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'The Real Housewives of Atlanta': real vs. delusional

October 9, 2009 |  9:49 am

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of bliss. Thank you, Bravo, for sparing viewers from more mind-numbing snippets of “Tardy for the Party.” My ears are forever indebted.

Now on to the show …

With the death of Kandi’s fiancé still fresh, hearing the former Escape singer discuss their engagement —and her struggle to gain her mom’s approval — was sad to watch. It was a reminder of just how real reality TV can sometimes be. And, as usual, Kandi, the most "real" of the group, remained the only one to not get on my nerves. When Kim offered a lame — and probably untrue — excuse (her daughter was sick) for missing Kandi’s comeback concert, Kandi seemed skeptical and shrugged it off with an “Okaaaayyy.” That’s usually my response to anything Kim says when I watch the show. It’s easier that way. And when Lisa came over to Kandi’s house (is it me, or is Lisa a house-hopper? That chick always seems to be showing up at someone’s house) and insisted she didn’t live an overly lavish life, Kandi offered a reality check:  “Excuse me, you have a bowling alley in your house, and you were complaining that you couldn’t get an elevator.”

And we got a glimpse into the life of Ed, Lisa’s beefy husband, in his request to return to his football glory. It was weird — do we really need to see him exercise? If this football thing doesn’t work out, will he become the honorary sixth housewife? Still, the temporary relief from the nauseating housewives was refreshing.  

In another part of Atlanta, Sheree continued to finalize details for her “fashion show.”  With all this build-up, I better not see outfits like the one Dwight was gallivanting in the day of the heel run. But, honestly, I’m prepared for anything. Did you see the “international” promo video Sheree was putting together for her line She by Sheree? She is … delusional.

Next week, NeNe returns to her old stamping grounds in Athens with her ghost writer, and, from the looks of things, she’ll finally come face to face with her father.

— Yvonne Villarreal

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