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'Brothers & Sisters': Justin's baby blues

November 30, 2009 |  9:22 am


After harboring the news of her pregnancy for two episodes, Rebecca finally told Justin that they're going to be parents.

Of course, the news couldn't have come at a worse time, what with the wedding on the horizon and Justin's medical school dreams almost dashed by his failing grades. His reaction was shock followed by anger at Rebecca's secrecy and then fear as he confronted his readiness for fatherhood. On top of that, he had taken his first sip of alcohol in months -- surely not a good sign for a recovering addict. Justin has tried so hard to undo his image as the family screw-up that as the problems piled up and his confidence toppled, you couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy. No one is ever really ready to be a parent, but Justin really isn't ready. 

This will pose a huge problem for Rebecca, who, despite being just as frightened, decided to keep the baby. She's been patient while Justin got his life in order, but she can't continue to keep it together if he won't communicate properly. Rebecca is still unaware of his troubles at school, and thanks to a pep talk from Robert, Justin chose to convey his support for her by lying. In his defense, what do you say when your future wife tells you she's having your baby? "Thanks, but no thanks" wouldn't really be very appropriate. This baby is going to be either a divisive or a unifying force in their relationship, so I hope both Justin and Rebecca step up to the plate.

Their impending wedding was also bound to hit more bumps beyond their control. Holly, the proud mother of the bride, realized that she can't shoulder the financial burden of the ceremony. Her investments have been wiped out in a Madoff-type scheme, and her cheap wine plan to recoup the loss was sidetracked by a vengeful Ryan, which left her no choice but to turn to Nora for help. Nora agreed to stay out of the wedding plans that had already been arranged, but I have a feeling Holly's debt may haunt her in the future.

Meanwhile, Nora's new love interest, Simon, may also have a past haunting him as well. So far, Nora's been blinded by the glow of her younger beau. Her house has been uncharacteristically left in disarray as she and Simon flirt and frolic, leaving her skeptical and her protective children concerned. Sarah, convinced that he's too good to be true, conducted a quick Google search that revealed two malpractice lawsuits against him. They were eventually found inconclusive, which Nora was aware of, but it still did not explain Simon's move from patient care to research. I hadn't thought of Simon as a man with a secret until his conversation with Sarah in the kitchen. There was an air of apprehension and tension that would lead me to believe he's not quite the person Nora thought he was. I'm all for Nora finding love, but if the sheen of perfection were to be tarnished for the sake of a more honest relationship, then so be it.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Do you think the baby will strengthen Justin's and Rebecca's relationship or drive them apart? What do you think Simon is hiding?

-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: From left, Saul (Ron Rifkin), Justin (Dave Annable) and Kevin (Matthew Rhys) on "Brothers & Sisters." Credit: ABC


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