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Adam Lambert asks and answers 'Whataya Want From Me' on 'The Early Show'

Adam Lambert didn't think he needed to redeem himself today on CBS' "The Early Show." But he may have done just that and a little bit more.

At the same time he was reminding his "American Idol" fans what they loved about him in the first place, Lambert probably managed to instill some regret over at ABC headquarters over Tuesday's decision to disinvite him to perform on "Good Morning America" after his controversial, highly sexual appearance at the American Music Awards on Sunday night.

This morning, Lambert was relaxed and articulate as he answered questions about his decisions on Sunday night to improvise kissing a man on stage and simulating oral sex with another. Later, he took questions from fans who attended his live performance and capped the morning with two strong vocal performances of his new songs, "Whataya Want From Me" and "Music Again."

In his interview, Lambert admitted that performing in front of many of his favorite pop artists "got the best of me" and that the controversial parts of his Sunday night performance were not rehearsed. Having a background in theater, he said, doesn't automatically make him think of the audience at home when he is on stage, he said.

"Honestly, it didn't even cross my mind — children," he said. "It was almost 11 o'clock. I was there in the audience full of mostly adults. Sometimes I forget, oh, there's a camera on. I come from the theater and I'm programmed to look at who's in the live audience, and that's kind of where I come from, and so I was looking out into the crowd and saw some of my favorite pop stars and thought I want to let loose. It just kind of got the best of me. I had a really great time. Unfortunately, there are people that are really upset, but there are also people that enjoyed it. So, like "Idol," I guess I have a tendency to divide people. Apples and oranges. You either like it or you don't."

Later he added: "It got the best of me. I'm obviously learning. This is my first performance post-"Idol" on television. The song lyrically is sexual, and I was just performing the lyrics of my song. I think in the future I will probably make a little bit more of an effort to stay consistent with what I do during rehearsal to what I do during the show. That's something I'm learning now, and that way if anyone has a problem with what I'm doing, it can be explored during rehearsal."

But Lambert also pointed out that he was not the only artist who included racy behavior in his performance, and he believes the fact that he is a gay male is behind the negative reactions to his performance.

"Just to play devil's advocate with you: Lady Gaga smashing whiskey bottles. Janet Jackson grabbed a male dancer's crotch, Eminem talked about how Slim Shady had 17 rapes under his belt," Lambert said. "There was a lot of very adult material on the AMA's this year, and I know I wasn't the only one. I am not using that as an excuse, and I didn't take any offense with those performer's choices. I'm just saying I think it's up to a parent to watch the television. It was almost 11 o'clock at night. If they're concerned with certain material, maybe TiVo it and preview it before your small child is watching it."

Lambert said he hoped fans and viewers would keep in mind that his Sunday night rendition of "For Your Entertainment" accounts for only one performance and his album is broader than that. (Eight fans were given the opportunity to ask Lambert questions before he performed, and none of them covered anything that happened on Sunday night).

"This is one song," he said. "It's one production number. This song on the album is one of the few songs that really explores risque, dangerous, edgy kind of sexuality. There are other songs on the album that are completely different. So, for me, I hope people don't put me into a box and say, 'Oh, he's nasty. And he's going to be that way all the time.' "

Then he took to the stage at CBS and proved just that.

— Maria Elena Fernandez

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Lambert calls the controversy a huge double standard

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Lambert crossed the line...simple as that.


kudos to cbs. adam is a true artist, with a perfect voice. i loved his performance and i love his album.

Adam was fantastic on the Early Show. He was sweet, articulate, and honest. He looked great with just the right amount of sexy. The performances were wonderful. Mombert even showed up. Love that woman! Love you forever, Adam. You rock!

As a fan, I was not looking for an apology. Never crossed my mind.
But Adam gave us exactly what we needed this morning....'Whataya Want from ME'? could not have been a more perfect choice of song, and he sang it with beautiful feeling and perfect vocals.
'Music Again' is just a small taste of the great selection of upbeat, jumpin' tracks on his new CD.
Fair weather fans , haters, and ABC....eat his dust. He is not going away, and he will win you all back. Nobody can deny the talent in this young man. He admittedly did not handle his performance on AMA like he could have, but he is finding his way. Give him a chance to show you the wonders of Glambert.

Keep that crap on MTV. They love deviant gay behavior. The rest of us are sick of being force fed this garbage, especially on a broadcast network during prime time.

One more thing...go watch the music video of For Your Entertainment on youtube. (better be quick...it will more than likely be taken down soon)
You may change your mind about the song if the AMAs were the first time you had a chance to hear it.

He did handle the interview well, but he cannot accept any responsibility. It is everyone else that is wrong, and he is right. What a shame. He has a wonderful voice and will be an international star - unless he continues with the poor me - I am gay and if I express my self, I am discriminated against.

Adam has become full of himself. I'm done. Returned his CD.

Adam was excellent this morning and I think ABC made a BIG mistake by "disinviting" him! I'd like to give Kudos to CBS for having Adam on this morning and spending a lot of time with him, not just a 2 minute segment. Adam is a real talent and I really hope people have an open mind and don't put him in a box. Congrats Adam!

So, can someone address why the Early Show, in giving background on the "history of controversies" on music awards shows, felt they could show in all its glory, the kiss between Madonna & Britney but seconds later showed Lambert's male-male kiss but pixellated the image so that the actual kiss wasn't visible? Who made that decision?

BRAVO to CBS for doing an "ADAM", brave enough to jump on a risky opportunity! He's still the Adam I love - smart, articulate, true to himself and an awesome performer. Those who insists on bashing him would not have been his fans anyway, so go love your Taylor Swift and vanilla ice cream.

I bet ABC is sorry now!

I would bet money that commenter "Tom" has never even watched an American Music Awards telecast, and thus, not personally "force fed" anything.

Mika, ABC's Loss is CBS's gain.... Did you even watch his performance on "The Early Show" this morning. His new CD has been on the Top 10 Lists (iTunes, Amazon) for weeks now. THIS IS ABOUT MUSIC AND IS NOT THAT DEEP!!!!!!!

I was at Adam's performance for The Early Show this morning and he was absolutely awesome! His vocals were spot on and he was honest, open, articulate in the interview and kindness itself to his fans of which there were hundreds! ABC eat your heart out that you screwed up this opportunity to present Adam as he usually is. CBS is the winner here! Thank you CBS for your support of this wonderful young artist.

No one seemed to care when Madonna kissed both Britney Spears and Christina Agulera.....so what is the difference now?


Being force fed this behavior? I'm sorry, but you are not being force fed ANYTHING. You choose what to watch and what to believe - nobody is forcing you to do anything. If you don't want to see it, turn off the TV. I'm not happy about the conservative media "force feeding" their ideas to me either, but I'm not sitting there writing negative comments about it every chance I get.

I understand if people were offended by the performance - well, that's your opinion. But to call that DEVIANT gay behavior, that just highlights your ignorance and homophobia. I am heterosexual and you know what? Oral sex and making out is a normal part of a healthy sex life. It's part of mine, and honestly, for your sake, I hope it's part of yours too.

Thank you CBS. Adam was awesome this morning. I loved his performances. I've been listening to his album since I got mine last Saturday. It's the best I've even owned. Way to go Adam. A Fan Forever.

Tom...you should then turn OFF your TV for good since many of the daytime and primetime soaps/dramas/sitcoms shove violence and gayness down the viewer's throat as you so elequently quote. Go hide in the closet and be safe.

Julia...glad you had a change of heart. That means one more chance of getting a front-row seat during Adam's tour. Kudos to you my dear !!

Adam Lambert...YOU ROCK !!!

To the comment from Tom, just who is force-feeding you anything? If you don't like what you see CHANGE THE CHANNEL!! Adam is right, he's not a babysitter for all kids allowed to stay up until 11:00 at night. Parents nowadays just look for someone else to blame for their inabilities to raise kids properly!

Adam explained everything perfectly today and if he's still misunderstood that's not his fault.

Haters, go away and leave Adam alone!

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