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'The Office': Jim and Pam tie the knot

October 9, 2009 |  9:59 am

The bells of Dunder Mifflin chimed with their love …

Jim and Pam are married!

Everyone’s favorite office couple finally got their company wedding. Sure, pictures of the nuptials circulated in the blogosphere weeks ago, but the wedding almost seemed doomed from the onset. You can never tell where things will lead when the lovely folks of Dunder Mifflin are involved. What if Michael ran over Pam with his car? But, in the end, it was a touching ceremony for the couple. But, really, it was an "important day” for Michael. 

The ceremony wasn’t completely perfect. Pam’s veil was torn (who else swooned when Jim cut his tie to balance things out?). Andy struggled to sit in the pews, his freshly bruised scrotum still healing from dancing into the splits. Kevin (oh, Kevin!) shuffled through the church with tissue boxes where his shoes should be (his actual shoes smelled so bad that the hotel personnel destroyed them); add to his humiliation the Beatles-esque wig on his head. 

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Then ...cue Chris Brown! In a nod to the video seen around the world, in which a Minnesota couple turned their wedding processional into a makeshift discotheque with the help of Chris Brown’s “Forever” (you know … that song from that gum commercial), the wedding party and the Dunder Mifflinites — of course! — took it upon themselves to pay homage to the YouTube hit. Michael boogied down the aisle several times. Oscar vogued. Kevin knocked over some stuff (hey, you try walking around with your feet shoved in tissue boxes). Dwight, in an attempt to dance, kicked one of Pam’s bridesmaids (whom he also bedded the night before. Maybe that knocked some sense into her. Sleeping with Dwight? Really?).

In the end, it was a win-win solution (we all know how much Michael loves those). The office mates had their moment. And so did the couple. Jim — knowing how attention might be diverted from this day he’s waited so long for — was prepared. Prior to the “official” ceremony, JAM set off on a short boat cruise, just the two of them; rain ponchos over their attire. A trip also known as Plan C — “ I bought those boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video,” he told the camera, in a moment of sweetness. “I knew we needed a backup plan. The boat was actually Plan C. The church was Plan B. And Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.” Adorable.

It was an episode of hilarity and sweetness.

Here were some highlights of the episode:

• The barf-fest cold open: Pregnant Pam warned her co-workers that her barfing ways might cause them to vomit as well. And it did. Unable to stomach the smell of Dwight’s hard-boiled egg, Pam unloaded in a trash can … and nearly everyone around her soon followed her lead. But not Creed. He sat at his desk slurping up a bowl of noodles. Of course. Of course.

• Too adorable to be cheesy JAM moments: Pam suggested the couple take mental snapshots of the festivities, providing us with some “aww” moments. Like when Pam “snapped” a photo following Jim’s swoon-worthy speech at the rehearsal dinner. The way Jim, with Pam’s head on his shoulder, looked at the camera as the newly married couple set sail — precious.

• “Poor Kevin” moments: First, Oscar freaked out when Pam’s sister Cynthia mistook Kevin as his boyfriend: “You thought I was dating this? What the hell is wrong with you?” And, of course, the shoes. Oh, the shoes. Here’s hoping the big guy gets himself some Odor Eaters.

• Dwight being Dwight: How many horses does he have? “Nine and three-quarters.” Brilliant. And the twins? Really, Dwight?

• Mema: The prim and proper lil’ old lady with no laugh wrinkles made me want to rewatch "Bruno." After finding out Jim and Pam were pregnant, she wasn’t too shocked. After all, they picked a hotel in which she couldn’t get the Sacha Baron Cohen tragedy to stop playing. 

• Andy’s trauma. “Did someone change my name to Baskin Robbins? Because I feel like a banana split.”  Maybe he’ll stick with Pinkberry after this.

• Michael’s eerie factor skyrocketed: His conversation with Mema after Pam's pregnancy was revealed: “Women go out and they have sex and they get wild and they take their tops off and they have pictures taken of them … and we need to encourage them. That’s part of life.” Right. Oh, and his wedding present?  A hand-painted portrait of the couple. “They asked for cash, but you know, I give ‘em cash every week. How much cash does a person need? And I have another one of them in the nude. But that one is for me.” So. Very. Gross. Yet, so very Michael.

So what was your favorite moment? Will Andy ever recover? Will Kevin's funky feet drive everyone out of the Scranton branch? Share your thoughts.

— Yvonne Villarreal



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