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[Updated] Carrie Prejean accuses Larry King of being 'inapproprate' and then fails to walk off his set

You know that video that's going viral today -- trending on Google and Twitter, thanks in to large part to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton -- of Carrie Prejean calling Larry King "inappropriate" on his talk show last night and threatening to leave?

We'd like to call it "inappropriate" too.  And maybe even throw a "misleading" for good measure. In the entertaining three-minute clip, Prejean becomes agitated when King repeatedly asks her why she dropped her claims of libel, slander, and religious discrimination against the Miss USA pageant. TMZ has reported that Prejean decided to strike a deal only after the lawyer for the pageant revealed a homemade sex tape of a 17-year-old Prejean.

King wasn't asking about the particulars of the settlement, just why she settled, mind you.  But Prejean repeatedly called him "inappropriate," took off her microphone, and appeared to want to leave. She never really owned that moment, we should add. She fumbled, looked around the room, and stayed sitting in the chair, even though she had removed her mike.

And then after the commercial break -- which you don't see on the clip that hit cyberspace last night -- Prejean is still in her seat. She didn't go anywhere. There was still her new book, "Still Standing" to promote.  So she forgave King for his other violation -- Prejean's publicist had set some rules: no phone calls and King had turned to his phone lines when she refused to answer his "inappropriate" questions.

The air was cleared, King apologized saying his producers didn't warn him of the no-calls rules, and King got to the new matter at hand: Prejean's future.

The following is an excerpt from that portion of the conversation:
King: What are you going to do next?

Prejean: Oh, my gosh. I'm just so excited to be, you know, promoting this book. I'm so excited to be an author now. It's really great that -- I'm 22 years old, and I think that I've accomplished so much. And I think that there is definitely a message out there to spread to young women and that is, you know, never do anything that you wouldn't want your biggest fans to see or, you know, never do anything that, heaven forbid, your dad would see.

So I think that there's definitely a message out there to spread to young women, to just be careful of what they do. And you can definitely learn from my mistakes.

King: So you have some regrets?

Prejean: Excuse me?

King: You have some regrets?

Prejean: Well, obviously the choices I made when I was a teenager, you know, that doesn't reflect who I am today. So yes, there were mistakes in my life. And no one's perfect. And I'm definitely owning up to those mistakes. As far as the pageant goes, no, I have no regrets.

Does Larry? We've asked him for a comment. We'll report if he appropriately gets back to us.

[Updated at 12:21 p.m.: King doesn't want to comment, but he tweeted a link to his interview, so it doesn't seem he's got any remorse. On that note, King's spokesperson points out that the reason King was so confused when Prejean yet again accused him of being "inappropriate" for taking calls from viewers -- which he does every night -- is that there were no preconditions to the interview. Prejean was making that up, King's spokesperson said. And now it seems Prejean has been caught in another fib by TMZ.]

-- Maria Elena Fernandez


Carrie Prejean vs. Perez Hilton

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Boy, if she can't handle Larry King -- the softball of all softball interviewers -- she needs to stop giving interviews.

Hmm. I didn't know holier-than-thou, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do "Christians" made sex tapes. Remember when Christianity was a religious movement - not a right wing political interest group? What phonies! :)

Why not just dismiss the bimbo. She's all wrapping and no substance. Looks good with nothing inside. Why do we use airtime with CP? Is the news universe so empty that she can give the illusion of adding something?


It's ironic that Ms. Prejean claims to be a voice for conservative young women and takes a moral stand against gay marriage- when at the age of seventeen, she made a sex tape. The media should not waste time covering her or helping to promote her book. I would much rather see an accomplished young woman -who is running a nonprofit, working in government, or otherwise improving the world- on the news than someone with a tarnished past who competes in beauty contests and clearly exhibits close-mindedness.

From a public relations standpoint, this is more damaging for her than it is for Larry King. Her response showed immaturity- the side discussion that she was having showed that she could not make her own decision. By refusing to answer questions, she negated any potential dialogue with viewers who had opposing or similar views. Her sole purpose was to promote her book, which is evident in this uncomfortable interview.

I think Prejean was upset that Larry wasn't throwing her softball questions. He actually wanted a real, thought-related answer, not just a PR presentation.

Who are all these people who think she's been so mistreated? When you throw yourself out there as an object to be judged, don't be suprised if you get objectified. And judged. If she didn't want that, she wouldn't have bothered with the spray tan and the implants.

perverted old creep - beyond me why this jerk was ever on, let alone still on

PLEASE PLEASE LET THIS IDIOT'S 10 MINS O' FAME BE UP SOON !!! (she is just unbearable...)

Please, are not her 15 minutes of fame over yet???

1. She told him, nicely, about 4 times, that she would not answer any
questions about the settlement. And he kept pushing and pushing. I would have said "up yours, Larry" and walked out right there. But of course, she was there to promote her book.... which leads me to point #2...

2. She no doubt came on that show only to promote her book. So what? You think every celebrity you see on late night TV isn't there for one reason and one reason only? They have a book, or a movie, or a CD coming out and they are hawking it.

Yep, she had naughty photos. Yep, she's not the brightest. Yep, she just sits there looking pretty trying to promote her book.

I repeat.... SO???

My guess is that she only agreed to appear because she is selling a book, and King promised her that nothing embarrassing would be talked about because he wanted to get her on the show, figuring he could sandbag her when she got in that chair.

Well, they both got what they wanted.

People keep spouting this idea of "free speech" but she is trying to promote a book. Come on people get a grip. She is a big girl, if she can't handle it then she should get out of the spotlight.

I also find it humorous that people use the excuse.... Well, my son, daughter, or friend is gay so its ok for me to discriminate. Just like the slave owners in the south that thought it was ok to enslave black heathens because they needed to 'civilize' them. Just because you have the right to free speech doesn't men your not an idiot.

dumb blonde

I vaguely recall who this Carrie is. I recall she came to light regarding her beliefs and a pageant question and some gossip boy judge. I remember at one point thinking "good for her for standing up for her beliefs". I almost escaped knowing she had a sex tape (my sweet Jesus, don't they all these days?! I mean it's obvious a good number of people think they'd like to watch themselves having sex later. I guess the nastiest stigma to having one is that you'd actually want to view it, ever.... but I digress.) So now this nobody who came to light because of a dust-up with another nobody has written a book? To tell us all what? Oh yea, something about learning from her mistakes. Yea. I dare say we all have enough of our own mistakes from which we can learn should we choose to do so. Whether she's 22 ! or 72, it doesn't appear she has a thing to offer in the way of guidance just yet.

I should write a book. Hell, I'll just go read one.

Frankly, am disappointed and surprised that Larry King who has interviewed presidents and kings gave this woman (Carrie Prejean) air time. Clearly Carrie Prejean is out to promote her book. Ms. Prejean is not only unintelligent but a hypocrite. The people who will buy her book will be those who lean to the right...probably bigoted and of equal intelligence as Ms. Prejean.

Surely, Larry King could have found a better guest to interview.

I think that TMZ should be careful about pointing fingers at people and displaying them as liars. They are FAR from being a reliable source of news and tend to completely blow situations out of proportion and in a completely slanted light in order to make a name for themselves and/or a few bucks.

I can't believe how many traditional news sources quote TMZ. It's like quoting the local neighborhood gossip who takes a shred of truth and twists it so out of shape that it's no longer recognizable.

Larry King was being inappropriate. When settlements are made, no details are to be discussed. She said that repeatedly. I'm glad that she wouldn't play his game.

Hurah, Prejean the dragon slayer! Larry tried to skewer her but she shut down that little game. Larry is so creepy, he should be mumified, oh too late!

It seems to me that just about everyone involved in this whole mistaken mess has some misgivings and/or errors. Prejean, it seems to me has the most class of anyone involved.

1. Who in the world put the gay guy on as a judge in a Miss America Pageant?
Let him be a judge in some gay beauty contest.

2. Why wasn't he shut down immediately when he asked such an
inflammatory question. This was supposed to be a BEAUTY PAGEANT,
not a political debate.

3. How is it that Larry King is so un-informed for his question session that he
doesn't even KNOW that there was an agreement that Prejean was not to
answer any questions from viewers.

4. When she told Larry King that his questions were inappropriate
(repeatedly), what's the problem? Does he not understand English?
Is he so dead set on continuing his inappropriate conduct that he just won't
accept any argument at all?

5. And why was Prejean representing California at all. Didn't she have any
idea that her unappropriate activity (the sex tape) would be revealed? She
might as well have signed an agreement beforehand that she would be
kicked out for any actions at all.

Even at that, as stated above, she is the only one in this whole screwed up mess that shows any class at all.

So Carrie the silicone cow with the store bought blonde hair think she is all that. Get rid of what she bought, put her in front of a mirror & watch which one will crack first.

She is a HYPOCRITE and not that much different than Richard Heene! But apparently she feels she has the right to b.s. because she has that cross dangling around her neck. I'm sick of these IDIOTS!

There is nothing worse than the ego of a self-righteous fundamentalist beauty queen. I have NO sympathy. If she doesn't like to be "attacked," then why doesn't she take a step out of the spotlight. Someone like her is almost hard to imagine. She struts around in revealing bikinis, makes sexually explicit videos of herself, and then has no shame in proclaiming her conservative fundamentalist values. What a piece of crap. She isn't even that beautiful. Go away you Christian porno slut. Only in America.

seriously this lady needs to leave. Who in a million years gives a crap what she has to say. She a right wing biggot who feels her way or the high-way. Free speech only if your a Bible thumper.

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