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[Updated] Carrie Prejean accuses Larry King of being 'inapproprate' and then fails to walk off his set

You know that video that's going viral today -- trending on Google and Twitter, thanks in to large part to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton -- of Carrie Prejean calling Larry King "inappropriate" on his talk show last night and threatening to leave?

We'd like to call it "inappropriate" too.  And maybe even throw a "misleading" for good measure. In the entertaining three-minute clip, Prejean becomes agitated when King repeatedly asks her why she dropped her claims of libel, slander, and religious discrimination against the Miss USA pageant. TMZ has reported that Prejean decided to strike a deal only after the lawyer for the pageant revealed a homemade sex tape of a 17-year-old Prejean.

King wasn't asking about the particulars of the settlement, just why she settled, mind you.  But Prejean repeatedly called him "inappropriate," took off her microphone, and appeared to want to leave. She never really owned that moment, we should add. She fumbled, looked around the room, and stayed sitting in the chair, even though she had removed her mike.

And then after the commercial break -- which you don't see on the clip that hit cyberspace last night -- Prejean is still in her seat. She didn't go anywhere. There was still her new book, "Still Standing" to promote.  So she forgave King for his other violation -- Prejean's publicist had set some rules: no phone calls and King had turned to his phone lines when she refused to answer his "inappropriate" questions.

The air was cleared, King apologized saying his producers didn't warn him of the no-calls rules, and King got to the new matter at hand: Prejean's future.

The following is an excerpt from that portion of the conversation:
King: What are you going to do next?

Prejean: Oh, my gosh. I'm just so excited to be, you know, promoting this book. I'm so excited to be an author now. It's really great that -- I'm 22 years old, and I think that I've accomplished so much. And I think that there is definitely a message out there to spread to young women and that is, you know, never do anything that you wouldn't want your biggest fans to see or, you know, never do anything that, heaven forbid, your dad would see.

So I think that there's definitely a message out there to spread to young women, to just be careful of what they do. And you can definitely learn from my mistakes.

King: So you have some regrets?

Prejean: Excuse me?

King: You have some regrets?

Prejean: Well, obviously the choices I made when I was a teenager, you know, that doesn't reflect who I am today. So yes, there were mistakes in my life. And no one's perfect. And I'm definitely owning up to those mistakes. As far as the pageant goes, no, I have no regrets.

Does Larry? We've asked him for a comment. We'll report if he appropriately gets back to us.

[Updated at 12:21 p.m.: King doesn't want to comment, but he tweeted a link to his interview, so it doesn't seem he's got any remorse. On that note, King's spokesperson points out that the reason King was so confused when Prejean yet again accused him of being "inappropriate" for taking calls from viewers -- which he does every night -- is that there were no preconditions to the interview. Prejean was making that up, King's spokesperson said. And now it seems Prejean has been caught in another fib by TMZ.]

-- Maria Elena Fernandez


Carrie Prejean vs. Perez Hilton

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TMZ is saying that, according to Carrie's ex, she was 20 at the time the tape was made, not 17.

This woman is just THICK!

I think it is a disgrace how Carrie Prejean is being treated by the media and by others for standing up for her own beliefs. She was asked a question at the pageant and she answered it the way she believes. I am proud of her for doing so.

Larry king supposedly not knowing he was not to take calls.? Bull! Just the media still trying to manipulate Carrie for standing up for her own beliefs.

About as people refer to as Carrie's sex tape. Who hasn't done crazy things as a teen all in the name of love? No one is the same as they were when they were teens. People grow up and most learn from their mistakes.

Shame on you vulchers for trying yet to ruin another persons life just to cover your own a****. I will NEVER watch another pageant.

I am a married straight woman and I have a gay son and I agree with same sex marriage and or some kind of union. I have many gay friends as well.

I believe in freedom of speech and Carrie has every right to express her's without being condemned for it.

You stay strong Carrie and don't let ignorant people tear you down.

OMG she is outta control.....something is def. wrong with her.

This girl is dumb! Seriously who cares what she has to say....

Sarah Palin is her hero. Why? Because they both quit when people ask questions they don't want to answer?

"She never really owned that moment?"
Seemed more like an eternity than a moment.

This Woman is a good example of narcissism, she thinks she's the only one who has the right to free speech. Oh and Sarah Palin too apparently.

The so called "attacks" she endlessly complains about, FREE SPEECH. That's what it is, FREE SPEECH.

We all all have the right to exercise free speech. Not just stupid people like Carrie and Sarah. It is plain STUPID for both of these woman to complain that they're being attacked for the use of free speech when others use their right to free speech to respond to the joke they perpetuate on the American people.

All this is a shining example of two people that are simply too dumb to know how stupid they are. Please somebody tell them.

She comes off as a complete idiot and you pick Sarah Palin as your idol? I would like to meet the 5 people who will buy her book.

Jan-you're seriously misinformed.
Carrie's bigoted answer had nothing to do with her fall.
She was 20 at the tiem of the sex tape (2 years ago). The guy she banged has 15 to 20 tapes he said. He also said she called him and begged him to say she was 17, not 20.
They banged for 4 days in San Diego.

She is being justly villified for being a lying, bigoted holier than thou wh-o-re who pretended to have high morals when all along she had fake breasts, make sex tapes, posed nude, etc etc

She is not "Still Stranding"-she is lying vertically with her legs in the air

Love God-He is punishing her for her filthy lies!

Larry King and Carrie Prejean, poster children for America circa 2009. One's been married 8 times to 7 women, the other has an IQ of 14. Which, come to think of it, may be somewhat higher than that of a guy married 8 times.

Jan said: "I believe in freedom of speech and Carrie has every right to express her's without being condemned for it."

That's not correct, Jan. Carrie does not have a "right" to not be condemned for what she says. We all have a right to speak our minds - including those of us who disagree with her.

Sorry Jan, it doesn't work that way. You don't get to judge *and* be accepted unconditionally.

If Carrie wanted to stand up for her beliefs her publicist wouldn't have requested the "No Calls" stipulation and let her sing her discriminating views... instead of just using the media to further her own agenda with her vacuous book.

If pro-gay rights members have to take the criticism they've had to do she shouldn't be exempt either. I have no idea why anyone would think she should be any different.

Accomplishments? What accomplishments. She probably didn't even write the book all on her own. People behind the scenes feed her what she has to say.

Double standard? Miss P got a boob-job. Alternating your natural body for a fake perfection.

What an awful troll! So arrogant and disrespectful. Doesn't the bible also say masturbating is wrong? Last time I checked it did. How about pre-marital sex? If she wants to be "biblically correct" its an offense mentioned more times in the bible than homosexuality. I also love that she doesn't take questions! No "reporter" or interviewer should agree to such asinine terms- what she wants is free airtime to promote herself with zero accountability or allowance for opposing points of view. Larry stooped to a new low by even having her on in the first place.

@Jan -- actually, YOU are the disgrace, defending a bigoted moron who has done nothing but trumpet her ignorance while she tries to deny the civil rights and happiness of your OWN SON! How could any decent mother support such a vile human being?

Any respectable journalist would ask a question like that. She's just too dumb to answer with dignity and class. If you can't take the heat while promoting your own "book" then get out the kitchen!

Has anyone either threatened to walk or actually off The King of the Softball Question's show?

Jan? I seriously doubt that you have any gay friends and I think that's pretty terrible to take a stance on something that denies equal human rights. Especially for your own son. That's just low.
As for this "interview", I'm surprised it qualifies as one at all. No questions, no calls...? Wow. I'm beyond impressed with her ability to stand up for her beliefs...
Free speech is great, but it's a damn shame that book was allowed to be published.

Larry King did nothing wrong other then pandering to Ms. Prejean-who not only proved what she is but named her price. You can clean up nice and try to sell books to morons, but still be a raving hypocrite and media-whore. I'm just glad she's getting all the appropriate ridicule for her holier-then-thou stance! Fortunately her 15 min is just about up.

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