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CBS responds to criticism over blurring of Adam Lambert's kiss on 'The Early Show'

Dick-clark-productions-adam-lambert Does Adam Lambert have it right?

This morning, during his appearance on "The Early Show," Lambert said he believed the furor over his sexually charged American Music Awards performance on Sunday was due to the fact that he's a gay male. He pointed out that Janet Jackson, for example, who opened the telecast, grabbed the crotch of a male dancer and no one had even mentioned that.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton expressed his disgust over the "double standard" in a post this morning and asked why CBS' "The Early Show" blurred the image of Lambert kissing one of his band members but showed Madonna's famous 2007 kiss with Britney Spears at the Video Music Awards.

We thought it was a valid question, and we took it to CBS.

A CBS representative responded: "We gave this some real thought.  The Madonna image is very familiar and has appeared countless times, including many times on morning television. The Adam Lambert image is a subject of great current controversy, has not been nearly as widely disseminated and, for all we know, may still lead to legal consequences."

What do you think?

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: Adam Lambert's AMA kiss. Credit: Dick Clark Productions


Adam Lambert answers his critics

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I seem to recall a 'kiss in' outside Mormon churches after two guys were arrested for kissing on Mormon property. Perhaps its time for a 'kiss in' to occur at these two faced biggoted media outlets.

I find the way many reporters ask questions around the 'gay issue' repulsive disgusing and incensitive, constantly scrapping the bottom of the barrel with their holier than though attitudes and air of disgust.

Adam Lambert's next appearance will be on The BIGGEST LOSER.


Did you see the acts on the AMAs? Shakira was literally 'crotch thrusting' with 30 or more of her 'crotch thrusting' dancers throughout her entire routine. Janet Jackson grabbed the crotch of one of her male dancers. Eminem recited 'rape' lyrics that had to bleeped,but you still got the gist! Did anyone ask for THEIR 'sexually charged' lifestyle and 'longing for attention' antics to be rammed down our throats? No,but,at the end of the day, it was all in the name of entertainment.

In the Shakira case, maybe you chose to omit her routine in your 'outcry' because you see nothing wrong with a woman pleading to a man to 'take her', NOW! Good old heterosexual sex! Did it ever occur to you,however,that she may have been pleading to the women or both her female and male audience?

I have to assume that you are targeting Adam because you were uncomfortable with a 'man kissing another man'(although it is people like you who ARE proving his point). That not only makes your post reek of 'double standard',but makes you appear --dare I say it-- homophobic.

I think Adam makes a valid point and that point was only reinforced by CBS and The Early Show.

Adam didn't only perform risque moves on the men on that stage, in fact, he committed what could be deemed inappropriate acts with THREE female dancers. 1) he shoved a girls face into his crotch as he walked up the stairs; 2) another female dancer groped him, full on hand full of his "manhood" for about 30-45 seconds; 3) on the chair the female dancer above him, he had his hand on her butt and then proceeded to pull the harness type device that she was wearing between her legs.

Why are NONE of those indecent? why is everyone focusing on the male on male acts? It screams homophobia from where I'm sitting.

I find it interesting that girl on girl doesn't get the hysteria, but guy on guy seems to get everyone's panties in a wad.

If kissing is such a huge deal on the telly, then any and all kisses should be banned from being broadcast, be they between same sex or heterosexual individuals.

I think the kid is brave and brillant and being used to further both sides of "gay" agenda. The gays want him to be gayer but safer. The straights want him to sing and dance and make them money but not be as gay. Everyone wants a piece of Adam but only if they can have him their way. He goes from Hero to Zero only to be built back to Hero. We get daily dishes of Adam Lambert served hot and then some folks want it sent back until it sizzles or served only cool with desert. Can you imagine being this kid right now. How frustrating and upsetting life can be right now. He'll work it out but I hope he turns to those who can keep him safe and just be there for him. His music is great and I just want to hear him sing, watch him dance and do his thing. Hang in there kid. You are one of the greats.

Adam Lambert was no more aggressive than the other performers on the AMAs. In fact if anyone was to have a problem with his act during that venue they would have to have a problem with all the other entertainers who did the same things Adam did - BEFORE he got up to do his. I had no (ZERO) problems with what any of the performers did because they were doing their thing and trying to entertain us. I have no idea why people are trying to make this into something it wasn't/isn't. How is what Adam did anymore aggressive than Janet Jackson grabbing the crotch of her male dancer, holding onto his crotch and then pushing his head down so she is controlling his backside? She simulated butt sex with a man! Are you now also going to tell me I shouldn't get the idea of simulating butt penetration after that? Or when that same male dancer gets on his knees in front of Janet Jackson's crotch I shouldn't have gotten the simulated oral sex from that? Oh sure it is fine when someone female like Janet Jackson is sexually aggressive because she is 1. a female and 2. a better known pop star but allow a new comer to do the same thing and it becomes controversy? Did no one complain when Alicia Keys who symbolically wore a silver heart necklace that hung oh so just below her "ya ya" in the crotch? Her pelvic thrusts during her song had that little heart bouncing up and down against her crotch and she felt herself up while dancing. Then Keys's male dancer again kneeled down before Alicia Keys crotch and and simulated frontal oral sex during her routine. But again, this was okay because when he was doing this and she was starring right at him consenting it, her 4 hot female dancers leaned against a brick wall and did pelvic thrusts at the camera. Oh and of course a naked Rhianna covered in baby oil pulsating her hips on a laser operating table wasn't suppose to be sexual at all? She can be strapped down held by the bonds of medical equipment while she undergoes laser surgery and no one complains. Rhianna can simulated sadomasochistic conduct and it is okay for her but not Adam Lambert? She can then come out and do a number in bonded strapped cat suit that shows her bottoms of her breast and because it is a white colored outfit no one calls it an S&M outfit. She was wearing a crotch strap for crying out loud. No one had a problem with her sexy S&M outfit. Nor did anyone say anything about the naked latex bodysuit with a crotch strap that Lady Gaga was wearing huh? Yes again that is displaying simulated sadomasochistic conduct but it is okay because it is Gaga and not Adam Lambert. Even though Gaga was spreading her legs wide open for her camera shots while playing piano. No one had a problem with Shakira who wore a skirt so short the cameramen were shooting crotch shots of her and her dozen aggressive female dancers all doing pelvic thrusts for 3 plus minutes. Oh and wait let's not exclude the presenters of the evening. Kate Hudson wore a dress that was so opened and revealing in the front that her breasts were almost showing and there was no back to that dress and there is no way she could have sat down as that skirt was so short it was almost showing her crotch. It is okay for our young daughters to see a woman dressed like that because she is a star. Eniemn aggressively rapped about RAPING 17 women while aggressively grabbing his crotch and what? - no complaints??! Whitney Houston sang about being on drugs and alcohol and what no complaints??? Sweet girl next door Carrie Underwood tried singing on stilts (those shoes were so tall if she fell off she'd break an ankle) and flirted with a crowd of male dancers while wearing a skirt so short she could barely walk. Our daughters want to dress like her! The tamest of all that night was Daughtry who sang off key and had to remove his ear piece to get the rest of his set right and the first Kelly Clarkson who just stood there and sang. Yeah, that's entertainment. Or boring Country Crooner Keith Urban who sang off key and pitchy while standing still. Let's not forget the aggressive singing and dance routine of Jennifer Lopez who's symbolic climb onto of the male music industry led to her fall on her ass_et. Her loose wearing boxer shorts revealed way too much of her spread legged crotch when she fell. But again the only person to have received any complaints that night after all of that was Adam Lambert? Get real?! What a double standard. If you want to roast anyone you need to start at the begining of the AMAs and work to the end. If you want an apology from Adam Lambert you'd better start asking for an apology from Janet and work your way backwards. All of these artists need to stick together and back each's others artist expression up. Like Adam Lambert said he had no problem with what any of the artist did they were exercising their artistic expression. It is part of the song when the rappers cuss and grab their crotches. If you don't want to watch that or hear that then don't invite them to sing. Adam Lambert is a chameleon and not every song he sings will have lyrics like that. I'm sure Whitney Houston isn't going to sing about doing drugs all the time. You want to hold Adam Lambert accountable for the entire night of sexually charged music and say he was the only aggresser, bs. He was just in his element.

CBS clearly should have done more "real thinking."

@Kim, you rock!!

This day and age people are still "offended" at two men kissing? GROW UP people. And all you homophobic people, men and women, please leave the United States and move to Iraq or Iran. They'll love you over there.

Ends does not justify the means...if this was planned, perhaps, (Lambert states it was not) but the keyboard player was not expecting a kiss nor had his permission, this includes those that got a taste of "ground crotch".

Adam used his power, presence and stage performance to take advantage of someone else for his own ego and self serving gratification in the name of "entertainment", adrenaline or whatever else he and others who come to his defense.

Respect is respect...and for those that think it's cool or that we're being prudish in attitude, or we need to just "live and let live", let someone unexpectedly lay it on you Lambert style without your knowledge or consent...yeah, didn't think so.

i really dont think its that big of a problem. i mean honestly Lambert had a point with the janet jackson thing. heck im bi. so im honestly not troubled by this..

Attitudes like Barbara Waleski's are exactly what's wrong with America. We have become a nation of infants, afraid that if we "are subjected" to the horror of two men touching lips, we will... What? Die? Be forever scarred? Get a really bad rash of some kind?

Nothing. Nothing bad will happen to you because you saw two men kiss. And, you know what? It's about time you did, because gay men have to see straight people "flaunting their lifestyle" "in their faces" every single day of their lives. Luckily, they seem fairly grown up about it.

wow, this has been a really good discussion. i was a little shocked by Adam's performance but the more time that goes by and the more i think about it, it wasn't anything we haven't seen done before by so-called "straight" performers. so BFD, ppl should just get over it, or turn off your tv.


Why are they critizing Adam Lambert? There has been a lot worse sexual things on t.v. early at night...My grandkids have had to be sent out of the room....As far as Adams ama's it was nothing people have not seen before...Kiss a man...really no big deal, women have done it for years...I am very discusted with ABC and don't watch it anymore....Guess they are all perfect.....Hang in there Adam there are other stations that will want you......

I am glad he got canned. Adam Lambert is groww

Lambert's thinking that he can perform as he wants. No. There are moral rules are existing. If social institutes will decide to take some legal actions for protect our society form "artists" like Lambert, I complitely agree.
This is serious issue. Lambert is a Hyper sexual Rooster with armed makeup
and sceaming singing as a cat screaming when his tale pinched by closed door.There is NOTHING about music with it's beauty and harmony. And I
do not want to watch his sexual performances. Without his makeup and his
yelling , scandalous sexuality - he would be complete zero. He's taking an attention by scandal flavour. Fakeman.

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