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'The Hills': Are Justin Bobby and Audrina done for good?

Audrina I'm still in a little bit of shock after watching Justin Bobby trample over Audrina's heart during tonight's episode of "The Hills."

I could tell from the instant Audrina sat down with Justin for dinner that things weren't going to go well.

"Did you get another ear piercing?" Justin asked, feigning interest in her appearance. "Rock and roll, baby."

Ugh, "baby." Immediately reeling her back in. Of course, Audrina -- constantly wearing her heart on her sleeve -- quickly opened up and told Justin she felt they could work things out. She'd even admitted to Lo earlier in the episode that despite it all, there was "still something there" between them.

"I don't know, kiddo," he replied, sucking in his breath.

The comment set Audrina off, and she tried to rub the fact that Kristin was back together with Brody in JB's face. Bad move. Justin clearly then just wanted to say anything to hurt Audrina. Cue this zinger:

"Kristin did something different to me than me and you had done," he said. "We went somewhere I haven't really gone with somebody, and I really didn't want to think about the consequences. I just did it."

That killed me. I mean, first of all, is he serious? Justin and Kristin's relationship has appeared to be such a showmance that I've never really taken the time to consider JB actually developing any real feelings for the blond heartbreaker. There's no way he could have fallen harder for Kristin than Audrina, right? Come on! Remember when he gave Audrina that cheesy ring in Palm Springs? That was serious business. And what about a few weeks ago, when he told Audrina that he "could never say anyone was better than Audrina Patridge?" 

This guy enrages me.

And I want to say I can't understand why Audrina is such a glutton for punishment. How many times has she ignored warnings from Lauren and Lo about Justin's bad behavior before repeatedly running back to him? How many times has she settled for anything Justin will give her because he's not ready to commit? 

But yet, I get it. Despite the fact that Justin Bobby never owns up to his true feelings for Audrina, I always get the sense that he loves her and that something real exists between the two. And so, though it seems like they might finally be kaput, I'm sure this isn't the last we'll be seeing of their messy relationship.

Meanwhile, the entire situation was only made worse by the fact that Justin has already lost his shot with Kristin, who has moved on to trying to get back together with Brody. Which of course meant getting into it with Jayde. 

Kristin and Brody went out to a nightclub this week where, coincidentally, Jayde and her gang of scantily-clad Playmates were also heading to party. Brody -- who had his arm thrown around Kristin -- was clearly shocked to see Jayde walk in. Did you see how scared and guilty he looked the second he saw her? Definitely not the look of someone who is over their ex. Anyway. Then Kristin and Jayde fought and threatened each other and called each other "bitches." Brody left with Kristin.

And was anyone else confused by what supposedly went down between Kristin and Brody next? Did they shack up? Was he just crashing at her place because he was drunk? It certainly seems like they slept together -- which is awkward for Jayde, since judging by the latest tabloid pictures, she and Brody are back together now.

Why does everyone on "The Hills" keep running back to their exes? Do you think Brody and Kristin slept together? And is Justin Bobby totally dead to you after he broke Audrina's heart? Let's talk about it in the comments.

-- Amy Kaufman (follow me on Twitter @AmyKinLA)

Photo: Audrina Patridge poses before facing rejection from Justin Bobby on this week's episode of "The Hills." Credit: MTV.


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LOL!!! WOW i just loved it when i see audrina cried her eyes out in her car...she was really hoping to get back with justin wasnt she? too bad..thats why you always pay your dues audrina..kristin tried even talking to her last episode and she was a B$%&* about it. Thats Karma...I love Kristin..I would LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE to see Kristin and Brody back, his mom loves her!!! and his EX....one word UGLY!!!!



yup they slept together duh

omg i love audrinaaa, shes so hot!
eww kristine.

I hope Jb and Audrina are not over cause they have great chemistry. Mor than Jb and Kristin. I don't really care for the brody/kristin/ jayde thing but i like brody and kristin together. It was so sad to see jb breaking audrina's heart.

I dont believe any of this anymore... As for Justin ewwww he isnt fooling Audrina one bit. She is over that dude, RUDE DUDE! hahaha Hope Kristen enjoys her lovelife, it is a joke . nobody can replace old stuff from the past episodes w him and Audrina.. that was the good old days when what you saw was based on reality. As for other realtionships as Brody and JAYDE EWWW she is so hateful and I am seriously not kidding as I see her I want to puke. Audrina and Heidi should team up and boot them girls outta Hollywood.

hmm did anybody understand what justin said in the voice message to kirsten???

Did anyone understand what Justin said in the message to Kristen in the previews for next week?

I was so saddened to see JB break Audrina's heart. I've always rooted for them but he just keeps breaking her heart one after another. She can do better than JB. I hope he gets his heartbroken, that jerk! I felt so bad for Audrina, she just got up and left. She was speechless!
JB is so confusing. One week he tells her no one can ever replace her, and the next week he tells her he doesnt want to be with her! Get your head together before opening up about your feelings. arrghh he enrageesssssssss me!!

Here today, gone tomorrow, Kristin is a talentless user.... oh wait dirtbag j. bobster aka jbobby is also a talentless user, what a perfect match

I can't wait till they try to do something other than the hills, no one will take them seriously, nothin but users

what song was played deuring that preview?

i hope what JB told audrina wasn't true, i hope it is only for the show, they were great together, i watched the whole hills seasons, and their relationship seemed to be the most real the me, the JB/Kristen is displayed for the show to me, audrina loves JB, and she kept hiding her true feelings infront of JB, the same way goes to JB too i think, i hope they work it out in the end, and i hope JB can stop being a jerk, cuz he can't find better than Audrina!!!!!!!

hmmm i feel sorry for audrina i really love her..she shud be over jb..
and i think that kristin got what she deserved when justin dumped her by saying that she means nuthing to him..i still think that he has feelings for audrina...audrina is beautiful, got class...
i dont like jayde....i hate that bitch
bring back lauren conrad..she has more class, inteligent, she knows how to make it...now with kristin itz all about fights... jayde, stacie, kristin..hmmmm
this girls man..i wud rather prfer the show with lc..
in the other hand you have the old spencer..he is rude..

If the show isn't scripted, why are there writers in the credits?

i loved justin bobby and audrina together! they have something that no one will understand! i think he needs to leave kristin alone! she's to much like him!?!


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