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'Project Runway': Project 'I-Didn't-Mind-It'

October 22, 2009 |  9:08 pm

Proje4209 Ugh. Really, judges? There is a contestant on "Project Runway" who should have been eliminated weeks ago, but for some reason has managed to stick around again and again and now yet again. And that person is:

Christopher Straub. Of course, he seems like a nice guy and has put some good stuff down the runway (especially in the costume challenge) but as he tonight noted himself, things have been going downhill. The picnic table dress he made with Rodney Epperson. The icky shorts for Christina Aguilera. I actually didn't mind his dress too much in the wedding gown challenge, but between the disdain the judges had for it, the two previously-mentioned challenges and for his drab, sort of flimsy outfit inspired by Santa Fe (each of the designers in tonight's episode had to create a look based off of one of Michael Kors' favorite cities), I can't figure out why they haven't sent him home.

That's not to say I don't understand why Nicolas Putvinski was sent home tonight. While I could see where Christopher was coming from with his Santa Fe top and skirt and belt (note to guest judge Milla Jovovich: Most of the country still doesn't consider "1983" to be a compliment), Nicolas pretty much admitted that he disregarded the challenge. At first I thought he was channeling a Greek goatherd, but a white top and grey pants? Not so much.  The judges probably in this case thought Nicolas deserved to go for dismissing the challenge concept, but Christopher's been offering diminishing returns.

To be honest, I didn't think anyone really nailed the challenge.  I don't get why the judges didn't take Logan Neitzel to task more for simply sending a shirt and jeans and suspenders down the runway.  That might elicit "Lindsay Lohan" but, not to be catty, does she really embody "Hollywood" anymore?  Carol Hannah Whitfield's Palm Beach dress was nice but looked like a prototypical Palm Beach flowy dress.  The necklace on Gordana Gehlhausen's dress was pretty but the gown itself didn't look luxurious or chic enough to represent "New York." The judges really dug Irina Shabayeva's rich-girl Aspen look, but I was too hung up on the all-brown palette.  She ended up winning the challenge although I actually thought Althea got the concept the best: I liked her metallic brown shorts and sheer white top that were inspired by St. Tropez. It was a look that could be dressed up or down, but the judges just gave her a pass. 

Now I'm starting to think Christopher's going to make it to Bryant Park, just so my head explodes.

--Claire Zulkey

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Photo: Tim Gunn, left, and Michael Kors. Credit: Mike Yarish / Lifetime Networks