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'The Biggest Loser': Revenge, served cold, in D.C.

November 4, 2009 |  7:57 am

The Biggest Loser
Poor Tracey. Poor, poor Tracey.

Just joking.

This week, "The Biggest Loser" hit the road and ended up in the nation's capital, for a tour de monuments, perhaps the biggest "Biggest Loser" workout in history, and a traipse through the White House and its garden. (Why no appearance by Michelle and Barack? Michelle and Jillian could have traded tricep sculpting tips.) And Tracey learned a lesson that she should have learned in second grade, or could have learned by watching past seasons of "The Biggest Loser": What goes around, comes around.

All the game playing and maneuvering she engaged in early on came back to haunt her -- or, in her words, bite her in the butt. Which is sad, because this Marine wife clearly brought the grit and determination to take her further along in this game. You could see that in the episode's finale, when she came back to finish the mile run she couldn't complete at the start of the game. She could have been the season's standout, a hero to so many moms. But, unfortunately, Tracey also brought the crazy eyes and manic demeanor and was more than willing, eager perhaps, to stab someone else in the back to get what she wanted.

Rebecca and Amanda got their punches in, both voting to eliminate Tracey and gain their revenge against her for earlier game playing.

But the biggest surprise of the night? Shay.

When Liz and Tracey fell below the yellow line at the weigh-in this week, which took place outside the Lincoln Memorial -- seriously, how cool was that? -- Shay voted to keep Tracey and eliminate Liz, arguing that Liz didn't "fight" to stay.

What??? Liz is a grandma, the oldest woman there, and she is tearing it up in the challenges, and bested Allen, the firefighter, in this week's challenge -- to get enough participants for the public workout, where Bob and Jillian got to administer their beat downs on a sprawling lawn. (I'll bet tangerine lady was sore the morning after she told Jillian the last two words that Jillian ever wanted to hear: "I can't." Oh, Lordy. Just thinking about this makes me sore.)

How can you look at Liz and think she's not fighting for it?

But is the real reason perhaps that Shay sees Liz as a threat? Or should we put Shay on the couch for a moment and wonder whether she sees Tracey as some kind of mother figure and is trying to resolve some issues? Sounds like a job for Bob and Jillian.

Other highlights: Danny keeps losing in double digits, and Daniel is close to losing 200 pounds since he first stepped foot on the ranch.

-- Rene Lynch

Photo credit: NBC Universal