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A 'Heroes' character is grounded for good

Nathan4_j8q8renc The Web (Nikki Finke and Kristin Dos Santos were two of the first) seems to be abuzz with news that Adrian Pasdar -- Nathan Petrelli, the flying man himself -- will not be returning to "Heroes." Yes, he was a major character from the beginning and it's a sad day for those that still follow "Heroes" because Pasdar is a pretty good actor. It's good that something happening on the show is still considered big news, but also a shame, actually, because it may just illustrate how much people aren't paying attention to think that this is surprising or HUGE.

Pasdar's Petrelli was killed off at the end of last season. Sylar did it, as he does to lots of people. Sylar was then was forced by Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), through prodding from Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose), to assume the shape and life of Sen. Nathan Petrelli. Good way to keep Pasdar around though his character was effectively dead.

So why the big whoop? It was bound to happen that Sylar would regain his thoughts and control of his body. It made plot sense and show sense. Plot sense because Sylar's original power, which many seem to forget, is to figure things out. It started with watches and clocks, then continued with the acquisition of powers from others, which usually involved killing them (not in Claire's case). Even being trapped thinking that he's Nathan, his power would be working. He'd naturally be trying to figure out and fix why he felt ... wrong.

And Nathan's still dead with no illusions of a super-powered resurrection. I thought about it for a while -- maybe they'd find someone who had the power to bring back the dead. Kind of like the healer kid that was recently killed on the show. But no. They knew this needed to happen, we knew this needed to happen.

Show sense? The TV viewing audience is saavy enough to know what trouble the show was in, and had sense to know that someone (chartacter/actor) was going to be leaving the show this season. With Nathan dead, ummmm ... well, there you go. With a new carnival of characters, Nathan hadn't been a particularly active presence anyway, so we'll see if it at all affects the show's viewership. It's been alluded to (Greg Grunberg being a source) that there could be others, and Hiro (Masi Oka) is apparently dying from his power usage, but this is probably the one that was foretold -- and the one that should stick.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photo: Adrian Pasdar as Sen. Nathan Petrelli on "Heroes." Credit: NBC

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I have been a huge fan from the beginning. Unfortunately, I am just about done with this show. The writers? Producers? have ruined a show that had great potential. One could blame it on the writers strike shortened season but I think they just lost interest in the show themselves or perhaps they have just been giving us fans the finger for the past couple of seasons.

This ridiculous "carnivale" foolishness that we have been stuck with this season is pointless and uninteresting.

Time for the network to "pull the plug" on Heroes. It's a shame that NBC let Southland get away and also gave up on Medium in order to give us more Leno, which we could care less about. I hope the management in their entertainment division is happy seeing the other networks shooting past them in viewership and actual entertainment.

Everybody loves to hate Nathan!! LOL I just wish the writers would have been better, I mean this started out to be an AWESOME series, but then just like all the rest it got super stupid toward the end. I think with the right talent this series could have stood the test of time like MASH etc. The plots were good all the way up to the carnival junk where we meet the "new cast" They stunk! Just my 2 cents..


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