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Rihanna says she left Chris Brown to set an example for other domestic violence victims

Getprev-20 Music star Rihanna said she decided she had to end her relationship with former boyfriend Chris Brown after realizing the message she sent to her fans by going back to him after he assaulted her.

“When I realized that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed, I could not be easy with that part,” she told ABC’s Diane Sawyer on “Good Morning America” this morning in the first part of an exclusive interview. “I couldn’t be held responsible for telling them, ‘Go back.’ Even if Chris never hit me again, who’s to say that their boyfriend won’t? Who’s to say they won’t kill these girls?”

In August, R&B singer Brown, 20, was sentenced to five years' probation and community service for beating Rihanna, 21, on the eve of the Grammy Awards in February.

Speaking deliberately but with emotion, Rihanna told Sawyer that she was ashamed that she went back to Brown after he hurt her. “I fell in love with that person; that’s embarrassing,” she said. “So far in love, so unconditional that I went back.”

“That’s not what I want to teach people,” she added. “But I’m a human being, and people put me on a very unrealistic pedestal. All these expectations – I’m not perfect.”

Rihanna said she came to understand that her initial reaction was typical of many victims of domestic violence. But the glare of the media spotlight made it even more traumatic. “There are a lot of women who experienced what I did but not in the public, so it made it really difficult,” she said. “I felt like, ‘Oh my God, here goes my little bit of privacy, just [having] exposed something that nobody wants anybody to know. Here I am, the whole world knowing.’”

Meanwhile, Brown told MTV that he’s still trying understand his own behavior. “My thoughts [when I look back on it now] is like, 'Why did it happen?' " he said in an interview airing Friday. "Like, 'What was I thinking? What is wrong with you?' That's what I'm thinking with myself. That's what my thoughts are, basically, now.”

-- Matea Gold

Photo: Diane Sawyer and Rihanna. Credit: Ida Mae Astute / ABC

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Who is she kidding? If it wasn,t for the outrage on the Oprah show,she would still be with him.She never spoke out,she didn,t file charges,she never stood up for herself.It was the public who was outraged.Now she is trying to sell an album to people who have lost all respect for her.

W3LL dAmN i ThINk Sh3 DiD Te RiGHt ThiNG bY s3ttIng an 3xAmPl3 FoR yUng gIrLs LikE US i THinK it WAs He RighT thINg 2 dO

Unless a person has been there they have NO WAY of understanding what you go thru the emotions you have are incredible anger, love, fear, hate, fear being the greatest one of all and unless you have truly feared for your life you can't even begin to imagine. It is a process that takes time. She should not be disrespected it is a vicious cycle and she is trying to break that cycle but it does not happen overnight. Having been there myself my heart goes out to her...be strong time will heal. Don't let anyone drag you down for this.

Chris Brown has not gone one foot toward changing his ways.
Mr. Brown, when you start speaking of your having assaulted someone not as something "that happened" but as "what I did" you have taken your first step.

It doesn't matter why she left Chris Brown, the important thing is that she did leave him. There is no excuse for violence against another person.

Did Rihanna admit in the interview that it was she who first slapped him SEVERAL times and also punched him several times before he finally retaliated, he also asked her to leave the vehicle but would not leave so he tried to push her out. And also did she admit that on two previous occasions it was she who also started to slap him as well. She is not a small woman physically, she is 5'8" tall and quite well built. I have no doubt that she was the instigator of all three episodes of violence and the only reason she is able to get away with it is because she is female. I am a female writing this and am neither of their fans, I am 38 years old. It is time to realise that women are just as violent as men and even moreso sometimes simply because the law and society (never hit a woman philosphy) allows them to get away with it. The never hit a woman philosophy no longer applies in this day and age where women can be just a s violent. It takes two to tango. I would have more respect for this young lady if she comes out and states that she was started this fight and it escalated out of control when started beating him up and would not walk away ot let him walk away either.

Jane, turn in your FEMALE card. You obviously know nothing about DV. Rihanna is a couragous woman!

I applaud you Jane. Thats the way I see things, and everyone is claiming him a woman beater, when she did start it. It does take two to tango, and she did use the fact that she was a woman to hide behind. Women beat men too, but men don't get the relief in the situation that women do. I think its horrible. If I lifted my fist to a man, I'd expect him to hit back. I don't look at it as women being inferior or weaker to men. This statement may get a lot of negative energy, but its only the truth. Talk to my brother in law that is constantly beat by his wife, who is my sister. If he raises a finger to her, the police are called.

"It is time to realise (SIC) that women are just as violent as men"

Oh really? Good estimates are that men in the United States commit about 7 violent acts for every 1 committed by women.

Are women capable of violence and do they sometimes contribute to the cycle of violence in abusive relationships? Of course. Are women as a group "just as violent as men"? Ridiculous.

I give credit to Rihanna for seeing the big picture and trying to do her best for other women.

Rihanna did *not* hit Chris Brown first. He attacked her because she discovered text messages from another woman on his cell phone. He was at fault for cheating, and he was at fault for beating Rihanna. Read the police report.

Congratulations, Rihanna, for having the courage and strength to leave him and tell America that domestic violence is wrong.


I agree with Jane: Chris Brown's mistake was getting involved with a woman who had previously beaten up 2 other guys-then not getting out before losing control himself. He has a problem he's addressing-what about her? She needs to get anger management help before someone other then her is a victim.

If Rihanna hit Chris Brown first then his right to physically resist her "attack" only extended to that force which was reasonably necessary to defend himself. If she refused to leave the car he had NO RIGHT to use violence to force her out. He had NO RIGHT to continue to beat her mercilessly after this alleged assault ended. Jane I hope you get some therapy to resolve whatever some man did to you to make you think that a woman who starts a fight deserves to be met with overwhelming and disproportionate violence.

O. M. G.!! What the heck goes through "Jane's" mind? That didn't even make sense. I don't think that was a woman, not that women won't blame the victim as much, if not more than some men will but the way it was put didn't sound like a woman. So if my man hits me a few times I can beat the living crap out of him, choke him out and run away cryin' "He started it!" No. I thought it was a sad/frustrating situation when she minimalized it and went back because of the message it sends. Glad to hear her speak up, not make excuses and expose that the relationship had been abusive for awhile. I'm not a fan either, just heard all about it on the news.

Anyone hear Chris Brown's new single, I can tranform you? What a terrible choice of a song name, given what she looked like after he beat her up.

CB will transform you alright, with his barehands!

Whata Shame.

Here's How I see this situation. Men should never hit a women point blank.Now matter what, if my dad hits my mom that would be wrong no matter who's to blame or who started, if my sister gets hit by her boyfriend, Ima find him and get a guy to kick his assets, women are mothers, sisters daughters, no one has the right to put a hand on anyone! Chris Brown in my eyes is worth nothing he's just another pimple kid out there who thinks he is above everyone and can get away with this, and for other girls to protect him and stand up for him is humiliating to me as a woman we need to stick together and back her up no matter if she said the wrong thing to get him fired up. whats wrong with you women!?

I personally think the situation is sad. It is obvious that she truly loved Chris Brown and when you are a star in Hollywood your actions are looked at through a magnifying glass. I understand it was extremely hard for her personal life to be publisized the way it has been. I think we all should be careful not to judge either of them, because truly none of us know what truly transpired in their relationship. It it wrong, violence is wrong and although we may be pushed to that point, it is not right. It makes no difference if it's a woman abusing a man or vice versa it's wrong. When it gets to the point that we have to put our hand on another person that we claim to love, it is a problem. I've been where Rhianna is and I can relate. It may have started out as little fights and as time went on only escalated. It is never okay for anyone to abuse a person becuase you disagree with what they are doing. Love does not hurt, it shouldn't where it comes to a point one is fearing for thier life. I commend both of them for taking responsibility for their actions....none of us are perfect. I wish them both much success.


all of you are stupid, i don't know why you even bother commenting on this mess, because they are stars we will never know the truth, everyone is assuming information and unless you know them personally, you don't know anything. And as far as interviews, there all for publicity; good or bad.

"Meanwhile, Brown told MTV that he’s still trying understand his own behavior. “My thoughts [when I look back on it now] is like, 'Why did it happen?' " he said in an interview airing Friday. "Like, 'What was I thinking? What is wrong with you?' That's what I'm thinking with myself. That's what my thoughts are, basically, now.” "

Answer: You're a punk

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