity...the creators/directors of the show have given us as good a penultimate episode as last season waiting to see what happened when Dexter was kidnapped by Skinner...it leaves you on the edge of your seat....i agree with most though...get rid of office romance...they should've gotten married back when they started dating...that way...if one of them dies sunday...and I'm hoping one does...they'll at least have spent a lil time as married couple...hoping the show will set up for more hardcore storylines from the novels...ie Rita's kids going crazy...

In defense of some of the more boring characters... this show revels in showing how the most seemingly innocent people may be carrying dark passengers.

Rita, I think, is a gold mine waiting to be tapped. She has a secret first husband that has never been explained. Her personality is SO vanilla that it could easily be a mask for some really twisted issues of her own. The shallowness of her relationship with Dexter is clearly starting to tax her... I don't think we know anything about who she is or how she will develop, but if her own dark side gains control, the homefront could get really scary.

LaGuerta, at the end of the last episode, was being called out for her arrogance; we've seen several instances of callousness from her already; it appears that she is acting out a morality play that probably will end with her in disgrace if not dead. It sure would be nice to see a new lieutenant in charge of the dept., someone with an interesting mind, not just a strong resume. Batista is an Angel; he has appeared sincere in his affection throughout this season, even if his judgment has never been great when it comes to the ladies. I think fate will let him off with a warning.

please dont kill rita i love her she is perfect for dexter as a matter of fact i love all the main characters please dont kill anyone off the show or replace them with anyone eles rita is great why dnt you show her working at her new job more in realastate she deserves to be happy and have a career please keep her on i cant wait for the next season to start please dnt disapoint your fans by killing rita


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