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'Dancing With the Stars' results: The finalists revealed

117800_1643_pre After nearly an hour of hemming and hawing, filler segments and musical performances, Tom and Samantha finally got down to business and revealed the final three couples remaining on “Dancing With the Stars” Season 9. Those left standing on the ballroom floor were somewhat surprising.

Well, Mya and Dmitry Chaplin were a no-brainer – they had the highest scores coming into Tuesday night’s results, and the singer’s been riding high in first class on the groove train straight to Mirrorballville for a couple weeks now. And even though Donny Osmond got tangled in a wardrobe malfunction that had him and partner Kym Johnson tied up in knots and at the bottom of the leader board, his ginormous fan base (which no doubt includes the entire state of Utah) helped pull the likable entertainer through to the final week of the competition as well. No, the slight surprise was that the Princess of Darkness, Kelly Osbourne, and partner Louis Van Amstel nabbed the third finalist position, edging out model Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough.

Maybe it was the crotch dip that turned people off. Or maybe their futuristic paso doble was too ahead of its time. But although Joanna and Derek have consistently performed better and scored higher than most of their counterparts, Joanna's previous stints in jeopardy showed that maybe she didn’t have quite the fan base that Donny and Kelly have. And judging by Derek’s raised eyebrows and resigned smiles on stage while awaiting their fate, it sure looked like he was expecting to be ousted, didn't it? Luckily, he and Joanna were able to go out gracefully and with their heads held high: The couple performed Monday night's waltz as their final bow, a dance that was elegant and lovely and blessedly crotch-dip free.

It’s been a season filled with packed results shows, and this one was no different. Mya and Dmitry had to get their second perfect-30 routine before it was selected for an encore performance, and their sexy salsa didn’t disappoint. Neither did Mya’s “tutti-fruity booty.” Nor did that guy in the audience who's always shown going crazy with tongue out and rock-star hands. 

117800_2702_pre Then there was the recap, in which Kelly Osbourne revealed that she had improvised her whole rumba solo because she had forgotten it. Mya revealed she had a couple wardrobe malfunctions as well (really? when?). And Donny revealed that he wanted to be in the finals so much that he would just about jump in a pool filled with estrogen to get there.

We were treated to a dance performance lip-synced to “Be Italian” from Rob Marshall’s upcoming movie adaptation of the musical “Nine,” in which a bunch of ladies of the night skulked their way around cafe tables, and a man in black had his way with them. Clever that they ended up in a “9” formation, though.

Alicia Keys made her way down the ballroom grand staircase in black leather and blue thigh-high boots (a visual enactment of a bruised heart, perhaps?) and wailed the emotional “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart,” accompanied by her own professional dancers.

Also with her own professional dancers was Leona Lewis, who belted out her emotional show-stopper “Happy” and one-upped Keys by singing on a platform and having her dancers emerge out of a fog of smoke on the dance floor.

The Bee Gees graced the Rectagon stage, celebrating their 50th(!) anniversary and performing their age-old hit “You Should Be Dancing.” Barry Gibb showed no signs of losing his falsetto, and he and Robin had the whole studio audience up and grooving (though Ozzy looked a little dazed and confused by the whole affair – maybe he doesn’t remember the ’70s). Grooving to the tune on the dance floor were our pros Cheryl Burke, Chelsie Hightower, Tony Dovolani and Artem Chigvintsev (still holding out hope that he'll become a pro regular someday). And then Season 8 finalist Melissa Rycroft also made an appearance, outfitted in the same sparkle disco ball dress as Chelsie and Cheryl. How fitting that her routine with Tony culminated in a “Dirty Dancing”-style lift on the dance floor. Lest you forget, nobody puts Melissa in the corner.

In the pre-taped segments, there was an amusing artsy-fartsy music video in which all four of the contestants acted out the pressures of being in the competition while lip-syncing a version of David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.” Between filming these segments and learning three dances, one wonders how they've had time in their lives for anything else. Donny’s freak-out was the most believable, but I enjoyed seeing Mya hurl a poor,  defenseless stuffed animal off some rooftop, Kelly lay waste to a disco ball and Joanna rip the seams of a sequined garment -- and I liked how the video ended with some dance shoes being burned in the foreground. “Apparently pressure doesn’t improve lip-syncing skills," quipped Tom, "but there you go.”

I also liked the segment where the pros talked about how hard it was to come up with their own choreography week in and week out. Sure, it’s not like we learned anything new (news flash: Pros like dancing with other pros because they can really let loose!), but it was fun to see the camaraderie among the pro dancers and witness the priceless exchange between Cheryl and Maks, in which Cheryl, while in hold with Maks, confirmed, “You do stink!” and Maks simply responded, “I know.”

Also stinky was the fact that formidable dancer and competitor Joanna Krupa was let go from the competition, though that’s the way the Mirrorball rolls. So now we’re left with the Entertainer, the Wild Child and the Dance Machine. Who do you think has what it takes to win the “luxurious” Mirrorball trophy?

— Allyssa Lee


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Photos, from top: Derek Hough and Joanna Krupa; Mya and Dmitry Chaplin. Credit: Adam Larkey / ABC

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Its such a shame that talent is not what wins this show...its popularity. Joanna and Derek should not have been knocked out of the competition. She is clearly one of the top 2 celebrity dancers on the show. This will probably be my last season to watch. It happens every year.

What a joke!
The three finalists should have been Mya, Joanna and Aaron, if you choose by dancing ability. DWTS is becoming a popularity contest rather than a dancing contest. If the results are to be based on popularity, why not have the Stars dance with different professionals each week, sort of like a musical chairs. Grade them that way. It won't matter what the grades are because the most popular contestant is going to win rather than the best dancer.
Mya and Dmitry certainly deserve to win the treasured Mirrorball trophy.
Is anyone else sick of the incessant camera mugging by Derek Hough? Someone please shrink his ego before next season begins. Why was he always moving his hand around Joanna when they were interviewed?
I didn't understand the need for Len's comments about Mya.
I guess we know where his mind is at. At least he didn't call her the Tutti Fruity Booty Cutie.
I thought that the pre-taped lip-syncing rendition od "Under Pressure" was lame. Joanna was especially bad in this segment.
I loved the Bee Gees performance of "You Should Be Dancing".
Barry Gibb was especially good I thought. That was the highlight of the show for me.
Au Revoir!

Although I've been a huge fan of Donny Osmond, and have been super surprised by Kelly Osbournes achievements on Dancing with the stars, the show should be based on soley the dance performances, and Derek and Joanna should have been in the finals, this is not a popularity contest, it is a Dance competetiton, and should be judged as so.

I am very upset that Joanna was voted off. Kelly needs to go. She stinks!

It is hard to watch this show. The Iron Chef could actually move. JoAnna was so much better than Kelly or Donny. It ends up with whoever has a bigger following. The show has lost appeal for me. Kelly's routines are too simple, and not done that well. Donny did badly and still beat JoAnna. Are all the Osmonds going to compete?

i like donny osmond and kelly osborn and julianne krupa and derek hoff and mya and dimitri and melissa joan hart and mark

I'll be rooting for Donny and Kym.
Any Dream WILL do-so let's hope those two WIN!!!!!

I'm afraid that this DWS is based more on personality than dancing.
Look back at Cloris Leachman, 80 years old and no way can she dance better than a young female on the scene.
Kelly Osborne may dance nice but not good enough to win the trophy and if she does, its a sham not a contest.


Now I know the End is Near.
TV has sunk to a new low.

Kelly is a cow and doesn't dance
Mya is stuck up and not worthy of the mirrorball
Donnie has the entire Mormon Faith dialing their little fingers off.

oh the humanity!!!

People.....why so angry? For decades the only place you could find ballroom dance on TV was PBS on Wednesday afternoon. This is in fact a popularity contest in the end. Deal with it. DWTS is the most watched program on TV everytime it runs. Think about it. Teenage boys are not watching and most adults don't bother to vote. That leaves teenage girls......who wins is who they identify with. Teen girls these days think they are overweight even when they are not and most are having an identity crisis of their own largely brought on by skinny models and the Hollywood beautiful. Think they are going to identify with a bathing suit model? Joanna was the second best dancer, but just didn't get any sympathy.
Just enjoy this show. If this format is what keeps it at the top, who in their right mind will change it? People will remember Joanna Kruppa long after they have forgotten who won the votes.

If Kelley Osborne wins? Im over it.......Her mother is despicable and so is Kelley.....Sorry...Im done with Dancing with the Stars.........Ratings are high and Im yawning..........

As a professional dancer I was interested in the first few seasons........Its a gross show to say the least.....It has to cater to the lowest mentality quite frankly..When Sharon Osborne said horrible things about Susan Boyle and made fun of her...I remember when Sharon was a fat old broad and her daughter and ugly child.......They went to Maurice Azoulay for their hair...If I were Sharon I would shut up since her husband is a drug addict and used to choke her.....How dare she diminish Ms Susan Boyle for her looks............I would go head to head with her anytime ( that is Sharon).........Her daughter is a little Pig.................

This show and voters are biased. Mya was a better dancer. The judges are biased, also. I not going to watch next season. Also, Mya should have had a better dance instructor.

I too have stopped watching Dancing with the Stars. It has become a popularity contest instead of judging on talent and consistent improvement. Mya should have won tonight not Donny. Yes Donny is a professional entertainer but his dancing does not deserve the trophy. I am sick of this show and they need to take it off! The show needs to change the rules. Just like American Idol it is based too much on popularity from the people instead of the effort that the real person who deserves to win does.

Oh well another year I won't be watching Dancing with the Fools!


Im so dissappointed in this show. Clearly mya was the winner in my eyes. she up her game up and had better scores than donnie. Im not taking nothing away from Donnie but the clear winner is mya. This is a bad idea that fans have to vote and pick NOT THE WINNER and pick someone who has more fan base. PICK THE BEST DANCER and not pick the dancer by popularity. GET IT TOGETHER DTWS!!!

Again not the true winner.....just a popuarlity contest, nothing to do with talent!!! I will not be watching next season.

Good-bye DWTS and channel 7 =<
Hello FoodNetwork ;}

Mya as a trained dancer has therefore not had the same journey as Kelly or darling Donny. Glad Donny won though.

Dancing with the stars is just like American Idol. It is all about popularity votes not talent votes, but that is what gets the ratings. Personally I don't care. I have watched DWTS from the first season and I love watching the perfomances (even the bad ones) because I love ballroom dancing. I know that some stars should be voted off sooner, but thats the way the "mirror ball" rolls. It is purely entertainment. I mean how many sitcom, drama, etc. shows so you watch that ends the way you think they should end? How many football games (or any sports) have been watched when the winner was the underdog, clearly not the higher ranked team? If you enjoy ballroom dancing, just enjoy the show for what it is and enjoy your favorite stars while they are there.

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