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[Updated] Carrie Prejean accuses Larry King of being 'inapproprate' and then fails to walk off his set

You know that video that's going viral today -- trending on Google and Twitter, thanks in to large part to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton -- of Carrie Prejean calling Larry King "inappropriate" on his talk show last night and threatening to leave?

We'd like to call it "inappropriate" too.  And maybe even throw a "misleading" for good measure. In the entertaining three-minute clip, Prejean becomes agitated when King repeatedly asks her why she dropped her claims of libel, slander, and religious discrimination against the Miss USA pageant. TMZ has reported that Prejean decided to strike a deal only after the lawyer for the pageant revealed a homemade sex tape of a 17-year-old Prejean.

King wasn't asking about the particulars of the settlement, just why she settled, mind you.  But Prejean repeatedly called him "inappropriate," took off her microphone, and appeared to want to leave. She never really owned that moment, we should add. She fumbled, looked around the room, and stayed sitting in the chair, even though she had removed her mike.

And then after the commercial break -- which you don't see on the clip that hit cyberspace last night -- Prejean is still in her seat. She didn't go anywhere. There was still her new book, "Still Standing" to promote.  So she forgave King for his other violation -- Prejean's publicist had set some rules: no phone calls and King had turned to his phone lines when she refused to answer his "inappropriate" questions.

The air was cleared, King apologized saying his producers didn't warn him of the no-calls rules, and King got to the new matter at hand: Prejean's future.

The following is an excerpt from that portion of the conversation:
King: What are you going to do next?

Prejean: Oh, my gosh. I'm just so excited to be, you know, promoting this book. I'm so excited to be an author now. It's really great that -- I'm 22 years old, and I think that I've accomplished so much. And I think that there is definitely a message out there to spread to young women and that is, you know, never do anything that you wouldn't want your biggest fans to see or, you know, never do anything that, heaven forbid, your dad would see.

So I think that there's definitely a message out there to spread to young women, to just be careful of what they do. And you can definitely learn from my mistakes.

King: So you have some regrets?

Prejean: Excuse me?

King: You have some regrets?

Prejean: Well, obviously the choices I made when I was a teenager, you know, that doesn't reflect who I am today. So yes, there were mistakes in my life. And no one's perfect. And I'm definitely owning up to those mistakes. As far as the pageant goes, no, I have no regrets.

Does Larry? We've asked him for a comment. We'll report if he appropriately gets back to us.

[Updated at 12:21 p.m.: King doesn't want to comment, but he tweeted a link to his interview, so it doesn't seem he's got any remorse. On that note, King's spokesperson points out that the reason King was so confused when Prejean yet again accused him of being "inappropriate" for taking calls from viewers -- which he does every night -- is that there were no preconditions to the interview. Prejean was making that up, King's spokesperson said. And now it seems Prejean has been caught in another fib by TMZ.]

-- Maria Elena Fernandez


Carrie Prejean vs. Perez Hilton

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Good Lord, Carrie, just wait until 2012, and you and Sarah can run for office together, and then maybe we'll be rid of both of you in the same fell swoop.

One thing is lacking in this society: TOLERANCE...

If people respected others' views we would be such a great Nation.

That lack of tolerance is fed by the media and non intelligent people fall for it....while others make money out of it.....

Leave her alone....she lost her crown...enough!!!!

This is coming from a gay man that believes in marriage for all.


If a lesbian was treated like this, she would be crying bigotry. Carrie has every right to have her opinion, and she is a strong person to stand up to the fiery darts of those that love to entrap and demean others in front of the public for what they suppose is popular thru the media!
Those in favor of same-gender marriage need to remember, that the majority of the people (Calif and Maine) still do not favor same-gender marriage and accept persons as they are! No is happy inside when one is obsessed with something and it turns into hate and dispising others.

She really touts herself as some holy roller - why doesn't she admit she enjoyed her tryst or was it that the devil made her do it. Ted Haggard wannabe.

King has interviewed thousands of celebrities and people who were involved in legal entanglements of every kind. Nothing about his questioning was "inappropriate". He wasn't asking Prejean about the settlement at all. What Prejean didn't want to talk about was why she decided to settle, because that might've entailed having to answer for her lies about the sex tapes she sent a boyfriend and the fact that she asked him to lie about when the tapes were made. She wanted to avoid the embarrassment, so she reverted to a recalcitrant child and made an utter fool of herself. You look at this very beautiful woman, staring into the camera lens, and you can literally see that there is not a shred of intelligence behind those big blue eyes. Where do they find these moronic women to participate in these pageants? You'd think that ultra-conservatives would want a more articulate spokesperson to represent their archaic and intolerant views on marriage. But, since pot-bellied old white men run that movement, I can see why they'd pick Ms. Prejean.

Once again, I would love to say "thanks" to Perez Hilton and Donald Trump for making this woman famous to begin with by tarring and feathering them. Lordy! This woman needs to grow up and act like a grown up instead of throwing hissy fits because people are kissing up to her.

I'm just astounded you twits WATCH garbage like this, and then 'brag' about it!!! King's entire 'career' is a pathetic farce, and as far as Donald the DooFuss is concerned....well I get more joy from breaking wind!

Ms. Carrie Prejean has every right to express her beliefs. There will always be opposing viewpoints and each voice needs to be heard.

I, however, feel Miss Prejean, must work on her interviews. Miss Prejean is only 22-years-old and she has a whole life ahead of her. She has years to improve. She needs to leave this dilemma all behind. I hope she will make careful decisions in the future and try to be a good role model to young women.

Miss Prejean is not the only one selling a book. Agassi is selling a book.

This mental midget make Palin look like Einstein. I'm sorry that Larry King didn't tell her she was a moron and thank her for threatening to leave. Perhaps she can following in Anita Bryant's footsteps. Selling a couple of oranges and disappear.

How and why do these people get book deals? This really upsets me. Book deals and press junkits only reinforce these people's despicability because they can make money off of it. Stop offering them money and they'll go away!

And I, for one, believe that saying "nobody's perfect" is a cop out and the exact opposite of taking accountability for awful, hypocritical conduct.

To think that Carrie Prejean considers herself a role model for young women..I DON'T THINK SO. So deluded.

I never liked Larry King because he is rude, shallow and goes for sensationalism. He got her to interview because he knew there will be tension and drama considering her story, they both went by scripts. As for her, just why would anyone need to read a book by a 23 year old who lost a beauty pageant with a chip on her shoulder, a hypocrite in her professed faith and money hungry? What pearls of wisdom are we going to see other than a few quick, flashy soft porn pics of her between the pages. The internet is full of free porn.

Carrie herself seems to be making things worse. There are a lot of questions as to whether she was 17 when she made the tape, or if she was actually 20 (see Huffington Post). If the latter is true, she is lying about this too. Yes, she has had some very vocal opponents, but any politician or other public figure faces this type of scrutiny for taking a stand on a heated issue (look at nationalized health care debates, abortion rights debates, etc). Welcome to the "wonderful" world of being a public figure. It is especially bad for her because her opinion involves trying to defend her right to discriminate... something that gets opponents VERY upset. It isn't like we are talking about whether or not to build a candy store in town or something - this is a BIG thing here in America, where people are voting to take away the rights that states have been giving people. Regardless of one's opinion towards gay marriage, it is UNPRECEDENTED that in America we are taking away rights of our fellow citizens. The states give the rights, then the people vote and take them away. Hello people! Even if you don't like gays it's amazing you feel in this great country we should be moving backwards. We all should be scared of this... whose rights will be voted away next?

This woman is pure trash. Larry King is perhaps the fairest interviewer on TV. To insult him with her absurd and "inappropriate" antics ought to earn her celebrity oblivion.

@Jan - "You stay strong Carrie and don't let ignorant people tear you down." - don't worry about that, she's a doing a pretty good job at tearing herself down with her lies and hypocritical stunts...

This idiot child was never condemned for her beliefs, as so many seem to keep repeating. She is being condemned for her vapid lust for the spotlight and how she will say and do anything for attention.

She is a good looking woman with a following. If she would find an ounce of integrity in herself and be honest: she apparently likes to party, has a healthy sex drive, and is OK with unpopular and contradictory opinions, she might get to enjoy the fame she so desperately craves.

She wrote a book? Shouldn't somone read a book at least once before writing their own?

Carrie Prejean is about as smart as a beatles dung. I wish someone would put Carrie on their show and ask her..."how was Larry being inappropriate?" Larry asked a straight forward question...Carrie tried to weasel out of it by saying she can't discuss the "settlement" because a confidential clause. Larry WAS NOT ASKING ABOUT THE CASE (She's such an idot). Larry addressed the question about "her motive" to "settle" the case. An individual's motive is not binding in the confidential clause. Larry even tried to explain that to her... She was too "stupid" to understand. What an idiot.

Larry King is a sleaze-bag making his living off of the titillating mistake-entrails of others. He should stick to his primary function as the intro to the accomplishments of others, (books and movies) since he himself can only be likened to a Carnival Barker.

Larry King should have thrown her off his set and went on with the show without her. She clearly is a spoiled brat and seemingly none too bright.

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