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'Real Housewives of Atlanta': The song that won't die

Kim_kandi To do list: send my medical bills to the folks at Bravo for having a part in putting “Tardy for the Party” in my life. No song has dissolved more of my brain cells than Kim’s catchy — and dreadful — dance ditty. And it continued its parasite ways by infiltrating yet another episode. This time we got to see Kim complete her vocals on the track — well, we got to see the producers make her voice sound in-tune. Thank goodness for voice-altering machines!

The song made its official debut at Kim and Kandi’s joint birthday extravaganza. Of all the Housewives, Sheree was the only one to show. And she came to the classy affair in jeans and a T-shirt? How can this woman claim to be a fashionista? She wore a similar outfit to Lisa’s lackluster fashion show. Heck, even Kim (with those bird-like shoes that were about to take flight) looked better. Anyway —

Kim and Kandi’s friendship seems to be deepening. They hug. They “appreciate” each other. Kandi even seemed happy for Kim’s engagement to Big Poppa. Everything seemed peachy for these Atlanta peaches. But when Kandi made her return to the stage, Kim’s wig was nowhere in sight. But Kandi, always the bigger person, remains loyal, saying she’d be in the front row should Kim ever find herself performing. Why would she even put such a thought in the open? Bravo, I beg you. Should that ever happen, do not film the atrocity.

Not much has changed in Atlanta for these Housewives. The NeNe and Kim war is still on. Why NeNe is so bitter that she’s not on the track, I’ll never understand. And Sheree is still planning that "fashion show."  I’m starting to wonder if it’s a figment of her imagination.

Show Trackers, what do you think of “Tardy for the Party”? Am I the only one in need of Advil from the constant exposure to the overproduced vocals?

--Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Besties Kim Zolciak, left, and Kandi Burruss. Credit: Bravo

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I agree with you 100%. I'm so annoyed with it and it being in every Housewives commercial. I even wrote a comment on Kim's blog and of course it did not get posted only those who praise her singing get posted. What I can't believe is that she now believes she can sing. Really truly can sing. What studio magic can do to an already inflated ego. And why exactly are we excited about an engagement ring from a MARRIED "Big Papa"? I feel sorry that her kids. I hope they have better role models in their lives.

I could not bring myself to watch another episode. I honestly am sick to death of the "Surreal Housewives of Atlanta". The way they act is sickening and embarassing.

OK. Did anyone else notice that when Kim was with the party planners planning her birthday party she already had the engagement ring on? Didn't she then proceed to tell everyone at the birthday party that big papa had just purposed and she had jsut gotten engaged right before the party? annoying.

That song has been stuck in my head for 2 weeks straight!! Even my 8 year old daughter has been singing the song now I regret letting her watch the show with me. As far as Nene I think that she is right that Kim uses people then throws them away. And I don't think her and Kandi will be friends for long she proved how good of a freind she was when she didn't show up to Kandis show.

TARDY FOR THE PARTY is the perfect Kim vehicle. It's a cheap and tawdry lyric dressed up like a whore.

i like the song i want a copy of it i am from atl and i think kim acts like trashis flawing going with a maerried man useing his money it descraful the other grils have more class and are much more nicer i like neneie and shriee leaiais very nice i hope they will have there baby good luck lesia i love you grils take care and let kim go you all dont need her till later claudia from atl peace and love

I love that song! So true about Sheree dressing Walmart for these 'fashionable' events, lol! Maybe her designer duds were repossessed along with everything else she didn't pay for. NeNe is a MeNe or a Screaming MeMe since she thinks everything has to be about her. NOT this time. Love the song, Kandi and Kim you rock girls!

Please explain why at any point they allow these hags ( Kim, Sheree) to be shown with no make-up?. These chicks need make-up at ALL tines. Kim, I know halloween is coming up but can you wait until the 31st wicked witch of the West. Maybe you need to use your broom to slather another coat of make-up on, and you hat to cover those dreadful Barbie wigs, face, and pie hole. Thanks

I couldn't agree more. That damned song has been haunting me since I first heard the chest pain evoking title. "Tardy for the Party." Ugh. I don't even like the word 'tardy.' It disturbs me. Doubt if even Lady GaGa could make anything out of that mess. And who the hell is Big Poppa anyway???

i like the song. i think kandi did a GREAT job with transforming it and i think kandi has true talent. i do not know why kim keeps saying (something to the effect of) she really can sing. lol. she canNOT sing which is why she needed kandi to work her magic in the first place.

i love rhoa. i watch it ever thursday and i cant wait until next season. if they are going to show the ones from the oc and jersey why not atl????


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