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ABC shuts Adam Lambert out of 'Kimmel': Is the FCC to blame?

That naughty American Music Awards performance isn't going to be behind Adam Lambert anytime soon.

Even after his well-received performance on "The Early Show" last week, ABC continues to feel uncomfortable around Lambert. His Dec. 17 "Jimmy Kimmel Live" appearance was canceled today--news Lambert himself delivered on his Twitter page an hour ago.

The performance on Kimmel's live stage was scheduled before Lambert made his now infamous debut on the AMAs on Nov. 22.  In one of his tweets about the matter, Lambert told his fans not to blame ABC but rather "It's the FCC heat."

It's not clear whether ABC told Lambert to put the blame there or if the "American Idol" runner-up is making his own assumptions. But we do know the following: The FCC doesn't monitor programming after 10 p.m. Don't believe us? The following is an excerpt from its website:

"The FCC has determined, with the approval of the courts, that there is a reasonable risk that children will be in the audience from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., local time. Therefore, the FCC prohibits station licensees from broadcasting indecent material during that period.

"Material is indecent if, in context, it depicts or describes sexual or excretory organs or activities in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium...The 'safe harbor' refers to the time period between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., local time. During this time period, a station may air indecent and/or profane material."

We are not saying Lambert is indecent, but, either way, it's been deemed OK for him to be after 10 p.m. (His AMA appearance, by the way, aired at 10:55 p.m.).

In a statement to The Times, an ABC spokeswoman made no mention of the FCC and would only explain the network's decision to disinvite Lambert from performing on "Kimmel" as follows, "We decided not to move forward with the booking at this time." ABC declined to be interviewed about the issue.

You will recall that ABC also disinvited Lambert from "Good Morning America" last week.  And to just make it a dissing trifecta, Lambert also tweeted that he was disinvited from performing on "New Year's Rockin' Eve." Sources at Dick Clark Productions, however, tell us those plans were never finalized.

Lambert assured his fans he will still appear on "The Jay Leno Show" and he thinks "it'll all blow over."

Do you?

--Maria Elena Fernandez

--Photo: Lambert at the AMAs; Credit: Associated Press


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Nothing gives Adam Lambert more street cred than getting banned by Disney.

What a crock. ABC are a bunch of cowards. http://adamlambert411.blogspot.com/

Hope it blows over. Love his voice and his album is great. Needs support from fans. Won't be watching anything on ABC for a while. May be they can have Tiger and Chris Brown two upstanding fellows take his place.

What, like it's some secret how homophobic ABC is?? Complete double standards going on!!!! Morons.

In most of the country the Adam Lambert performance aired just before 10pm. And that's also the part of the county that seems to be offended by something as stupid as two guys kissing.

ABC needs to cancel Brothers and Sisters if they think guys kissing is not appropriate. They are starting to get on my nerves.

Do I smell a rat...or maybe some sort of legal action, to knock them back down to earth...ABC needs to come up with some answers, Who do they think they are...the moral patrol....1500 complaints is nothing...If I recall Pink did exactly the same thing in 2004....What became of that...Oh thats right it was a man going down on her....I suppose that makes it ok...Adam Lambert, a lot of us have your back...you do not deserve this Garbage. one darn performance give me a break..Keep singing your music, and stay who you are...

I think it -should- blow over.
ABC needs to mature a little. Why are they being so homophobic? It was one performance, one that in all honesty, wasn't that bad. There is worse things on TV dramas almost every episode. Or soap operas! Those are on in the daytime, with many at home mothers watching them when their children are home. Why all the fuss over an award show performance?

I refuse to watch ABC any more. This is ridiculous. I rarely watched it anyway. Fox is better.

ABC SUCKS! Everyone go to their website and complain. It's easy, click contact and the form will take a minute. Tweet #AdamBringsChange it's trending!!!!!

Immoral is immoral, no matter if it's Pink or Lambert.

Oh come on guys..those of you who thought Adam Lamberts performance was a disgrace..your absolutely crazy..its rock n roll..what he done is NO worse than what any other performer GAY or STRAIGHT has done on YES public television for YES the world to see..*gasp* but oh my god he shoved a guys face into his crotch..WELL guess what America..Oh My God..Boris done the same thing on the MTV music awards with EMINEM..remember that?? Ohhh you forgot didnt ya...HA well he shoved his crotch right smack into EMINEMS mouth basically..WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE CONTROVERSY OVER THAT???? Oh wait a minute...thats right ummm..Eminem isnt GAY!! HMMMMM see the problem people>??? WELL get the MUCK over it and get on with your life and leave ADAM LAMBERT the hell alone...ughhh im so disgusted with this so called country I live in...AMERICA!!!

I guess ABC thinks leasing a public broadcasting license means it's free to discriminate against gay performers and never ever provide an accounting for your cowardly behavior.

I hope you all are sending your feelings and complaints to ABC. That is how (I believe) Chris Brown was only allowed to do the interview on GMA and not perform after a lot of people complained about the hypocrisy.

This better blow over and soon!!! The double standard here is ridiculous! At the 2004 Billboard Awards Pink did the VERY SAME move as Adam, with no fallout or banning from networks! See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPpSpBcs4wg starting at 1:30!
For Adam to be banned from all entertainment and talk shows on ABC is pathetic! I would understand if they met with him and told him if he were to add material not disclosed in rehearsal, they would take further action, but to not allow him a second chance to prove himself is horrible!
Personally, I have decided to boycott ABC until they can get their head's on straight and make ammends with Adam Lambert who deserves better treatment than he is receiving!
It's shamefull!

Adam is a brilliant performer, actor, and songwriter. He's also the sweetest, most polite, and considerate celebrity you'll ever meet. Shame on ABC for pulling the plug on Adam's performances. There is more skin, sex, foul language, and indecent exposure on ABC (as well as on other networks and on the Internet) than what was displayed during Adam's performance. ABC is sending the wrong message and have accomplished nothing more than overexposing themselves as being narrow minded, paranoid, and way out of touch.

This is absolutely ridiculous! Adam is an incredibly talented young man and doesn't deserve this kind of ostracism. He's said that he wouldn't be doing the same kind of performance he did on the AMAs again. Whoever is making the decisions to cancel his performances is being vindictive and very petty. I will no longer be watching any programs on ABC, period. But I will be buying many more of Adam's albums!

Wow... I'm from Singapore and all I can say is... America and ABC are really homophobes huh? Progressive? World Leader? BS! Time to step aside US and let the rest of the world zoom past you and your old puritan ways.

Adam - leave America behind! The rest of the world awaits you and LOVE YOU! Europe and Asia are waiting!!

First: What does FCC stands for ?

is this because of the organized complaint campaign to the fcc via recommendation by a special interest group? (http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/8543812278.html)

maybe... and maybe that's the story paid journalists should be tracking - & reporting.

and maybe anyone that notion of censorship bothers should contact the fcc themselves:


This entire situation is becoming absolutely ridiculous. When did the US become such a puritan nation? I remember growing up thinking the good US of A was the trend setter country other nations modeled after. Music was revolutionary and MTV was changing everything – an outlet for artists to take risks, express themselves artistically and push boundaries. I remember in the 80’s guys dyed their hair, wore make up and wanted to be like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Adam Ant, Spandau Ballet…the list goes on. Madonna challenged the boundaries of women and sex, pushing all kinds of social buttons, Olivia Newton John - yes, Olivia - ended her Let’s Get Physical video with guys walking away holding hands with one another –gay as it can get, Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics was completely androgynous - all the while Boy George was a smashing gender bending hit maker! This was all acceptable once upon a time. What happened? As I get older I am beginning to realize how backwards of a country we live in where a music artist in 2009 like Adam Lambert is able to shock TV to the point of being censored and ousted. Where did it all go wrong? When did this happen to us? Did this country travel back in time to a place where people are so stick up their ass stuffy that all the 80’s creative juice is completely dried up? Are we accepting this box we’ve all been programmed to be in? Good Lord. Other countries now are so much further ahead of the US. From freedom of expression to gay marriage to accepting a third gender “T” for transgender on employment applications!! Imagine if that was attempted here – we would all be facing the greatest US freak out of all time it’s pathetic. We are so conservative now and it seems that what happened in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was completely erased. What the hell happened to us? Have we all become Disneyized hypnotized? Now a final question, if it’s true that the FCC allows mature content after 10PM then why all the fuss? Wouldn’t Adam’s performance then be completely acceptable – even for the FCC? Those are FCC rules created by the top minds in the media police – or do those rules also need to be revisited and revised to accommodate our new straight and narrow, comfortable and safe anti-progressive thinking?

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