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'The Biggest Loser': A dinner date, a diabolical challenge, and...some game-playing?

October 6, 2009 | 11:00 pm

We gained valuable insight tonight into the mind-set of Bob and Jillian. The dynamic duo took their wards out for a dinner date to a Mexican restaurant. No sooner had everyone sat down when Jillian asked: Who brought their calorie counter books. Huh??? Stunned silence.

Question: Who busts out a calorie counter book at a restaurant? Answer: Anyone who wants to be "The Biggest Loser," that's who.

The curve ball thrown at contestants this week was locking up "The Biggest Loser" kitchen, and forcing contestants to eat out -- three times a day -- to test their nutritional wisdom and to give them an opportunity to exercise some skills they will need back out in the real world. It is arguably the hardest challenge ever on the ranch, and left everyone jittery and anxious about the weigh in.

A devious challenge didn't help matters. Seriously -- who thinks of these things? I think that person should be reported to the FBI. (I'll bet authorities will find a shallow grave in their backyard -- or an unusual smell coming from their attic, if you know what I mean.) This week, contestants had to HANG BY THEIR ARMS until said limbs gave out, sending them crashing into a pool below. Daniel won it and immunity -- it guarantee that he will be at the ranch longer than he was the last time, and was no small point of pride for him.

Fast-forward to the weigh in. Daniel stepped on the scale and lost absolutely nothing. I thought Daniel looked shocked. But Bob of all people promptly labeled it "game play." (Did you understand that comment? Then please explain it to me. Daniel, more than anyone at the ranch, knows that every ounce lost gets you closer to victory. Why would he possibly jeopardize a weigh in? Or was it just water weight?)

The Week 2 Curse may have turned into the Week 4 curse this season, because everyone else lost unimpressive single digits except for Rudy, who lost 11. (He'd better keep losing that much poundage too, because if he falls below the yellow line, the other competitors will have little choice but to send him home. That guy can drop weight like nobody's business!) 

Falling below the yellow line: Julio, Liz and Danny. In the end, the group decided to send Julio packing. Which just shows that they are not thinking strategically yet. If this group were all about game-playing, it would have been more advantageous to send two players home and keep Julio, who is likely to end up back on the chopping block again soon.

Another question: Is it karma that Tracey is still too injured to work out?

--Rene Lynch