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'So You Think You Can Dance': Pirouette overload!

Molleenathanpopjazz091116_0807 Tonight's "SYTYCD" analysis will be short and sweet, so let's get right to the spoilers:

I don't think anyone was surprised by the guy who went home tonight: The judges last night warned Kevin Hunte and Karen Hauer that they'd probably be in the bottom three couples after their Broadway dance, and they were proved right.  I had a feeling that no matter who else was in the bottom with Kevin, he'd be going home -- he just hasn't proved himself as promising as Nathan Trasoras or Victor Smalley. I do like Victor, but I'm glad that Nigel warned him about his dangerous pirouette habit.

I'm not sure how I feel about the female elimination, on the other hand.  In terms of pure dance ability, I'm not sure that Mollee Gray, Channing Cooke or Karen was far superior to the other girls, but I think Channing just got the short end of the stick because she's not as young and bubbly as Mollee or as smoldering as Karen. I actually thought Karen's solo was fairly weak -- sex appeal and black leather, yes, but lots of strong dancing, no. 

Oh well. I will at least have the fond memories of NDM Bollywood Dance Productions featuring Nakul Dev Majahan: How often do we get a piece where one of the "SYTYCD" choreographers is the star and makes love to the camera, to boot?

--Claire Zulkey

(Photo: Nathan Trasoras and Mollee Gray. Credit: Mathieu Young / Fox)
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Channing definitely got the short end of the stick. Mollee demolished the solo, so she deserved to stay, but Karen didn't do well at all. It was her second weak solo in just as many weeks, and she hasn't proved that she can do anything but dance with sex appeal. Channing, however, is technically amazing and was even starting to open up personality-wise. She was eliminated right when she was starting to shine. Karen should have gone home, end of story.

i disagree with cd. i see karen bringing a lot more to the rest of the show than channing, who i think has just been average so far and not outstanding, which the judges did mention. there are much better dancers in channing's style, so i won't miss her :P karen does need to step up though, and watch her pout when she's on the chopping block. makes her appear really cold (though it really brings to light how tough it must be to be eliminated in front of millions of people)

i think all of the solos were still ho hum this week, btw. mollee's was better than the rest, however.

I was absolutely SHOCKED, as were the rest of the remaining dancers it appeared, that Channing got sent home over Karen. Karen's solo wouldn't have even gotten her to Vegas in the original auditions. As CD pointed out, she has been consistently lacking for weeks now. She's just gonna drag poor Victor down .. which is something he doesn't need .. and they will both probably get sent home next week.

I can hardly stand listening to Nigel anymore .. he is so full of himself .. neither attractive NOR compelling ..

I'm not too happy about the female eliminations last week either. Poor Channing! I wanted her to be partnered with Jakob or Nathan.


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