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'The Vampire Diaries': Vicki's Halloween surprise

VD106c_072b Whoa. I did not see that coming.

I didn't expect to be blown away by this week's "Vampire Diaries" episode. I mean, if you've got a show about vampires and you're going to do a Halloween episode, you'd better bring it.

After my rather doting review of the previous episode, I was ready to be really critical of this one. After all, two really awesome episodes in a row is a rare feat ... especially if your show doesn't feature a glee club or Tim Riggins.  Right?

Wrong. I officially stand corrected. Tonight's episode, "Haunted," was more exciting, more surprising and far scarier than I could have hoped. If you haven't watched it yet, consider this your spoiler alert! You're going to want to fire up your DVR before you read the rest of this article.

I gasped out loud a couple of times tonight. First, when Vicki was licking blood out of Jeremy's mouth. Are they even allowed to show that much tongue on the CW before 10 p.m.? Impressive.

I was floored again, of course, when Stefan drove the stake through Vicki's chest. When I spoke with executive producer and writer Kevin Williamson last week, he explained that Vicki's addictive personality and volatile moods would only escalate now that she'd been turned. I expected plenty of drama, especially with Jeremy, but Williamson can sure keep a secret because I definitely didn't anticipate Vicki's "eternity" to be cut quite this short.

I'm sad to see Vicki go because Kayla Ewell's acting chops were really starting to show, but it was clear that she couldn't have lasted long on the path she was on. Mostly, I'm worried about how Matt's going to take the news of his sister's death! He knew that she had a drug problem and he knew she was keeping bad company, but he was still doggedly trying to help her get it together. "Is this what I'm in for?" he asked Elena, before he knew of Vicki's demise. "A lifetime of worrying about her?"

Despite the implication that he might ultimately be better off without his sister, I have a feeling that Matt is going to take this really, really hard. We know that Matt is protective of those he loves, and I'm sure he's going to think he's failed his sister.

If we can back up for just a moment, though, to the blissful moments when Vicki was more undead than dead -- how cute were Matt and Elena's coordinating costumes? Despite Stefan's broody sincerity and Damon's undeniable charm, I find myself firmly on Team Matt. He's so cute! And he's got those super earnest puppy-dog eyes.  Plus, uh, I'm guessing that given a choice of beverages, he'd probably go with a Dr Pepper over an open vein any day. I like that in a man. (Don't worry, I know it's hopeless!  Rooting for Matt on "The Vampire Diaries" is like rooting for Roy on "The Office" -- it's just never going to work out.)VD106c_399b

Besides, I'm sure Matt is going to be too busy mourning his sister to have much of a love life. With their absentee parents, Vicki is pretty much the only family Matt had, regardless of her manic unpredictability. 

The sibling bond remains a strong theme in the series. This episode really offered some insight into Elena's relationship with Jeremy, too. There were several times throughout the episode when we were reminded that Jeremy is still a few years younger than the rest of the kids. He's a little less mature, with a bit of a bratty streak -- though that's understandable, considering the situation with his parents. He's got a tough shell and a defensive edge, but he's still fragile. 

Elena's decision to wipe Vicki's death from Jeremy's memory was a risky one. I can understand the sentiment; when someone you love is hurting that badly, you want to make it better as quickly as you possibly can. 

Still, I'm not sure she's really considered the position she's in now. Sure, it seemed like Damon was just doing her a favor when he offered to Eternal Sunshine Jeremy. But it's only Episode 6, and we all know that Damon doesn't just do favors for no reason. I seriously doubt that Damon did that out of the goodness of his cold black heart. What's the catch?

The subplots are getting more interesting, too! I'm trying to figure out what "Uncle" Zach's angle was with the council. He was protecting them by supplying vervain ... but he wasn't willing to completely sell out Damon and Stefan. His family loyalty got the better of him.

I'm really glad to find out more about Bonnie and her family's history. I can't wait to learn the significance of that necklace that burned Damon's hand, and it was nice to see more of Bonnie's grandmother. Though, she doesn't look like any grandma I've ever seen! She looks like she just got done playing Mimi in "Rent."  Maybe witchcraft keeps you youthful?

How do you think Matt is going to handle losing Vicki? Do you think Damon was playing games or showing genuine sympathy when he went to talk to Jeremy? Are you glad Elena has warmed up to Stefan again?

Let's discuss it in the comments below, and don't forget to come back next week!

-- Carina MacKenzie (follow me on Twitter @cadlymack)

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Photos: Top - Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy and Kayla Ewell as Vicki. Bottom - Paul Wesley as Stefan and Zach Roerig as Matt.  Credit: CW

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AWESOME that you spoke directly with Kevin Williamson (I got a Tweet from him and still a bit buzz even just mentioning it, mean within reason).

But one thing, were Vicki and Matt fraternal twins? For some reason I thought I were but just basing it on something I don't even think was on the show.

There a nice interview of Zach Roerig by The Vampire Diaries C.W. Source on YouTube if you haven't already seen it.

I can't believe Vicki is gone! I really liked her character. Maybe it was because I love when vampires turn people, but this time it wasn't about love. (I am still secrtetly hoping she'll come back.) I cant wait till next week. I'm suprised how much I love this show. I think Damon is awesome. He's not all that hot, but his character is.......I am so glad I didn't read the books.

The thing is, we never actually saw Damon wiping Jeremy's memory. So who knows what kind of subliminal message he could have planted? Damon is definitely always one step ahead of most of these kids.

Also, can we talk about how completely inept this secret, anti-vampire council is? The people on it seem to know next to nothing about vampires, what they're capable of, and how to actually identify one. I mean, having a discussion about your secret club in a public space where a vampire might overhear you? I think someone skipped strategy 101.

Also, I was really impressed with the chemistry between Elena and Damon in this episode, because usually I'm only paying attention to Damon, but this week they were really sparking off each other.

I'm pretty sure Damon was just doing that for himself, like you said he doesn't just do anything for nothing. He has something planned I'm sure of it.
And tonight's episode was amazing like you, I was so shocked by numerous things.
And I was super glad to see a little bit more of Bonnie, I really like her character. And can't wait to find out about that jewel.

Wow, I was very surprised they killed her off too! I was expecting more from the newborn vampire. Amber brings up an excellent point about sumbliminal messages, I hadn't even thought of it! I'm really digging this show. It just reminds me of The WB shows that I watched when I was a teen - Roswell, Buffy, Dawson's Creek (which makes sense), and Angel.


One thing I love about this episode: you get to see the Salvatore brothers being brothers, with all the ups and downs that implies. They antagonize each other over Vicki's tutelage, but it's more interesting to me that Damon sticks around long enough to give an opinion rather than just flouncing off at the onset. And note Damon's face when Stefan calls him to ask for help. He takes it seriously, and rather than just leaving Stefan on his own to deal with it, Damon shows up. One *could* argue that he did it as much to protect himself as anyone else, but he could easily have left her body there for the council to find, allowing some of the murders to be pinned on her. For all that he says he doesn't care about anything, he cares enough.

this ep was awesome. i really didnt see vicki's death coming. though i shed no tears bc she annoyed me. and i'm sorry, but bonnie and her grams both annoy me too ugh. but i guess the witch angle adds sumn to the show... and i think subconsciously elena has softened a lil to damon, since he help her bro and everything. or she thinks so heh can't wait for the next episode. btw TEAM STEFAN!!! lol

Well, I think Damon wiped Jeremey's memories for a couple different reasons. First off, as we saw in the ending of episode 4 when he strokes the sleeping Elena's face(???I think it was 4)Damon does have some sort of soft feelings towards her, most likely because of the Katherine connection, but feelings nonetheless! So there are more sides to Damon than just the bad boy... he's not a complete monster! That being said, I think he definately volunteered so quickly for some type of ulterior motive. He may not be a COMPLETE bad guy but he certainly can bring the manipulativeness!!! So exciting!!!

Ian Somerhalder has said in copious interviews that Damon has a "deep, abiding love for his brother". I can't help but think that maybe he wiped Jeremy's memory, so Stefan didn't have to do something that a) he didn't believe he could do, and b) goes against his moral code.

Of course regardless of why he did it, as other people have said, he doesn't do anything without it gaining him something in return. I'll be interested to see how this pans out!

the episode was AMAZING. i didnt expect Vickies death aswell. this show keeps gettin better and better. love it!
and that damon did this favour to elena was really nice (i honestly do not think that he did this for himself) hes not just the bad guy of course he can be but there is also another side of him which i really enjoy to see. team delena ;P theyve got so much chemistry and i cant wait to see more scenes of them!!!!
and that damon tells elena to leave when she hits him and her wounds are bleeding.. he tells her to leave he could also just... eat her. he feels something for her its so obvious.
cant wait till next week :)

Damon definitely makes the show for me. Glad the really irritating Vicki is gone, hopefully gone for good because I read elsewhere that she could return somehow. I like to see the development of the Bonnie/witch storyline and want more!

Stefan & Elena 4ever!

I didn't expect them to kill Vicki off so quickly she seems very tragic. I almost want to see her come back. I thought we would get a chance to see a stronger Vicki, like when she grabbed Elena by the throat. I thought that showed Vicki starting to empower herself. Is sad..I really liked her character. I think Damon offered to help becasue of what Elena said to him by Vicki's body. When she said people die around him and it matters. What happened to Vicki was his fault. I think she actually got to him and he may have felt bad.

Incredible episode! Loved the creepy lighting and images at the party scene to set the Halloween mood. I agree that it was a shame to kill off Vicki so soon, when she was finally showing some character. She was obviously going to be trouble, and you could tell early on she had it out for Elena. Of course, Stefan (or Damon, it seems) would never allow that.

I was really surprised by the chemistry between Damon and Elena after she slapped him across the face - wow! The expression on Ian's face - very powerful like he was really on the edge of losing control, and not in the biting kind of way. Even in the little throat clearing "humpf" then "you better leave - now!" I had forgotten about how he snuck into her room and touched her face while she was sleeping! He really does have a thing for her. Then how he tested her by saying she was stupid or brave to come into a vampire's house and she answered that if he wanted her dead she would be already. So she has a feeling that he likes her. Touche'.

When Stefan asked what he could do to help with Jeremy, I had a feeling Elena was going to ask for a little mind control. But since Stefan couldn't do it, he left the door wide open for Damon to be the hero. (And what was Damon doing lurking around Elena's porch...opportunist?) But now that you all bring it up, I do wonder what exactly he told Jeremy to remember. Maybe that he really hates Stefan and prefers if Damon was Elena's boyfriend? Or maybe something more sinister like getting that locket of vervain off her neck while she's sleeping? Can't wait for the next episode!

I forgot to mention that the music from last night's episode was amazing! I hope they come out with a soundtrack soon! After watching the last episode (two weeks ago), I ran out and got Green Day's CD. tVD should be getting a spiff! And...maybe New Moon could have used Vampire Diaries' music director's help on their soundtrack that just came out...I'm just sayin.

i'vve seen the episode and i am a big fan of jeremy and it was so hard to watch him cry and vicki is also a personal favourite. the picture above of them looks great because jeremy is so into her and she is into him but he is completly unaware of whats going on at that point. i cannot wait for the next episode =]


I agree - this was a fantastic episode. I was not expecting to be so blown away, nor was I expecting Vicki to actually attack Elena or to end up permanently dead. And while you are right, her acting wasn't going to last that much longer, I am sad to see her go. If for no other reason than we finally get to the heart of the vampire mythology to begin with: desire. Vampires, more than the rest of us, are what they want, which just happens to be drinking your blood. Watching Vicki oscillate between momentary self-control and absolute self-abandon was a great way to tap into that dark hunger that is what makes a good vampire show so interesting (I mean, the other vampires have already made their choice and we just watch them live with it in an undead sort of way).

But what I really loved was that dark twist at the end with Elena asking Damon for help. What the?! Not only is she in his debt, as you point out, but there was something so deliciously hypocritical about both Stefan and Elena reaping the benefits of Damon's power, which he only has because he lives according to a moral code they both repudiate. I hope we get to see this tension blow wide open.

Great post!

As were a lot of people I definitely gasped when Vicki was staked! It was totally unexpected but I for one, was glad to see her gone. Her character was too out of control and she was extremely annoying, yes it will be very hard on Matt for him to deal with her departure, is he going to find out she was a vampire?? Also where are his parents??

Damon as always was great on tonight's episode. This line made me laugh, "I'm not taking her to Disneyland." I totally agree that Damon's offer to erase Jeremy's memory was made for him to gain something from it. And since we didn't get to actually see him do that, did he really?

I was hoping Elena and Stefan would have shared a little kiss on the porch but I kinda figured it was bad timing for that, but I was rooting for them nonetheless.

I love this show can't wait to see what happens this week.
Great review!

well i didnt get to watch this one but i heard it was good.

i was so shocked when vicki died! i NEVER saw that coming.One thing i love about the show is they dont drag things out.I'm so glad Elena knows stefans a vampire and we didnt have to wait for the season finale for her to find out.I completely agree with u that Matt is a really sweet character, im rooting for him too! The actor who plays him is perfect.i also love them chemistry between the three leads.This show is so addicting i find myself distracted at work thinking of who i want Elena with! your posts are great by the way...

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