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'So You Think You Can Dance': Tough love

Molleenathansalsa_MG_6744 For me, it wasn't tonight's results that were noteworthy so much as the truth bombs dropped by judge Nigel Lythgoe.  When Karen Hauer and Kevin Hunte were sent to the bottom three couples and not Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras, Nigel said what he thought: that many voting women might be too intimidated by Karen to love her (guilty as charged) and, more harshly, he told Mollee and Nathan that they were safe because people thought they, especially Nathan, were cute. Nigel opined that Nathan did need to learn more but wouldn't do so just by being voted through for his looks, and criticized Nathan for being flippant last night about his bad performance in the salsa.  Some audience members booed but a few did applaud after Nigel's speech, and Nathan and Mollee looked satisfyingly abashed.

Then, after the solos, Nigel lit into the dancers in the bottom three couples, telling them that none of them performed as well as they should for the solos, especially compared to Season 5. In the end, Pauline Mata and Peter Sabasino were eliminated. I liked them both, but by a matter of comparison it made sense: The judges love Karen, and Ellenore Scott is too unique to give up so early. Ryan Di Lello is eye candy for the TV public, and between a hip-hop dancer and a tapper, I think we all knew that none of the tappers would last very long. I wonder if in the future the judges will put tap dancers through to Las Vegas as easily as they did this season, or if they've given up on this little experiment.

But it wasn't all negative. I liked Dave Scott's warriors group dance, especially the mini solos starring Legacy Perez, Ellenore and Ryan's abs. And the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater put on an amazing performance; the women especially were a remarkable mix of powerful and vulnerable. But most importantly I enjoyed Dominic Sandoval as a sidewalk correspondent -- he even made it seem charming and not kind of weird that he was talking about dance and promoting K-Mart at the same time.

-- Claire Zulkey
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I loved that Warrior number. Dave Scot should choreograph more for the show! http://toointerestingfortwitter.blogspot.com

As a lifelong tap dancer, I was very upset that all three tappers were eliminated within only a few episodes of the show. Ryan's solo did him no justice last night, and I'm surprised he sneaked through. (Although Claire's comments regarding his eye-candy status are true. To me, though, he's a bit TOO bulked up and meat headish for my taste.) Nigel really ripped into Nathan, and I truly believe that HE would have been eliminated, had America's votes reflected the dancing.

As for the tappers not lasting, I think that all three tappers were amazingly talented dancers -- not just in tap, but in all genres. Tap dancers generally require a lot of technical and balletic training, which translates across really any genre of dance. Honestly, I'm surprised the hip hoppers have lasted so long because they have no technical training. I can tell they have grown as dancers -- and I like all of them -- but their performances, technically, haven't been up to par of the tappers, all of which are gone.

Just when I thought the show as moving in a great direction by introducing new styles, they boot them right away. Fabulous.

i just wonder what is up with nigel ..
he is particularly mean. is he trying to be like simon cowell? does he take this show just a BIT too seriously? let's remember that these are human beings -- not superheros. i thought the girls solos were actually pretty impressive.. especially ellenore's. pauline and ryan were the weakest links in the chain, it was definitely their time to go .. but MUST we be so mean and crude, judges?


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