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'Real Housewives of Orange County': Alexis Bellino, O.C.'s newest housewife

Alexis_bellino Meet Alexis Bellino. The 32-year-old socialite joins the ranks of the heavily bronzed ladies of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." And she's actually a housewife! Alexis is a stay-at-home mom to three children and lives in Newport Beach with her husband, Jim Bellino, a self-made entrepreneur. Originally from the small town of Hannibul, Mont., Alexis will officially earn her rite of passage tonight when she has her first housewife showdown with ... Vicki, naturally. Can't wait until tonight for a dose of drama in your Housewives diet? You've come to the right place. I managed to snag a few minutes over the phone with Alexis. Here's what she has to say about being the newest housewife, how "real" the show is, and just how awkward that dinner scene was with Tamra and Simon.

Give 'Housewives' fans a quick bio.

I’m a stay-at-home mom of three. Very happily married. We’re a Christian family who just tries to live closer to God and do things the right way … but we’re people, and we make mistakes. And I like to work out a lot.

What’s it like to be the newest housewife?

It’s been such an amazing experience. There’s no other word to describe it because the opportunities that have come about and just the chance to be with these four girls that I felt like I knew before because we watched the show so much. It’s just been really a dream. I felt like I already knew Tamra and Gretchen and Vicki and Lynne because I watched it last season. I watched the reruns … and I watched it again.  So it felt like we were old friends.

It seems like everyone seems to know everyone in these circles. Had you seen the Housewives out at any events in Orange County?

Gretchen and I have a mutual friend. I’d actually only met her twice before joining the show. Jeana and my husband had done a couple of business deals together; so I knew her from that and I saw her out as well.

Were you one of the dozens of Housewives-in-training who flocked to South Coast Plaza to audition?

I wasn’t. We met Jeana for dinner one night, and she was like "How are you guys? I hope you don’t mind. I turned in your name to producers. They’re casting now for this season. You’re probably going to get a call tomorrow." And sure enough, I got a call the next morning.

You mentioned you were a viewer of the series. What did you like about it, and why did you decide to become part of it?

I mean  … it’s comical. It’s lighthearted and fun but yet still keeps that dramatic feel. It’s sort of like renting a movie. You sort of know where the movie is going to go. It’s a movie. With this, it was just always fun to watch because you never know what road their life was going to take or what’s going to happen next. So we laughed, we felt bad for the … I just felt like I knew them. My husband and I are both very much into reality shows. It was different to no longer be the viewer.

As a viewer, who was your favorite Housewife?

I don’t really know if I had a favorite at the time. I mean, I like Gretchen because we had seen each other a couple of times, and she was fun. But I don’t think I necessarily had a favorite. I was just a fan of the show in general.

So you‘re not quite part of the gated community of Coto de Caza. But how long have you lived in Orange County?

I’ve lived here for about five or six years.

What’s it been like interacting with the ladies?

It’s really crazy. But they definitely are like what you see on TV pretty much. We filmed from June through September.  It’s reality. It’s true. I think that … what makes reality so interesting is that it takes that certain characteristic someone has in their life and it plays on that for the whole season and so you really do see … I mean, what you see is what you get. When you’re out hanging out with them — we take trips together, we go to dinner together — It’s the same kind of person you see that’s represented in the show.

Touching on that … in previews for tonight’s episode we see that you and Vicki don’t really click. What’s the dynamic there?

You know what’s really strange about Vicki and my relationship — or what I can say on my behalf — is that I like her. I really like her. I think she’s a passionate, hard-working admirable person because she has a drive to succeed, and it’s just unfortunate that we butted heads.  But I think we were both ladies. We said our peace, and we get along when we all get together.  We may not call each other and say, "Hey, how are you?"— we don’t have that kind of a friendship. But we get along. And we might butt heads again … but that’s just the way the world works.

In last week’s episode, we see you having dinner with Tamra and Simon —

Jim bought a car from Simon, and so we kind of knew each other through that and we met for dinner. We clicked. Tamra has a 3-year-old, and she has other children too. Tamra’s just such a fun, outgoing … just funny person.

But what about the bickering between Tamra and Simon? Didn’t it make you feel a little uncomfortable?

Well, you only saw about one minute of a two-hour dinner. We didn’t stop laughing that entire dinner. My stomach — we went home and my stomach hurt because we were just taking and laughing so hard that entire dinner.  At that one point, it did get a little bit serious. I think it was just them being sarcastic and joking with each other. But you know, when you joke, there’s always a bit of truth in it. The cameras played it up, and that’s just the way it was for that split second. But none of us went home thinking, "Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that happened with Simon and Tamra." Or "Alexis is such a crazy woman for buttering her husband’s bread." It wasn’t like that.

Do you still interact with the ladies now that you’re no longer shooting?

Yes. Gretchen and Tamra, I have to honestly say, are dear friends of mine.  We do call each other even when we’re not filming — we don’t all three get together, of course.

So what sets you apart from the other Housewives?

I think my traditional marriage. My Christian values. I talk about God almost every day of my life. I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that I don’t mention him or bring him up in a conversation or say things about Jesus. And then, just the fact that I stay at home and spend a lot of time with my kids, which Tamra does too.

And what do you hope to get out of the show?

I just want to tell my story. I just want people to see that you can be a mom that stays at home, who cooks meals and goes to the grocery store and runs her kids to class yet you can still take care of yourself and put your God and your marriage first, because if either of those two start to fail then your kids are gonna be from a broken home.

Did you have any reservations about exposing your life for all to see?

There really wasn’t. I don’t feel like I have anything to hide. I didn’t have any reservations. If people find it funny or find that they relate to me, then that’s awesome.

Word association time. Describe your fellow Housewives in one word.










(laughs) Oh, my gosh. What is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Jeana? Nice, I guess. I don’t know.

Do you still keep in contact with Jeana?

I don’t know what happened with our friendship, but we don’t talk that much.

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Alexis Bellino. Credit: Bravo.

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It's Hannibal, Missouri you fools.... hometown of Mark Twain.

Well,Alex is Ok,but her husband is way over board,when you have control you don,t have to display it.He is obviously desperate to hold on to the reigns...but Why?..Something else is going on there.I won,t find out because after watching Gretchen and Slade I was sick to my stomach,they are revolting and Gretchen is a tramp...This program is also deleated from my DVR.

I'm so happy Alexis is showing America that it's easy to be a stay at home mom who cooks meals and goes to the grocery store and runs her kids to class and still takes care of herself. She's really setting a good example for her two nannies to follow in their own lives.

why does she look so familiar? i can't put my finger on it but i feel like i've either met her or seen her another show. or maybe she just looks and talks like someone else on tv? it's killing me to figure this out. help me out here!

If Alexis is concerned that her husband Jim "Won't have to grow old with a frumpy wife," why is she ok with such a frumpy, overweight and unattractive husband? Is she with him just for his money? I wonder if she ditched Jeana because Jeana doesn't have a size-2 a$$ like her and her other friends.

Also, must we listen to the tired "I'm a good Christian girl" routine from this new woman, Tamra and Vicki, all of whom had bags of silicone shoved into their breasts, and cover them as little as possible? The bikini top you wore in your first RHOC episode, Alexis - seriously?!?? They were green pasties with pink lace around them. What bikini would Jesus wear? I wonder. That made me laugh even more than tramp-stamp Tamra saying she only wanted to surround herself with "wholesome people who take care of their families." Oh Tamra, you're such a comedian!!

D pointed this out already, but I have to second it... "Hannibul, Mont." ???? MO = Missouri, MT = Montana. "HANNIBAL", not "Hannibul". Honestly, who are they hiring for their writers? Geniuses, obviously (ones needed to cover such heavy-hitting journalism, I guess).

Ditto TLM!!! You crack me up but are telling the truth.

It's Hannibal, Missouri. There is no such place as Hannibul, Montana.

what happened to my two postings?They were never printed or do you just pick and choose.I had a lot to say but i don't have time to repeat but one thing that bothered me was when Alexis and Jim went out for lunch and he told her she was talking so loud, etc. It wasn't what he said but how he said it that was not so nice. Let's see if this one gets posted.

Actually Alexis is from Hannibal, MISSOURI, not Montana. She attended the University of Missouri.

Well first I would like to say that I truly enjoy watching the show. I have been a big fan since the 1st season! I live in good ol' Indiana, about 1 hr. south of Chicago, and things are just so different out here! I like watching to see all the different lifestyles people have out there. The houses, the cars, the salons, and the get together's in general.

I can't believe that Alexis claims to be a stay at home mom! Come on, give me a flippin' break!!!!!!!!!! I am a 28 yr old REAL stay at home mom of 2 kids! I DON'T HAVE ANY NANNY'S to help me! I take and pick my daughter up from pre-school, take BOTH kids w/ me to do the grocery shopping, take them to the gym w/ me 2 days a week. I cook, clean, do laundry, vacuum! Come on! I do the dishes, give the kids a bathes.... all the things stay at home mother's do. Alexis, you are not a real stay at home mom in my book. Sorry, but stay at home mom's DO NOT HAVE NANNY'S. So what do you do that the nanny's don't do? I guess that would be my next question. Do you put the kids down for a nap while the nanny's sweep the floor? Or clean the bathroom? Just curious, because that is what i do while they are napping.

It may sound like i don't get any time to myself, but that is why most mom's i know look forward to bedtime. That is what we call out here "mommy's time"

You seem like a nice person, and i love the fact that you and your hubby seem to have a good connection w/ eachother. I just don't like the fact that you claim to be a stay at home mom.
Maybe out there, that is the definition of a stay at home mom, but not all over the U.S. it's not!

Good Luck on the show and i look forward to watching!

She is from Hannibal, MO not Hannibul, Mont! Get it right, LA Times!

While I applaud Alexis for her commitment to her family, I couldn't help but laugh a little bit at her comment "I just want people to see that you can be a mom that stays at home, who cooks meals and goes to the grocery store and runs her kids to class yet you can still take care of yourself and put your God and your marriage first".

Alexis has 3 kids and 2 nannies - that is almost 1 nanny per child! She is living a fairy tale life that is NOT reality. It may be her reality, but it is not the reality of most stay at home moms in America who are doing it without help. Or the reality of a mom who has to work 10 hours a day and pick up her kids and cook dinner and do the nightly activities. Or the reality of any parent who has a spouse that travels or who does not have a spouse at all. Those scenarios are reality for most of the American moms out there. And while money can't buy happiness it sure does afford Alexis the time to do all of the things that many moms don't have a chance to do - like workout multiple hours a day, cook lovely meals, bring help to pool parties, etc.

I'm not saying that Alexis should be judged for her lifestyles - if you can afford the help by all means you should get it. I think that most of us hard working moms would agree that we would love a piece of her pie at times. And I am certainly not saying that she is not a good wife and mom. She seems to be both. It just irked me a bit to read her comment because although her life is on a "reality" TV show, it certainly is anything but reality compared to the life that most of us live.

Alexis isn't a stay-at-home mom, she's a stay-at-gym and stay-at-salon mom. The nannies take care of the irritating, obtrusive task of parenting. And the most upsetting thing in her life seems to be that if she eats a donut, she will kill herself exercising for two or three days. Boo hoo.

What planet are these people on with the constant "God first" rant? Husband Jim says, "Our marriage is modern in its everyday actions, but traditional in the moral fiber in which we conduct ourselves." Now, really read that sentence a couple of times and ask yourself WTF it even means. It's complete double-talk.

Oh, I get it. Alexis parades around in pasties and a thong, and never have we seen any of these people go to church or do anything charitable ever, but as long as she throws in a few "He's my king" and "God is first in our marriage" phrases every once in a while, it qualifies as moral fiber. Personally, I think they should try Metamucil.

I am wondering how soon it will be until we hear the Bellinos are living a fake life and really have no money, just as the Barneys were. I've so begun to distrust the producers of this show that I have to ask myself, did some jeweler donate that obnoxious diamond plaque that Jim gave Alexis as a gift (where the shrimp lunch was probably gratis from the restaurant where they filmed it, and her black dress donated by a designer), did the exercise studio where she did the spinning class give her free classes in exchange for that shot of the front of the studio with its name, is her ring even paid for, and on and on.

Likewise, we were told that Jim and Simon Barney knew each other because of "business deals." What was the big business deal? Simon once sold Jim a car when he was a car salesman, but I guess it wasn't very glamorous to say that. No, here everyone's an "entrepreneur" doing "business deals." I wonder how much of the Bellino car is even paid for.

Has anyone noticed that Alexis is a graduate of the Dana Perrino School of Fast Nonsensical Talking? Especially the part about asking, "who wants cookies?" when her kids are around and she wants sex. Is she unable to whisper anything to the husband, or even send him a text message? Or is she just going to keep stuffing her kids with cookies? Caution: too much hair bleach is hazardous to your intellect.

Most of these comments seem like the network wrote in their own summary paragraph.

Jim andAlexis Bellino-Not even good fakers...Really,these two are nauseating to say the least.It seems this show gets worse every season.Quinn,Lynn,and now Alexis.Ugh..I miss Jeanna already.:( Gretchen is carrying the entire show now.I guess Tamara has figured that out which is why she suddenly wants peace lol..Too funny!!!! Haaaaaaaaa!! Personally I think Alexis,Tamara,and Lynn could have their own reality show and call it"Sticks with Boobs"..They wouldn't even have to say anything,they never do anyway..:)

Alexis is what makes Christians look bad.

I knew Alexis a long time ago, and while her life has changed her personality has not. What you see on TV is who I remember her being. One of the genuinely kind people in life. Boobs, beauty, money and overbearing husband aside . . . the person I knew was kind, sweet, funny and a caretaker. Marylin Monroe personified...not as clueless as she seems, but not manipulative either.

Real stay at home mom??? Give me a break!!! She has two nannies. She works out and comes and goes whenever she wants...who is she kidding

It is a pleasure to have a new housewife who talks about god and putting him first! Hoping this season shows the Orange County crew doing some volunteer and charity work towards some people in need. :)

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