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'Top Chef: Las Vegas': Oh ye of little faith

Padma's reckless overuse of oversized accessories -- that belt with those boots! the hat! -- nearly distracted me entirely from watching Ash take nosedive after nosedive, even after last week's reprieve. But really, that hat! (Sadly, she had removed it for photographers and all we can see is the belt -- and without the boots. Meh.)

No surprise to see him go home, a judges' decision I suspect based not on his clammy cold pork, but on his lack of brains. Really. Ash is nice, but not too bright. His calling Mike V. the culinary world's Picasso, a man he'd gladly "wash paintbrushes" for, will go down as one of most entertaining and stupid moments in history. Halfway through Wednesday night's episode, he informs viewers that, oh, Mike I. had a really great idea -- Ash shouldn't do what he originally planned! Ash should serve cold pork! Just because! Of course, the pork is lackluster.

But what does him in, again, are those speeches. "Oh Charlie Palmer, I didn't mean to serve you cold pork. What I really wanted to give you was braised pork with cheesy polenta, a perfect pairing with the pinot!" Palmer's shock would have matched my own had I not fully expected Ash to say something that would reveal just how clueless he is.

You should have outlasted Robin, my friend. But then again, maybe not.

At this point, I could care less about Robin, and thanks to the show's editors and my own fickle attitude, I now even feel sorry for her, without a friend trapped in that house of frat boys. She still should have gone awhile ago -- her chlorine-like shrimp should have done her in -- but while she's there, she has my pity.

I actually find Laurine far more offensive than Robin. Laurine with her dead eyes and lack of spirit. Does she even want to be there? Can you imagine, if we lived in some alternate universe, if she won? Ugh! How terrible for the "Top Chef" legacy. It was such a treat to watch her get a smackdown from Charlie Palmer -- Charlie Palmer! -- on what a rillette is (far better than hearing Toby compare the texture to cat food, but I enjoyed that as well).

And the waiting game continues.... Who's next? Just four more until we're down to The Final Four. Does Kevin have this whole thing in the bag already? Who do you think is his next biggest rival? Jennifer? Or the Brothers Voltaggio?

-- Denise Martin (follow me on Twitter @denisemartin)


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Photo: Charlie Palmer and Padma Lakshmi in "Top Chef: Las Vegas." Credit: NBC Universal

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I would have had no problem if they sent home every one of the bottom three last night. I've watched every episode this season, and I can't even remember Laurine's name. I guess they need to keep a certain number in order to have Restaurant Wars.

I am the only one who is going to call Mike I. out on his blatant sabotage? Yes, Ash was utterly stupid to have listened to him. Hello? He's your competition! The point is Mike I knew exactly what he was doing.

Brett, Yes, I would prefer if they could cut more than one person at a time. Last night I too would have sent them all home. Dumb. Am very very curious to see Restaurant Wars. Especially since it seems both brothers are on the same team. People hate on the Voltaggio boys because they're brothers, but I like their dynamic. Much better than when Top Chef Chicago cast two girlfriends who both sucked. That was boring.

Katharine, For whatever reason, I still don't hate Mike I. Not yet. He's annoying, sure, but he's worked for great places. I still think he's a little more inspired than Eli, but I could absolutely be wrong about that.

The 4 top lat night are your final four and the 3 in the bottom could have all gone home. Mike I is smokey meat and mirrors and Eli is a bit too young.

The Voltaggios, the red-bearded gnome, and Jennifer should be the contenders by the end of the season.

Mike I. is a mook with delusions of grandeur, Eli is a talented as*hat, Robin is a fishwife (although it is kinda sad that it seems like it's the house vs. Robin), and Laurine looks, and cooks, like she's on lithium.

Better than Palmer's critique of Laurine's rillette was Toby's "shaved armpit vs. hairy armpit" analogy - even Tom collapsed laughing.

Actually Dana Cowin made the comment about Laurine's Pork Rillette tasting like cat food. Toby had the great line about armpits when referring to the taste of the Pinot Noir that Jen cooked with.

Even if Robin is not a great chef, the way these ignorant boys treat her is horrendous. None of them deserves to win the Top Chef award even if their cooking is wonderful. THe producers might think this is "good t.v.", but meanness is meanness..... THey deserve a big smack in the mouth for the way they treat her and not for any good reason other than she is"OLD".... give me a break. Julia would have been kicked by these morons...... It's disgusting watching and listening to them. It makes me want to stop watching this program.

This is the most predictable season of Top Chef yet, and I don't think that's a good thing. Kevin, Jennifer and the Voltaggio brothers in the first half of the final, with one of the Voltaggios not making it to the second episode, and now the only point of interest is in what order the bottom four will go down. I think Robin - Eli - Laurine - Mike I., but since I was sure Laurine was going home last night, who knows.

Love the name "red-headed gnome" Defender90CA. Gotta agree with you and BLACKCAT for the final 4. Hoping to see the two brothers in the final and one of them win it. As long as neither chokes....guess we'll see.


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