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Exclusive First Look: Heather Locklear returns to 'Melrose Place'

Admit it, when you watch this promo, your temperature rises, your heart skips a beat, and you find yourself relishing the '90s.

It's true that decade gave us hideous jeans and not-so-great music. But it also gave us Amanda Woodward, the "Melrose Place" ice queen/diva/bombshell (Heather Locklear) we all wanted to know and be.

The last time we saw Amanda, she had faked her own death, married Peter (Jack Wagner) and ran away to an island where she wondered: "Do you think we'll get bored?"

Apparently, the answer is a resounding yes. On Nov. 17, Amanda returns to "Melrose Place" where we are sure she will wreak havoc.

If you're too young to have watched the original "Melrose," this could be something to be excited about. We know the new version hasn't set the world on fire, but the first one didn't either until Amanda moved in.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez (Follow me on Twitter @writerchica)


Katie Cassidy faces off with Amanda Woodward

Laura Leighton and Thomas Calabro reprise Sydney and Michael

Video courtesy of CW

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Bring back peter soon.

If Melrose Place producers are smart, they'll concoct some bizarre story about Sydney faking her death (again). It's pretty clear that killing off Sydney was a wildly misguided idea. Resurrect the nutjob, and together with Michael and Amanda (and others who might return), they can combine with the newbies to form a decent show. Big mistake to get rid of Colin, who would've been an ideal romantic prospect for Amanda.

Bottom line, the crazyyyyy better be ramped up megawatt (it's what MP viewers expect), or this reboot is going nowhere. It's unbelievable that the producers and network didn't realize that when the idea was conceived. It actually took two months to figure this out? And don't pin all your hopes on Heather; she can only do so much. It will take amazingly bizarre stories, deaths, fresh guests (often, like the original)....maybe some Alyssa Milano action....

Just do something besides the inanely boring Riley and Jonah crap.

Odd that Jack Wagner has not been asked to appear on the new MP. Seems like almost everyone from original has been invited back. The new MP has been in the works for a long time. Jack Wagner is on B&B, but he could have easily made himself available in time for MP. Maybe the rumors of him being difficult to work with are true. I've heard some bad stuff,I hope it's not true.

I've heard negative things about Jack Wagner also. Maybe that is why he is stuck on Daytime tv. That's to bad, cause he is a good actor, and I hear he puts on a good concert.
I agree with "Jake" I'd love to see some "Alyssa Milano action also". I've had a crush on her for years. Just don't tell my husband LOL

She is still HOT

DAMN! That was HOT! I can't wait! BTW, I'm 26 and I used to watch Melrose Place when I was 10 years old with my sister, we would watch 90210 and then Melrose as kids, so I'm kind of tired of people assuming that those in the 18-34 never watched Melrose Place and that Heather Locklear has no draw for those in my age group cause not everybody had overprotective parents and a lot of us who are still young did watch this show as kids and still watch it now on the CW. That's all I wanted to say hehe =)

Wow!!! this trailer defintely gives me goosbumps. Melrose Place will finally be the show that it is...i hope lol. Ilove the new version and i hope it stays on forever...or for a really long time lol.

Actually Jack Wagner was one of the cast and crews faves on Melrose. Peter was supposed to be on a few shows, but Heather loved him as did Aaron Spelling and head writer Bob Guza so he stayed on.

It's better to re-introduce Amanda as a single career woman out to break men's hearts, but if the show lasts long enough, I expect Peter could return to interfere.

Love this commercial. Ms. Amanda Woodward is back and looking better than ever! SHOW US MORE! Can't wait. I've got my TIVO set for November 17th. I''ll be watching and re-watching. YEAH BABY!

I was originally against bringing back so many of the old characters, and I am still not impressed at all with them bringing back Jane (please let her fade and be forgotten!) . After seeing Michael on the show though, I have totally changed my mind and I am really looking forward to having Amanda back!

-- Scott

Since when did the 90s give us hideous jeans and not so great music? What Pearl Jam and Kurt Cobain weren't great? And frankly the thong and Britney look of the past decade seem hideous to me.

Bring back Kimberly!!

What is this article writer talking about? The 90s were music heaven in compared to the 2000s. Bonehead.

And the new Melrose sucks. Doesn't hold a candle to the other one.


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