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ABC shuts Adam Lambert out of 'Kimmel': Is the FCC to blame?

That naughty American Music Awards performance isn't going to be behind Adam Lambert anytime soon.

Even after his well-received performance on "The Early Show" last week, ABC continues to feel uncomfortable around Lambert. His Dec. 17 "Jimmy Kimmel Live" appearance was canceled today--news Lambert himself delivered on his Twitter page an hour ago.

The performance on Kimmel's live stage was scheduled before Lambert made his now infamous debut on the AMAs on Nov. 22.  In one of his tweets about the matter, Lambert told his fans not to blame ABC but rather "It's the FCC heat."

It's not clear whether ABC told Lambert to put the blame there or if the "American Idol" runner-up is making his own assumptions. But we do know the following: The FCC doesn't monitor programming after 10 p.m. Don't believe us? The following is an excerpt from its website:

"The FCC has determined, with the approval of the courts, that there is a reasonable risk that children will be in the audience from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., local time. Therefore, the FCC prohibits station licensees from broadcasting indecent material during that period.

"Material is indecent if, in context, it depicts or describes sexual or excretory organs or activities in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium...The 'safe harbor' refers to the time period between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., local time. During this time period, a station may air indecent and/or profane material."

We are not saying Lambert is indecent, but, either way, it's been deemed OK for him to be after 10 p.m. (His AMA appearance, by the way, aired at 10:55 p.m.).

In a statement to The Times, an ABC spokeswoman made no mention of the FCC and would only explain the network's decision to disinvite Lambert from performing on "Kimmel" as follows, "We decided not to move forward with the booking at this time." ABC declined to be interviewed about the issue.

You will recall that ABC also disinvited Lambert from "Good Morning America" last week.  And to just make it a dissing trifecta, Lambert also tweeted that he was disinvited from performing on "New Year's Rockin' Eve." Sources at Dick Clark Productions, however, tell us those plans were never finalized.

Lambert assured his fans he will still appear on "The Jay Leno Show" and he thinks "it'll all blow over."

Do you?

--Maria Elena Fernandez

--Photo: Lambert at the AMAs; Credit: Associated Press


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Adam, if you are reading this, please know that you are about to embark on an incredible path. If you like it or not, it's already begun and you are now the poster child for this movement full of energy from gays and straights alike. You are about to open doors that have been slammed shut and the exposure that this is drumming up will only help shed a huge spotlight on the double standards and homophobia that exists in America and the media. Regardless of blame, decisions by ABC or FCC or whatever - what this is doing is waking people up and stirring up conversations that should have taken place long ago. Good for you - stay strong and thank you for taking that risk that effectively and completely broke down the walls of America's box we've all been put in. It's about time someone was brave enough. Perhaps now we will begin playing catch up with the rest of the world.

This is so ridiculous, and smacks of fear and homophobia. The AMA producer knew it was a racy performance with lots of sexual conduct, and touted it as such all night long. So he embellished the performance a little in the moment - big deal! Crotch grabs, thrusts, same-sex kissing - it's all been done before on awards shows like this. They are just freaking out because it is a gay male - shame on ABC - COWARDS - I don't think the FCC would have much of a leg to stand on. Adam has proven so many times on TV that he is classy, talented and entertaining - this was just ONE performance of a sexy song. The right-wing religious fanatics in this country make me sick - monitor your own children for goodness sakes!

Melody Kramer I have to agree with you. I have never backed anyone who I knew was gay or lesbian on any campaign. But that is because it was never very personal. I have friends who are Gay but they don't march or make statements, etc. But this is really the first time it is so in your face blatant that a Gay person I know (not personally) is being crucified. I am totally on board for Gay Right Now! This is a double standard.

ABC has got to be stopped. They promoted Adam as a wild child and had the best viewership on the AMAs since 2002. The AMAs hasn't been a family program in years and they allow it to be that way in order to compete with MTV awards because it sells. Now they want to punish the performer who made them money?? 1500 complaints out of 14.2 million viewers. This is truly an outrage!!

Where we are going to more important than where we have been. Albert Einsten said: " Life is like riding a bicycle, we have to keep moving to keep our balance."Adam is the creator of his reality. Life is a creative act. Remember "The Secret" and "The Power of Now"-no joke, that.If we think of the past, good or bad event, by re-member-ing/thinking about it, we bring it into the present, where it creates our future. It's wise to think about the goodies and having learned from any mistakes, forget them. Adam has a lot of enlightened perspectives, a good- heart, and he is definitely creative, he will do just fine. His new band is great, his CD is filled with all great tracks, diversity, a fantastic playlist in itself, and quite a solid hi quality product. Kudos, there.It is loaded with potential hit singles-I've seen that already commented on by a number of individuals.I've seen the Official Music Video by Sony of his 'For Your Entertainment' song -this video will fly.So, yes, Adam bashers will bash for their own reasons, but his talent is great, his focus is 'next' and dwelling on negativity will only hurt the thinker, be it a fan or foe who is doing the thinking. So, no worries about Adam, he was born with his outstanding vocal multi-ovtave vocals, so my guess is the Universe/Cosmos wants him to be a superstar !I know that he is the most exciting new entertainer I've heard or seen in decades, so I appreciate that this kid has gotten me back my enthusiasm for music and brought out my playful spirit again.

I'm totally pissed at ABC. Let our voices be heard and bombard ABC with our complains, I just did! Go TEAM ADAM!!!

Once again, ABC, shame on you. Adam Lambert is a brilliantly talented artist, an amazingly hot performer and an adorably charming person. In the eyes of many (certainly way more than 1,500), he is truly gifted and priceless. What happened to compassion and humanity? Even a convicted criminal is given the opportunity for a second chance. Are you really that ignorant? Do you actually believe that you are teaching Adam a lesson by banning him from your network? Welcome to stardom, Adam. You know you have made the big leagues when a 10 second indiscretion keeps you in the forefront of every major headline. Thank goodness that CBS and NBC recognize his talent and have the heart and good sense to combat discrimination.

I think ABC has totally gone off the deep end. How long do they feel the need to punish him. He was on Ellen and pretty much did as much of an apology to ABC as he could and was very sincere in his comments. In my opinion, I feel that after seeing the PINK video, there is such a double standard going on here. They should have left things alone because I guarantee you this is going to escalate and not in their favor.

I really hope Adam is strong enough to pull through this and go on to have a long career. Also, stay the hell away from ABC. I just wonder if they will honor his time on the Barbara Walters special next week.

All I can say, is shame on them.

hope so, I think he has been punished enough. Everyone has a an Omg moment in their life, where they just need a good swift kick in the rear to bring them back down to earth and I think Adam has had his. He just had not learned as much about "entertaining" as he thought he did, though I suspect some people around him decided it might be fun to watch him fall and stroked him when he really needed someone to tell him NO and guide him in the right direction. I don't think this is ALL his fault; he has to take his lumps, of course but, someone knew better and let him go.

Nothing new in Adam's performance, except he lacked his golden voice for the first and only time. I wish he would have just stood there and sang like Kelly Clarkson did.This week he gave terrific performances on Letterman and Ellen shows.Furthermore,Adam really did put out a magnificant album, very impressive, great fun, great music.He may even have more that didn't make it on the first album & can get stated on the next. I don't give a hoot about the AMA hallabaloo. I wish people would get a grip.

I don't think it will happen but established performers/artists should speak out against this and decline ABC appearances - which shouldn't be a hardship given it's a lousy network. There is just no excuse for these vindictive cancellations. Adam has been clear that he understands the issue and knows what is appropriate-see Letterman, Early Show and Ellen. ABC's double standard - see the Pink performance now frequently being mentioned - should be examined closely. What will they censor next? Whom will they target? That is something that should concern everyone. I plan to contact ABC sponsors to let them know I will not purchase their products so long as they continue this hate campaign. This goes beyond Adam-this goes to the heart of how far we will allow major media to impose mindless bigotry w/out consequence.

i think ABC's treatment with adam lambert is quite harsh. nobody is perfect ABC, come on you are loosing audience in doing this. i am sure adam has learned his lesson from AMA. give him another chance. peace be with you. just think of the people that enjoy adam's performance. adam brings joy and entertainment to millions of people.

this is the result of an organized campaign and complaint filed with the fcc:


fight back against judgement and censorship:


ABC is going beyond the definition of ridiculous with their response to this incident and their refusal to make a clear statement as to their justification, or at least their reasons, for "disinviting" Lambert could cause a real backlash by Lambert's fans and supporters of equal rights. I am a proud member of both of these groups. ABC is furthering the discrimination and blatant double standard brought to light by their cancellation of the GMA appearance last week. As long as the other networks are not afraid of hosting Lambert, it will be all to easy to boycott all ABC programming and this should be percieved as a big plus by the network's competition.

On a personal level, I'm pretty tired of being told what I can watch and when. When my child was young, I was the one who monitored his television viewing. I didn't leave it up to the networks to make that call for me. As for Lambert's performance being seen as lewd and profane, it was almost a move-for-move repeat of a performance by Pink at the 2004 Billboard Awards show which was aired live on the Fox network! The difference? Pink shoved a male dancer's face in her crotch too and I have little doubt that it would have been just as accepted by the American viewing public had it been a female dancer instead. Where was the outrage then??? How many of those who are crying foul against Lambert even remember that performance? I'm sure it caused some minor upset of the most vocal conservatives but I certainly don't recall that it was talked about in all the magazines and newspapers, on news programs around the world and all over the Internet. Did Fox receive a whopping 1500 complaints out of over 14 million viewers on that single performance and were all of Pink's performances cancelled afterwards? As long as the media keeps stirring the pot, this will remain a hot topic and that may prove to be a bane to the almighty ABC/Disney conglomerate and the FCC.

Of course it will blow over. Really, who cares if it doesn't? It's already pretty clear that others will jump on the opportunity to pick him up on another channel. Yes, it was 10:55, was it any earlier in other parts of the country? If not, the FCC shouldn't care. I know I don't.

Same old story - follow the money.
ABC pimped the guy incessantly. Now they want out. Utterly predictable.
Nothing new under the sun.
Lambert's an immense talent - he deserves success. Love the guy.

Hmmmmm...this is getting bizarre, it looks like a vicious vendetta...
Reminds dark times in the history!
Adam's fans, and music lovers have to react to this unacceptable behavior!

I am furious about ABC's treatment of Adam Lambert. I have written to ABC expressing my revulsion at their actions and their continued vendetta against this talented young man. Discrimination in any form is unacceptable in America and ABC is subscribing to a double standard which has no place in today's society. I will no longer be watching any ABC programing and invite all of you to join me. Here is the link to the contact form for ABC. http://abc.go.com/site/contact-us Let's let them hear how we really feel about the homophobic hypocritical network.

Boycott ABC and, better yet, boycott their sponsors. Hit them in the pocketbook, which is the only place that will affect them.

Wow, how appropriate the lyrics to Adams new single, "Whataya Want From Me?" are to this situation. Check it out on you tube with lyrics on screen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmc0FnVnhsM

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